Assessing Problems In The Social Work Field Social Work Essay

July 17, 2017

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To be honest, as the novitiate in the societal work field, I found it is hard and unsure to cover with most instances. Particularly when confronting the particular population, such as disable people, I am non certain I can confront them straight. Actually, to be a existent societal worker, it is a basic demand. Possibly, when I face person enduring personal heartache, I would come in into their emotional universe and do non cognize how to back up and assist them. Therefore, I want to take handicapped people as an object to speak about my troubles to cover with them.

Working with handicapped people is a comparatively complex undertaking, because it non merely seting one to personal single catastrophes but besides enables them to populate better with seeking economic, societal every bit good as community resource. ( Oliver, 1995 ) . Sometimes, the misinterpretation and bias still exists, even in the societal work field. Siller notes that “ professionals, like most people, prefer working with the ‘beautiful people ‘ — -those who are most like themselves intellectually and socially ” ( as citations in Marshak & A ; Seligman, 1993, p.41 ) . Furthermore, the disablement serves as a focal point of the worker ‘s attending. Therefore, in worker ‘s eyes, the disablement caused troubles although they are non related, and disablement became the focal point of the whole assisting procedure. ( Marshak & A ; Seligman, 1993 ) .

However, the misinterpretation is inevitable. To societal workers, it is hard to equilibrate their ain perceptual experiences with the existent state of affairs. After all, to most able-bodied grownups ‘ universe, the handicapped kids are unfamiliar and concealed. Understanding and pass oning with these handicapped kids comparatively difficult, and workers even will experience hard to cover with it. ( Middleton, 1995 ) . Marshak and Seligman stressed that, we try to see us in the client ‘s place and can non conceive of how to get by with them. Our penetration is so limited that we ever believe their life is a calamity. ( 1993 ) . Social workers are failure to develop a general theoretical and practical accomplishment for intercessions. One ground is that missing of apprehension of working with the peculiar group. The other ground is that when working with handicapped clients workers feel unequal or unqualified ( Oliver & A ; Sapey, 1999 ) . From the position of psychological science, “ Most stereotypes of disablement are negative and lead, all excessively readily, excessively prejudice and favoritism, sine those keeping them are unable to comprehend the handicapped individual as an person. ” ( Levinson & A ; Parritt, 2006, p.113 )

In order to working with handicapped people more effectual, the societal worker should get and understand the get bying mechanisms of the client. The get bying mechanisms include repression, projection, denial, and sublimation. Marshak and Seligman province that the societal worker will be the object of the projection or will be blamed by clients because of projection. Denial means that the client refuses to admit disablements which lead to the hold of the healing procedure. So societal workers will happen hard when their aid were rejected by the clients. ( 1993 ) . Dominelli described that societal workers should construct a trust relationship with handicapped clients that can assist them beef up their willingness to pass on with others and construct assurance to make so. ( 2009 ) .

Actually, many societal workers will give undue and irrational recommendation and rating when confronting handicapped clients. Oliver and Sapey argued that the record of societal work engagement with handicapped people is non such a good. Social workers are failure to acknowledge the existent demand of their handicapped client. Harmonizing to their nature disablement, societal workers frequently do some inappropriate premises in their intercession program. ( 1999 ) . “ Professionals besides frequently mistakenly describe clients as needing to accept their disablements when they are uncooperative with intervention recommendations or are scratchy. “ ( MArshak & A ; Seligman, 1993, p.25 ) Harmonizing to Oliver and Sapey ( 1999 ) , Disabled people have accused the professionals ignore the disabling conditions, benefits and rights of themselves. Furthermore, professionals ignore the practical aid and verbal advice to handicapped clients in preparation plans.

As the societal worker, what can we make and How to cover with them has become a important issue. Empathy is most of import during the assisting procedure. At the same clip, regard, caring and genuine besides included in the whole procedure. ( Marshak & A ; Seligman, 1993 ) . Besides, Social workers should promote liberty of clients with disablement. Working with them is more of import than handling them as a receiver passively. ( Dominelli, 2009 ) . “ Counselors are frequently involved in multiple functions including empathetic hearer, adviser, pedagogue, advocator, and intermediary, every bit good as practitioner-scientist. “ ( Helms & A ; Ekstrom, 2002, P? , )

Further, some gesture and organic structure linguistic communication should be pay attending. Marshak and Seligman argued that Social worker should confront the clients and speaking with them. Looking at elsewhere will demo inattention and unconcern. ( 1993 ) . “ Abolishing stereotypes of disablement and dehumanizing or shaming responses are of import stairss in eliminating subjugation and favoritism against handicapped people. Another one is handling them with self-respect and equality. “ ( Dominelli, 2009, p.71 ) Helms and Ekstrom suggested that when working with handicapped clients, the bing Torahs and rules of appraisal should be combined with client ‘s ain sentiments and concerns. Besides the basic communication and guidance accomplishments, societal workers need get peculiar expertness when working with clients, their household members, instruction and calling establishments, and societal services bureaus and so on. ( 2002 )

Self – appraisal:

To me, I ne’er contact this peculiar population based on a client-worker relationship. Therefore, I felt unsure whether I provide right and effectual aid to them. On the other manus, I besides worried about whether my behaviour or look will ache them self-respect although it is non my original purpose. Possibly, all of these feelings and concerns come from my ain personal psychological state of affairs and growing background.

