Political Islam and the West Essay

July 19, 2017

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The writer. John Esposito. attempts to specify what political Islam is and its connexion and presence in Southeast Asiatic states and. most particularly. in the Western portion of the universe. “Political Islam. or more normally Islamic fundamentalism. remains a major presence in authoritiess and oppositional political relations from North Africa to Southeast Asia. ” Esposito made some strong points sing Islam. political Islam. and the West. While it is true that most of the Muslims have become more acute and observant with respect to the pattern of their religion. many of them are accommodating to the go oning development of the universe.

These people have come to recognize that they do non hold to restrict themselves to the regulations of their faith. and that there are legion chances out at that place if they allowed themselves to take portion in it. They have to recognize that the universe is wholly different from what they knew from the yesteryear. and that they can pattern their faith and still see what the universe has to offer at the same clip. Esposito provinces that Islamic belief has reemerged as an option to the sensed failure of secular political orientations like capitalist economy. patriotism. and socialism.

However. Islam reemerged because they chose to make so. They realized that it was clip to alter what others thought of them and that they should non be subjecting themselves to the judgement of other civilizations and spiritual groups. It has been excessively long that they isolated themselves to a certain portion of the universe where they did non let the Western civilization to go a portion of their ain. Although they are still inexorable to accommodate this civilization. or any other civilization for that affair. they are willing to research the universe and its recent advancement.

They are more willing to spread out their skylines at this clip compared to the yesteryear. “Early underestimate of faith as a beginning of individuality. every bit good as a political force has led to its overestimate today. ” Religion might hold been underestimated in the yesteryear but it certainly is non overestimated today. In contrast. the universe learned how to admit the presence of spiritual groups and the parts they make to the universe and the society.

They are non being overestimated because if they were. everyone should hold chosen and participated within their ain group and pattern its imposts and beliefs. There would be no one individual who do does non belong to a peculiar faith. The writer besides states that secular Westerners tag the Muslims who speak of Islam as a comprehensive manner of life. as people who are retrograde and immune to alter. Not all Westerners think this manner. Some believe in esteeming the sacredness of the Muslim faith and that Muslims are non immune to alter.

They are. nevertheless. more committed to their faith than other groups. They do non see their faith as something that they have to make one time a hebdomad or one time a twelvemonth. They see it as a portion of their mundane lives. It matters to them that they belong to a group and that support is ever available to them. The article besides indicates that “many believe that Islamists were non representative and would be rejected in popular elections. ” This is merely true because many people assume negative things about the Muslim people.

They generalize the things they see on the media to all Muslims. which makes it difficult for them to give the Muslims a opportunity to turn out them otherwise. It is really of import to province that non all Moslems are the same as portrayed in the media. Political Islam and the West may hold legion different positions. However. they have one end common to both sides. which is to supply a better manner of life for their people. The Muslims are merely get downing to accommodate to the alterations around them and hold more