An Early Childhood Education Centre, Jumpstarts Kids

July 21, 2017

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An Early childhood age is about the period from birth to eight old ages old. It has the power to act upon a womb-to-tomb acquisition and accomplishments as it is a critical first measure to further human existences ‘ physical and cognitive development. In this instance, the early childhood instruction plays a critical function in this early acquisition period.

To go a successful early childhood supplier, such as Day care Centre, Early on childhood larning Centres and Kindergarten, should followed the Regulations from Ministry of Education to construct an educational system and environment for supplying the quality kid lovingness and ECE learning service. An ECE Centre may look a different organisational construction from the other type of industries because of its particular character and concern mark.

Company Overview – Jumpstarts Kids Early on Childhood Education Ltd

Jumpstarts Kids Early Learning and Childcare Centre is located at Mt Albert country which is merely beside the Mt Albert Train Station. Their Directors, Roger and Glenda Carter, bought this concern for merely two old ages long and it is on the manner to supply quality child care service for local occupant or other possible clients of environing country. Their service contains full-time/half twenty-four hours caring for babe and yearling from 0 to 4 old ages old and a Pre-school Programme for 4 to 5 old ages old kids. The organisational norm has been set up good as everyone in this workplace is a nexus of the concatenation to supply professional client focused service.

To offer a pleasant environment to its employees and clients, Jumpstarts Kids has had policies and processs for both employer and employees to put to death on their day-to-day working patterns. They are regulations to be respected for doing no injury to any participant in this workplace. The policies and processs are included in four chief issues – Human Resource, Marketing schemes, Health and Safety and Communication Channels, to organize the company civilization and its working environment.

The information about these four issues will be described in following pages, which are reappraisals from my working experience. They were extracted from Jumpstarts Kids ‘ Policy and Procedure folder that I had a permission to do the transcripts, and the interview transcript from Glenda, the company Director.

Issue 1. Human Resource Policies

Human Resource Policy is an of import map within any organisation. It provides a model of company aim, employment conditions and calling developments as indispensable factors to run the concern efficaciously. It is guideline for how employees perform suitably in their functions and as a protection for their rights under the Employment Act. Both employer and employee may acquire benefitted from HR policy if it is surely complied.

Review & A ; Comparison:

The Human Resource Policies in Jumpstarts Kids contains the statements for EEO ( Equal Employment Opportunities ) , Employment Agreement, Performance Review, Discipline, Professional Development, Health and Safety and Staff exclusion. Some of them are negotiable and flexible such as the ‘Hours of Work ‘ , ‘Remuneration ‘ status on the Employment Agreement and the process of Performance Review. The remainder are fixable and rigorous as the policies of Discipline, Health and Safety and Staff exclusion, which states the status how the employment may be ceased or terminated.

The Professional Development process in Jumpstarts Kids is for registered and unregistered instructor merely. They will be encouraged to go to frequent advanced classs or the seminar in the workplace for upgrading their ECE cognition and accomplishments. The employer pays for the entry and undertakes the loss by their absences. The calling development chance like this is in common and offered by the educational workplaces but happened seldom in other retail concern as I have worked at. In my sentiment, the big graduated table retail industries such as Spotlight, which I have been worked at, has merely offered the information of relevant professional seminars for its senior staff or office worker. The applications might necessitate to pay the class fee by themselves and merely some could be supported by employer.

In add-on, another process called ‘Towards Full Registration ‘ is the method to assist teacher renew or use their registered licences to go to the full qualified ECE pedagogue. This is another illustration for how an educational industry helps employees to accomplish their calling end. As a registered instructor, the enrollment has to be renewed in every 3 old ages period. As an unregistered instructor, it is necessary to acquire registered from NZ Teacher Council for go a qualified instructor after 3 old ages developing for ECE degree making and plus 2 old ages working experience in an licence ECE Centre. In my point of position, the policy for registry as a qualified ECE pedagogue sounds pathetic because it is a clip blowing for ECE instructors to acquire their calling accomplishment by renewing/registering their licences over and over. A limitation of ECE learning licence has evidently lead a misinterpretation for an unregistered instructor can non be trusted as a qualified pedagogue as a registered 1. A cogent evidence is on the Regulations from Ministry of Education by its teacher-children ratio, which merely put in history for how many kids can be caring by a ‘registered instructor ‘ in an ECE establishment. In fact, as I knew, many unregistered instructor could show better lovingness and learning service than a registered 1. However, their ability has been denies by the demand of licence. That is a ground why I think the policy of registering policy has its failing in this instance.