I will give myself an analysis and appraisal to happen the interior available grounds or factors which result in the trouble. The possible points as follows:

1. Emotional exposure

To be honest, the most challenge for me is to confront so much heartache and suffering experience. Possibly it is my growing background that brings about my emotional exposure. I have a fortunate and harmonious household and about ne’er experienced any bad luck and catastrophe. I seem like ne’er deficiency of something like substance, friendly relationship, attention, love, support, attending and so on. The happy childhood and unhampered adolescence enable me to believe that about everything in the universe is beautiful. Actually, there are assorted sorts of disability. Most of the disability caused by

Actually, during my growing procedure, rare troubles and wretchedness were happened so I do non cognize how to make when confronting these jobs. Nevertheless, I found that to be a societal worker, I would confront the handicapped people straight.

These handicapped people may look themselves as different people and less likely to come in able bodied people ‘s universe. As a societal worker, the first measure is to listen to their different narratives and give them attention and support. I should acknowledge that empathy is necessary because it can enable workers to entry their emotion universe. However, since I ne’er contact these people during my whole growing advancement, possibly I will experience aghast and can non understand my client wholly. I concern about I would shouting before my clients when I listen to their narratives or unfortunate experience. My vulnerable emotion will be affected by their solitariness ; heartache every bit good as depression which enable me can non to offer a sound and comprehensive judgement. It besides turns to my concern that whether I can command my emotion felicitously.

2. Psychological endure ability

When it comes to psychological endure ability, I think it is so of import when covering with the instance for some individual disabled and handicapped. Possibly some of them have experienced serious catastrophes and accidents, their mental and physical wellbeing have been impaired and damaged. Sometimes the disability is evidently showed in their visual aspect. At this clip, I still should keep composure and poised even if I facing with shocking and freighting state of affairs. I can non demo abhorrer or fright when confronting these people. Otherwise, my clients will be hurt and be more down. Therefore, when facing with the faulty clients, the strong psychological endure ability is necessary.

3. Communication accomplishment

A specific communicating accomplishments and reding forms should be provident to handicapped clients. Form my ain position, I possibly can non larn from my client ‘s idea and emotion wholly so that can non give feedback and reaction efficaciously and seasonably. Although to the handicapped people, an appropriate and in agreement position is so critical to them which can assist them reconstruct assurance and hope.

The chief ground is I am an foreigner to them, I do non understand another universe of the handicapped. The manner of communicating to them should be different. The more I worried about how to pass on with them, the more distance is introduced into our counselor-client relationship. For illustration, some inquiries I want to inquire but I can non certain whether the inquiries may remember my client ‘s grieved memory. Consequently, I can non understand my clients more profoundly and entirely.

When face to the client with disablement, I must seek to conceive of from their position and in their place, nevertheless, I can non get by good because my penetration is limited.

Personal program

1st measure:

Missing of contact with handicapped people possibly is the chief possible ground that consequence in I can non get by with handicapped clients really good. As a societal worker, it must be overcome by some effectual and direct method. First of all, reaching and communicating with them often possibly can assist me undertake the psychological vulnerable job. Possibly I can see some establishments which provide professional services and medical attention to disenable people on a regular basis. At the beginning, I can merely pass on with them about some fiddling subjects. After a period of clip, when I adapt myself remaining with them and make non experience uncomfortable any longer, I can seek to understand their life farther. As we know, tonss of handicapped people even can non take attention of themselves, so the societal worker, nurses, physicians will work together to offer wellness services. Learning from them and geting elaborate information about the handicapped people can assist me accommodate better. Secondly, some community and societal services establishment will form assorted activities for handicapped people particularly to handicapped kids. By take parting in these activities or playing games with handicapped immature kids, I can happen out their innermost idea and demand by detecting their behaviour and emotional position.

second measure:

Learning elaborate and utile information from books and talks. Even if I have overcome my inner uncomfortable and uneasy state of affairs, and can confront the client with disablement straight, anther job still exists. That is how to supply them with valid support and attention. As we know, the intervention of these clients involved big sum of medical therapy. As a societal worker who offers services for the handicapped people, I should get of import medical cognition. With the combination of societal work practical accomplishments and medical cognition, I can give out more sound and sensible suggestions to my clients.

3rd measure:

Since most of these handicapped clients are vulnerable, down and incapacitated, they will resistant to have professional aid to some extent. As a societal worker, I have to larn how to savor their emotions and invest them to state more. Therefore, the good and professional communicating accomplishments are necessary. The fist measure is to enable my clients swear me, believe me. Merely building a trusting and comfy worker-client relationship, the whole cancelling procedure will be effectual. However, how to better my communicating accomplishment? I should acknowledge that I am straightforward and missing of patient. The two personal features may impact my work in the hereafter. Therefore, I had to made witting attempt non to be unprompted and straightforward. When confronting the handicapped clients, I should see whether my stating and behaviour will ache them. At this phase, I can larn it from some pictures on cyberspace. I can watch some scene about the communicating between societal worker and handicapped clients, copying the pass oning manner from professional societal workers, pay attending to their look, tone, vocabulary, gesture and so on. I believe I will advance a batch through the attempt and be more professional and unagitated when covering with handicapped clients.

At last, thank you really much for giving me this chance to seek selfhood, because I have wondered a long clip whether I fit the major and whether I can make a good occupation in the field. However, whatever the result is, I will seek my best to larn, to research and to prosecute the professional cognition and accomplishments. After all, these valuable experiences can assist me acknowledge the society more mature and rational.