Us War Against Iraq Essay

July 17, 2017

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The Bush Administration in June of 2003 first attacked but than subsequently withdrew its military personnels from Syria. There was no important account for this act by the United States. This was a pure and simple aggression. Than subsequently in August of 2003 George Bush told his people that he is traveling to establish a more destructive onslaught on his arch challengers around the universe. Than George Bush was Israel’s leader Ariel Sharon act of aggression against the Lebanon’s. Palestine’s and Syrians. The World War 3 was non far off at this point.

In the beginning of 2004. in the presidential run George Bush clearly pointed out the clear image of the chance on more aggression on different states. Be this excess aggression a manner for George Bush to win his first Election? Or he wanted to steal the Presidency of United States from the people of America like he did in 2000? When the Bush Jr. administration’s aggression against Iraq was over. the United States and the United Kingdom became the “belligerent occupants” of Iraq in conformity with. and capable to the demands of. the Torahs of war.

Bush Jr. ‘s May 1. 2003 “end of major combat operations” address on the deck of a U. S. aircraft bearer was nil more than a inexpensive run and lawfully delusory propaganda stunt. Succinctly put. these legal regulations of war can be found in the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. its Additional Protocol One of 1977. the Hague Regulations of 1907. and U. S. Army Field Manual 27–10 ( 1956 ) . which require. inter alia. the saving of Iraq’s constitutional and domestic legal order. However. the Bush Jr.

disposal made it crystal clear that they were traveling to refashion Iraq in their ain image and therefore non pay the least spot of attending to the Torahs of war. This has entailed a scope of policies which would farther U. S. /U. K. involvements while seeking to drastically restrict hereafter Iraqi options. e. g. . “privatization” of the Iraqi economic system. including and particularly its oil industry ; outlining a new fundamental law for Iraq to find the nature and extent of its democracy ; re-writing Iraq’s Torahs ; set uping ad hoc war offenses courts along the lines of the Bush Jr.

kangaroo tribunals in Guantanamo ; de-Baathification ; indoctrinating Iraqi schoolchildren with American propaganda through extended “reform” of its instruction system ; etc. All of this serves to set the hereafter of Iraq up for sale to the lowest American ( and so British and Israeli ) bidders. Such misdemeanors of the Torahs of war are war offenses. set uping the legal predicate for a legitimate Iraqi authorities in the hereafter to disown them all. Oil and Gas as the Key to Global Dominance There is no denying that oil was at the top of the Bush Jr. / Sr.

hit-list and the fact that Iraq possesses about 11 % of the world’s oil militias. Indeed. anterior thereto it was the thirst and lecherousness for oil and natural gas by the American power elite that truly propelled the Bush Jr. administration’s aggression against Afghanistan: the demand to derive direct entree to the rich oil and natural gas Fieldss of Central Asia. which marked the first development of the awful calamity of September 11 as public justification for a pre-planned war of aggression under the stalking-horse of “combating international terrorist act.

Though harmonizing to the Bush Jr. administration’s version of events. 15 of the 19 highjackers on September 11 were from Saudi Arabia. for some cryptic ground America had to assail. invade. and occupy Afghanistan. Bush disposal officials continue to lie. cover up. and obstruct probes into who was finally responsible for the awful calamity of September 11. and why no 1 in the Bush Jr. disposal acted to forestall it despite legion. repeated. and widespread warnings beforehand from American every bit good as European diplomats and bureaus.

We are witnessing a Pearl Harbor cover-up all over once more. The Bush Jr. Wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq must be understood as portion of a major grab by the United States authorities for planetary energy resources and the attendant power to be derived from commanding about two-thirds of the world’s oil and natural gas supplies located around this Eurasiatic heartland. Such an assault had been contemplated and planned by the U. S.

power elite for rather some clip. dating back to the Kissinger menace and program to steal the Arab oil Fieldss in reaction to the 1973 Arab oil trade stoppage of the West for helping Israel in its war to keep on to the Arab lands Israel had illicitly stolen in its 1967 aggressions against the environing Arab provinces and peoples. The prostration of the Warsaw Pact and the decomposition of the Soviet Union provided the U. S. power elite with the chance to set their Machiavellian strategy for universe economic hegemony into operation. But the Bush Jr.

Wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq must be seen as more than the ictus of oil for domestic ingestion. Rather. they are constituents of a longstanding American program to command and rule the oil and natural gas supplies for Europe. Japan. and Asia. and therefore the hereafter of the world’s economy—a undertaking my instructor. wise man. and subsequently friend. the late and great Professor Hans Morgenthau one time denominated as “unlimited imperialism” in his authoritative work Politics Among Nations. Tied into this was the subordinate aim of doing certain that oil continues to be paid for in dollars alternatively of Euros on the unfastened market.

The Bush Sr. 1991 war against Iraq for oil was the first conflict in the U. S. quest for universe economic hegemony. These subsequent events must be viewed in the same visible radiation: the Bush Sr. invasion of Somalia ; the Clinton/ Bush Jr. military intercession into Colombia ; Bush Jr. ‘s support for the anti Chavez failed putsch in oil-rich Venezuela ; the post-9/11 U. S. military intercession into and business of Djibouti in order to command the Suez Canal/ Persian Gulf oil path to Europe. and besides to obtain direct military entree to the oil and natural gas resources around the Horn of Africa ; the August 2003 U.

S. military intercession into Liberia. one time once more to catch direct military entree to the oil and natural gas resources located away and on the West Coast of Africa ; etc. Whatever the public rhetoric or justification might be. the fact of the affair is that if the reader looks at a map of the universe. the United States authorities has its military. paramilitary. and covert forces meeting upon and/or endangering about every state in the universe that possesses important measures of oil or natural gas. every bit good as their transit supply-lines and the latter’s choke-points.

Many of these energy-resource-rich states merely go on to be Muslim. That reveals what Huntington’s ill-famed “Clash of Civilizations” was truly all about. Our clang is their civilisation. After September 11. Bush Jr. himself proudly boasted that he was traveling on a Campaign. Surely that is the manner the Muslim universe sees it: an American fundamentalist mission to refashion “world order” in America’s imperialist image—not as democracies. but as client or even failed states—while fomenting universe upset in the procedure.

In this relentless pursuit and insatiate lecherousness for oil and gas around the universe. the United States power elite is now in the procedure of destructing the entireness of the international legal order that had been established by a predecessor elitist coevals running the United States authorities in the wake of and in reaction to the genocidal horrors of the Second World War.

Most peculiarly and particularly. this includes. inter alia. the United Nations Charter. every bit good as the Nuremberg Charter. Judgment. and Principles. all of which had heretofore been the bedrock upon which the entireness of the post-World War II international legal order rested. Preventive War: The Nazi Precedent Iraq had been continuously and illicitly bombed by the United States and the United Kingdom since the terminal of the Bush Sr. Gulf War in 1991 under the stalking-horse of implementing unauthorised and clearly illegal no-fly zones.

But in order to carry through their aim of prehending Iraq outright. the Bush Jr. militarists had to joint another operational principle for a war of aggression that they could so sell to the American people and Congress that was separate and apart from their asinine “war against international terrorist act. ” So they resurrected the long-ago damaged Nazi philosophy of “preventive warfare. ” one time once more utilizing the awful calamity of 11 September 2001 as a stalking-horse for making so. The first open measure in their program was the Bush Jr.

aggressive menace to Iraq expressed during the class of his State of the Union Address to the United States Congress on 29 January 2002. in which he branded Iraq as portion of a alleged “axis of evil” along with Iran and North Korea. By agencies of using this provocative linguistic communication hearkening back to the World War II “axis” of Nazi Germany. Fascist Italy. and Imperial Japan. the Bush Jr. disposal was intentionally fixing the land for bogus claims to establish preventative wars against all three of these U. N. member provinces.

