“Lord of the Flies”: a Microcosm to Our Society Essay

July 24, 2017

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William Golding s novel Lord of the Flies significantly symbolizes characters. objects and the scene to stand for our universe as a whole. Golding utilizations those symbols to do the island similar to society and to demo the difference between life in a civilized society and savageness. The fresh takes topographic point on an island during World War II. this is important since the isolation forms a kind of civilisation and community. a kind of microcosm to the existent universe and to human civilisation.

Lord of the Flies island is similar to our society in many ways. There are certain objects that link the island and our society. First William Golding portrays the conch as a symbol for power. order and authorization. This is because whoever holds it becomes the lone 1 with the authorization to talk. That regulation is official when Ralph says. And another thing. We cant have everybody speaking at one time. Well have to hold Hands up like at schoolthen Ill give him the conch. ( Golding 31 ) This is much like standing at the dais or keeping a mike in our civilised society or raising 1s manus in school. The conch besides represents the organisation found in a democratic Government.

Since the conch was discovered it has created order and regulations and brought the male childs together as a society. Jack says good hold regulations! he cried excitedly. Tonss of regulations! Then anyone who breaks em- ( Golding 32 ) As the conch starts to lose its power the folk splits into two groups. merely as the community would hold if the authorities would no longer hold control. The rise and autumn of the conch symbolized the rise and autumn of a system of regulations. ordinances and order in a society. It provided a parallel universe demoing how of import the regulations and ordinances are to a successful society. Therefore the conch is a symbol of human civilisation therefore doing Lord of the Fliess a smaller version of society.

Another symbol of civilisation are the spectacless belonging to piggy. It symbolized cognition and penetration. They represent societys trust upon engineering and the failing of human existences. They were created to do hoggish s life better. without them he can barely see. When Jack snatches the spectacless off hoggish s face. Piggy answers Mind out! Give mutton quad back! I can barely see! ( Golding 40 ) The spectacless are symbolic to engineering which makes 1s life more convenient or improves their quality of life. Without the spectacless the male childs would hold non been able to get down a fire since no 1 else knew another manner to make so. After inquiring about for lucifers Jack points all of a sudden at Piggy and says His specs-use them as combustion spectacless! ( Golding 40 ) The construct that the male childs would be helpless without the spectacless symbolizes how incapacitated people become when they dont have engineering to help them. Besides the apparels are a symbolic nexus to the endurance of civilisation and a symbol of struggle in society.

In our society today. the vesture person wears tells a batch about them. Peoples are judged to be rich or hapless. intelligent or stupid. or even orderly or mussy merely by the vesture they have on. The male childs arrive with apparels. but bit by bit they all wear less and less. This is symbolic of their going more barbarian and less in touch with their former civilisation. One who does non wear bloomerss in our society would be arrested and considered to be uncivilized. Another usage of symbolism in vesture is that Jack and his group all frock likewise and move similar makes them into a separate group from the remainder of the male childs. They carry out different occupations and have a different political orientation. This struggle of a separate group in the society which Ralph attempt to form finally leads to the interruption up of the male childs into wholly separate groups. This is symbolic of the different civilizations we have in our society today.

As the novel is an fable. each character signifies an of import thought or subject. Each character is symbolized clearly as person in our society. Piggy is the scientific and rational facet of society. He is a mind. philosopher and person who ever advises for good. He was besides similar Albert Einstein. people did non care that he thought the atomic bomb was a bad arm merely like no 1 cared about what piglet said or did. While Piggy was seeking to explicate himself to Ralph. Jack turned on him. You shut up! . he yelled. ( Golding 46 ) Another chief character Ralph is like Franklin Roosevelt. who could non halt the World war two from interrupting out. He is the fable of the confused that are ever confused in the acknowledgment between good and evil. He besides represents democracy and is responsible. He is the politician who relies on societal order and authorities. and his political failures show that he can non command the immorality within the other male childs. Jack was a symbol of Adolph Hitler. He was a brainsick leader who killed many people because he wanted power. No 1 moved. Jack shouted angrily. I said catch them! ( Golding 198 ) Like Hitler. Jack was a dictator and ignorant. Jack is the huntsman. defender and the Soldier who is consumed by his ain fright and the greater force of his ain capacity for immorality.

Roger is even worse than Jack. even though he isnt like that from the beginning. Hes similar to Satan or even Dr. Mengele who was Hitler s worker and did really bad operations on people. Roger is so barbarous and has gone far beyond from being a barbarian when Roger intentionally with a sense of hallucinating forsaking. leaned all his weight on the lever. ensuing in Piggy s decease. ( Golding 200 ) Simon is a Christ like figure who discovered the truth but unlike Christ he is sacrificed before he can present it to the others. The urges and the behavior of the male childs are those of grownups. The battle between Ralph and Jack is symbolic of the battle between the forces of civilisation and lawlessness. or the battle between moral scruples and his bosom of darkness and besides universe war 2.

The hassle between Jack and Ralph for leading is the fable of our political leaders who ever fight and kill for the interest of power. The manner the male childs are being seduced by Jack. the leaders of our universe exploit the multitudes. Our universe is really fertile like the island. but in their aspiration to acquire the power the leaders destroy this universe merely like the male childs who burn the whole island to ashes without recognizing that they are destructing their ain agencies of endurance. The division of the male childs in litluns and big’uns is the fable of the categories in our universe. Litluns symbolize the common people. while the big’uns are the fable of the opinion. powerful and political categories. The island on which the male childs find themselves is allegorically our universe in illumination.

Since the island is a microcosm. Golding uses it to reflect our universe and give remarks on it and his position of human nature. In order to accomplish this symbolism. Golding uses objects that have symbolic value as mentions to thoughts. characters that symbolize of import historical and spiritual people. and the scene which frames the struggles on the island. all have analogues in the existent universe. They show that what happened in the narrative is merely non a narrative. They help turn out the writers belief that world is barbarous and evil is under civilisation. Thus the Lord of the Flies is a microcosm. a smaller version of society and human civilisation.


Lord of the Flies. William Golding