Issue 2. Selling

In order to increase fiscal earning, ‘Marketing ‘ is a important method to advance concern to acquire more clients, sell company products/service and spread out the concern graduated table. The organisation may utilize assorted marketing schemes to accomplish their end. However, before acquiring more income, there would be a measure of sum to pass first unless there are patrons behind the concern. The disbursals for advertisement on assorted interfaces and doing deal to pull client ‘s purchase are most common selling schemes of the net income basic organisations.


The major selling schemes which Jumpstarts Kids have had at present are the ‘Recommendation of clients ‘ and ‘the advertizement ‘ on Chinese newspaper, Yellow Pages book/website, ‘Google map ‘ and its ‘company web site ‘ The ‘Recommendation ‘ is by ‘word of oral cavity ‘ that if a kid ‘s parents got a good feeling from Jumpstarts ‘ service, they would hold recommended this topographic point to whomever they know. The blessing will be spread quickly among these people to assist with concern publicity. Apparently, the ‘word of oral cavity ‘ is a really powerful and complimentary selling tool for Jumpstarts.

Another successful selling scheme what Jumpstarts do to advance its concern is to set advertizement on YellowPages book. The cost of one-year advertisement on YellowPages was about $ 12000 per twelvemonth. It is expensive but had got its net income as a return. Many clients were lead to come here by seeing the advertizement on YellowPages.

The company web site is besides of import for Jumpstarts as it is a connexion with the possible clients. There is an sum spent for allowing the company name coming up at the first and 2nd topographic point of list on Google hunt engine by merely typing in the relevant keywords like ‘Mt Albert, Day care Centre ‘ . The website present the information of Jumpstarts Kids Centres to their visitant. The Director has declared that the disbursals for the imperativeness or on-line advertisement are necessary. Equally long as their waiting list get filled and the sum of the kids been increased to run into the teacher-children ratio of Education Regulations, there will be no more disbursement for selling. However, it is non merely the clip yet as what she thought.

Issue 3. Health and Safety Policy

The intent of Health and Safety Policy is to guarantee both employer and employees comply with their duties in Employment Act and take all operable stairss to supply a non harmful working environment for themselves and clients. To simplify the definition of Health and Safety policy, it is a series of regulations to maintain everyone in the workplace off from any hurt which may do serious physical/mental disablement. The Health and Safety policy in an ECE Centre contain wide-ranging topics to supply the protection for the workplace. They deserve to be respected and obeyed earnestly.

Review & A ; Comparison:

Health and Safety policy is the most of import issue in Jumpstarts Kids. There are processs provide assorted actions to guarantee kids and employees are under physical/mental protection in this workplace. The H & A ; S preparation programmes for staffs are provided in this Centre. Workplace nurses from other bureau would besides come and assist learn the instructors to avoid anchor hurt when choice kids up and down in a frequent period. The ACC levy for employees has cost a sensible sum about $ 8000 per twelvemonth in this workplace, as this is a duty that employer must to make to protect their employees under the H & A ; S of Employment Act.

The Procedure for the actions to cover with Fire and Earthquake exigencies is the common and basic 1 for every workplace. The differences from Jumpstarts are processs they have for ‘Equipment Maintaining ‘ , ‘Child Injury and Illness ‘ , ‘Sun safety ‘ ( for outdoor activity ) , ‘Exclusion of Sick Staff and Children ‘ , ‘Food and Nutrition Guidelines ‘ and ‘Children Behaviour Management ‘ . They are list of actions for employees to follow with in their day-to-day work.

By my informant and experience, it is easy to acquire ill in childcare type of workplace, particularly in under 2 old ages kids subdivision, as their organic structure maps is still excessively weak to handle infective disease from the milieus. Honestly, this is a topographic point to hold frequent physical contact with other kids and staffs. In a effect, the diseases may convey quickly within the Centre and back to place if no 1 takes a grade of detecting on Health and Safety. Hence, the ECE Centre like Jumpstarts surely takes the processs of H & A ; S policy in serious to protect both kids and employees in this respect.

