New Product Development Strategy for Google Essay

August 1, 2017

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Google is a universe known company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997 based on the new name of their hunt engine that was BackRub that operated in Standford more than a twelvemonth. The word Google itself comes from a wordplay of word “googol” a mathematical term for the figure represented figure 1 followed by 100 nothings that reflect their mission to form infinite information in the web. Google is known for its hunt engine “Google” that is the world’s largest hunt engine since 2000 lickings other hunt engine such as Yokel! and Bing. Since so. Google innovates and creates new merchandises by partnership with or acquisition of some companies and the consequence is celebrated services their provided in the web or existent life such as Gmail. Google+ . Google Maps and Android nomadic platform that is used by a batch of people around the universe.

Question 1

Discuss and propose some executable application considerations when developing a new merchandise development scheme for Google.

Google is one of the biggest companies in the universe that creates some of the celebrated merchandise such as Google hunt engine. Android nomadic platform. Gmail electronic mail and many more. These merchandises can vie with other merchandises from other companies such as Apple. Microsoft. Yokel! and many more that has market lead foremost instead than Google that join the concern competition several old ages subsequently even take a lead in the market. These merchandises are non instant celebrated created but alternatively it’s created based on intensive and insistent research that makes these merchandises to be accepted by the clients. Below are some considerations when develop new merchandise development scheme.

1. Corporate Planing Since Google established at 1998 with their web hunt engine “Google” . it started to make other services and applications that can be used by users to assist them make their activities and concern. Google focal point into three primary market sections that is end users that is utilizing Google for seeking services. advertizers that will be charged when user clicks the advertizements and spouse web sites of the Google ( Google. 2005 ) .

Google utilizes the power of advertizements particularly in the cyberspace since there are a batch of Google users around the universe that are utilizing Google anytime and anyplace by utilizing AdWords that can be used by anyone to publicize their concern and AdSense that can be used by on-line publishing houses with exposing relevant ads about their contents. Google follows and creates customer’s tendencies in engineering market to do certain that Google can be accepted by clients. For case. at 2010 Google initiated cloud calculating as their centrepiece schemes since a batch of companies and users are traveling their storage informations and processing into cloud ( web ) and Google offered their services for cloud calculating utilizing Chrome OS and Google Cloud Services.

And Google schemes for 2011 are LTE or 4G development to gives users fast internet connexion for their appliances. nomadic money that can be used by users utilizing their nomadic phone to make minutess including banking. purchase and sell and reexamine topographic points utilizing Near Field Communications ( NFC ) . and increase handiness of cheap smartphones since in 2011 Android has been used worldwide by users that can make low terminal market. To spread out the engineering market mark of users. Google creates some partnerships with some companies such as MTV. eBay. MySpace to assist promotes and puts their merchandises in their web sites and services every bit good. Besides Google do amalgamations and acquisitions of some companies such as Pyra Labs. Urchin. dMarc and many more to assist make new market mark and besides new beginning of engineering that can be developed for their merchandises subsequently on.

2. Marketing Planing To do certain Google introduce new merchandises into the right market mark. Google needs to be after their selling schemes to do certain clients and users can have Google’s new merchandises good. Google selling program can be divided into 4 classs that are Product. Price. Promotion and Place. Below are the accounts of 4 classs:

a. Merchandise Google has categorized their merchandises into some classs that are publicizing solutions. concern solutions. web solutions and merchandise solutions that are used wholly in the web. In advertisement solutions Google offers AdWord that can be used to publicize people’s concerns with flexible payment agreements and AdSense that is used by publishing houses to publicize their merchandises and contents in the web. Google will bear down advertizers every clip users click on Google advertizements in the web that aid to increase the visitants to their web site. Google offers some solutions for concern intent such as Google Cloud Services that will assist concern to set their informations and processing into the cloud ( web ) that will assist to spread out their concern and besides minimise care and disbursal since all services will be monitored by the Google itself.