Iraq was at the top of the Bush Jr. hit list. Having been materially and psychologically debilitated by over a decennary of genocidal economic countenances imposed upon its people by the United Nations Security Council moving at the behest of the United States and the United Kingdom. Iraq and its oil Fieldss were eventually mature for the imperial picking by Bush Jr. and his right-hand confederate. Tony Blair. By contrast. North Korea and Iran could be expected to support themselves by bring downing tremendous casualties against an attacker.

As on the Southside of Chicago. toughs prefer to pick upon hapless victims. The Nazi philosophy of preventative warfare was publically articulated by President Bush Jr. in his 1 June 2002 beginning reference at the West Point Military Academy. Then in late August of 2002. Vice President Cheney signaled the formal beginning of the Bush Jr. war of aggression against Iraq by giving two public addresss before the Veterans of Foreign Wars ( Aug. 26 ) and the Korean War Veterans ( Aug. 29 ) in which he excessively publically touted the Nazi philosophy of preventative warfare against Iraq.

The U. S. intelligence media were excessively obeisant to detect that though warmongering for a war against Iraq before these former soldiers who had really gone to war. Cheney had ducked out of the Vietnam War. as had Bush. Jr. Wolfowitz and the remainder of the Bush Jr. administration’s Straussian Neo-Con faction were excessively busy analyzing Machiavelli and Nietzsche with Strauss. Bloom. and their acolytes from the University of Chicago. Unlike the WWII American power elite. many of whose boies really fought in combat ( e. g. . Bush Sr.

) . the modern-day American power elect prefers to direct the kids of hapless inkinesss. Latinos. and whites off to kill and be killed in Afghanistan. Iraq. and elsewhere. as did their elitist predecessors a coevals ago in Vietnam. Cambodia. and Laos. Indeed a Class war. Finally. in September 2002 the Bush Jr. Administration officially approved and adopted the “National Security Strategy of the United States. ” to the full encompassing this condemnable. condemnable. and Nazi philosophy of preventative warfare. and transmitted it to the U. S.

Congress as a declaration of official policy by the United States of America. . Surely its most abominable linguistic communication is: “… we recognize that our best defence is a good offense…” In other words. the United States authorities has publically admitted in an official authorities papers that it is now prepared to pay violative warfare against antagonists of its taking around the universe irrespective of the demands of. inter alia. the United Nations Charter. the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact. every bit good as the Nuremberg Charter. Judgment. and Principles.

This official U. S. authorities papers could be filed with the International Court of Justice in The Hague as proof-positive that it is now the official policy of the United States authorities to pay condemnable wars of aggression against other U. N. member provinces in misdemeanor of the most simple rules of the modern-day international legal order that would be excessively legion to name here. The papers is nil less than what attorneies call an “Admission against Interest.

” In brief. the Bush Jr. disposal has officially incriminated the United States of America under international jurisprudence and pattern. Such is the haughtiness of Power—which normally spells its ruin! Even more disturbingly. while it was publically runing for a war of aggression against Iraq. in December 2002 the Bush Jr. disposal released its alleged “National Scheme to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction. ” which was published on the web-page for the White House itself.

This auxiliary Nazi war program calls for the first usage of arms of mass devastation ( WMD ) –-chemical. biological. and nuclear—by the United States authorities under the justification of engaging a preventative or pre-emptive war. Of class this Nazi Doctrine of Preventive Warfare is nil more than a stalking-horse for engaging a war of aggression in the first topographic point. So the Bush Jr. disposal officially signaled that it is to the full prepared to be the first to utilize WMD.

It would make so against its chosen antagonists around the universe as portion of an violative military operation. or even to establish a all-out war itself. thereby arousing sunglassess of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! North Korea took notice and responded consequently to support itself.

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