For illustrations, a cautious construct for ‘developing good personal hygiene wonts ‘ has been built in every employee ‘s head deeply. The relevant reminders could be seen everyplace in Jumpstarts edifice, such as kids dining room, resort area and crisp alteration room. A large posting in kids ‘s dining room is for reminding instructors the ‘hand rinsing wont ‘ . Its motto is ‘Remember 20+20 Rule ‘ – “ Wash 20 seconds plus Dry 20 seconds equal a Clean Hands ” . I found this is a simple and cagey scheme by posting reminder or large posting everyplace inside the edifice so everyone can set their behavior for halting disease conveying to kids while repast functioning or crisp changing. In this instance, I had noticed an ABC Learning Centre, where I volunteered, has a wage less of attending on their H & A ; S policy although they are the same type of industry to supply ECE service. Around this workplace, there are no much notices about H & A ; S but kids ‘s graphicss and instructor ‘s working agendas as it might be the major concern of this Centre. I could non do critical points for this state of affairs because they may hold their ain system to work on H & A ; S policy. From my observing, the instructors have asked kids to have on hat and sun-block to avoid sun burn. I was non allowed to alter kids ‘s crisp and remain entirely with kids because I am merely voluntary. These are the same limitation as I have in Jumpstarts childs. And they are besides portion of process of H & A ; S policy.

Issue 4. Communication

The communicating plays an of import function of an organisation as it is a connexion of all participants in the workplace ; they are employer, employee and customer/clients. Language is an indispensable instrument for communicating. A felicitous communicating accomplishment is a key to assist the concern tally flow and successful. All channels of communicating demand to be kept unfastened so there will be no barriers between those parties to barricade the working progresses for whatever type of merchandise or service are provided by this organisation.

Review & A ; Comparison:

Jumpstarts Kids has honored the Treaty of Waitangi and has motivated on bicultural instruction in this workplace, which has evidenced by its policies and the current staffs ‘ multicultural backgrounds. Although the chief linguistic communication utilizing here is English linguistic communication, Maori linguistic communication and its usage have besides normally used in this Centre through the Karakia, the supplication in Maori linguistic communication in the repast clip, and the Maori vocals to be played in activity clip. It is ethical for employees to utilize their first linguistic communication – Chinese and Hindi in this workplace, every bit long as they could pass on good with kids, parents and squad members in English linguistic communication as it has considered as official linguistic communication. Through this multilingual environment, the kids have had a good facet about NZ ‘s multiculturalism and the ability to hold multi-language speech production accomplishment at their early acquisition age. This is another benefit about what this Centre has had provide to its client.

On the other manner, the employer in this workplace, besides in the other ECE Centre as ASB Learning centre that I knew, has empowered their instructors to experience comfy implementing their remarks of the workplace. There are hebdomadal and monthly staff meeting to show themselves for any alteration demand to be made. The kids ‘s parents would besides be invited to fall in some societal occasions and the interview in the daylight for acquiring more apprehension of their kid ‘s acquisition. If there is any ailment from parents, they ever have welcome to talk to any instructor in the subdivision or travel toward to Director by any communicating channel to acquire satisfaction. The employer, Glenda, is besides an experient instructor for many old ages. She encourages a positive idea of the communicating between staffs themselves and staff with clients. ‘Speak out the existent feeling at the beginning to hold the job solved before it comes up to a immense 1 ‘ and “ to be self-asserting instead than aggressive ” are her tips for work outing the communicating job in this workplace.

In my point of position, the employer of Jumpstarts Kids has a accomplishment to do the concern run efficaciously as it supposes to be. There are suites to negotiable between employer, employee and clients. It makes this workplace more humane than other topographic points that I had worked at ; for illustration, an ECE Centre as ABC Learning Centre, jurisprudence house and the retail shop like Spotlight. I think the ground for its difference is because the proprietor of Jumpstart Kids has had a strong orientation toward to its instruction and kids caring service more than to be a moneymaker. I had heard her remark about there is no existent picture/photos for kids and their graphicss on a local primary school newssheet. She said the school newssheet should show the kids ‘s larning procedure instead than holding a batch of parents ‘ notices and advertizement around the pages. That is evidently the grounds for how she pays the attending on kids themselves but non merely for the concern.


From my voluntary experience at Jumpstarts Kids Early Learning and Childcare Centre, I have had an apprehension about the Employment demand, Human Resource policies, Health and Safety processs, Marketing schemes and Communication accomplishments in this educational intent workplace. With this cognition, I have had bravery to go on my acquisition and execute my function in a professional manner here. Teaching is a disputing occupation as this function is rather different than what I did earlier, as an office decision maker, gross revenues helper and in writing interior decorator. It should hold a good people skill and a dependable attitude to be qualified to work in this educational field. Abundant theoretical ECE cognition is non plenty for wining in a lasting ECE learning occupation but the hand-on patterns with a passion in bosom is a key. Based on my calling end – to be a qualified ECE instructor, I will mention to this working experience as a utile usher for my following twelvemonth ‘s survey of ECE learning to accomplish my calling end.