Besides Google provides Search Appliance whether hardware or package that helps to document hunt in the organisation. Web solutions besides offered by Google for cyberspace users such as Google hunt engine. Gmail e-mail services. Google+ . Google Map and Blogger website blogging that can be used for free. Besides Google sell merchandises that partnership with some distributers to sell from bag. streetcar and many more and besides some merchandises with Google trade names in it.

B. Price Google offers different monetary value scope for Google’s merchandises that are offered to the clients from free into paid monetary value with distinguishable monetary value difference for each monetary value. For free Google’s merchandises it’s offered for the users for web services merchandise such as Google+ . Google Maps. Android. and Blogger that can be used by users in the web to make their activities or concerns. The ground why Google makes their web services merchandise free is because they believed that services in cyberspace should be free and easy to utilize for all the users. Google’s merchandises with paid monetary value is besides have different monetary value based on type of merchandises that client want to utilize. For illustration. AdWords will bear down for the clients based on the cost per chink ( CPC ) by the web users to advertizers with minimal startup cost for US $ 5. 00 with flexible budget agreement per twenty-four hours. Search Appliance besides has different monetary values based on the type of hardware and package to used whether for mid size company to transnational company.

c. Promotion Google publicity is done by utilizing the power of mouth advertisement from one web users to other web users since users are utilizing Google hunt engine to assist them seek what they want. While other hunt engine such as Yokel! and Bing have complicated interfaces. Google offers simple and easy to utilize interface that makes it used by a batch of people and a batch of people will urge it through words. Google creates some partnerships with companies to assist them advance their merchandises into the market such as Samsung and Google works together to make Google Nexus Prime. the first smartphone with Android 4. 0. platform to run the phone. And Google offers unfastened beginning for some of their merchandises such as Android and Chrome OS so that a batch of people will familiar with the merchandises before it’s released.

d. Place Users can happen Google easy in the cyberspace since a batch of users are utilizing Google to seek what they want in the cyberspace. With cyberspace. Google can spread out their merchandises and concerns untrammelled with part. linguistic communication and civilizations jobs since now users can entree cyberspace and look into information anytime and anyplace. And utilizing that. Google can easy advance their merchandises and services to the users based on their hunt. Google besides creates some representative offices in some of states such as Malaysia. Indonesia. and India to assist clients to put up some services and merchandises because possibly there are some alterations that need to make before set the services and merchandises into their concern.

3. Technology Management Technology direction is really of import to Google because with good engineering direction Google can bring forth and introduce their merchandise based on the engineering resources they have. Besides with good engineering direction Google can vie with other rivals in the same market country to acquire clients and users. For illustration of engineering direction is Google Chrome. a web browser that was introduced at 2008 to suit user to dynamic and complex web that is based on a velocity. simpleness and security. Google Chrome design is different with other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox because Google Chrome doesn’t have unneeded toolbar or add on that makes browser slow and heavy procedures but alternatively it’s utilizing JavaScript engine V8 to manage all web applications fast.

Google Chrome isolates each page or check into its ain “sandbox” to do certain the information in each page are secured from other page. Besides Google Chrome is the first browser that supports HTML5 and extensions gallery that increases user experiences when shoping web. Google provides updates and spots for the Chrome but users can take whether to put in the updates and spots by themselves. automatically put in or non to put in. Google besides provides beginning codification of Google Chrome that makes it unfastened beginning for populace to assist developing Google Chrome with name Chromium.

After Google Chrome web browser hits the market. Google launched Google Chrome OS that is an cloud calculating runing system based on Linux that will hive away the information and services optionally in the web and difficult disc every bit good. Google besides puts Chrome OS beginning codification into unfastened beginning with name Chromium OS that can be developed by public that helps development of Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS officially hits the market at 2011 in coaction with Acer and Samsung with laptop called Chromebook. Inside Chromebook. user won’t demand to put in anything else but alternatively running web applications in interface merely like Google Chrome web browser that makes the procedure faster. easier and more secure than other OS.