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August 1, 2017

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Critically comment upon experiences in footings of my ain guidance experience and experience working within the administration

My practicum was undertaken at Lifeline Community Care Queensland, Fraser District in telephone counselor function. To be eligible for a arrangement within the telephone reding country, a Lifeline Telephone Counselling preparation class must foremost be completed. I was fortunate that I had completed the developing a small over two old ages ago. Not merely did I have the basic preparation, but I was besides a current voluntary in other functions within the telephone reding country. I benefited from being familiar with the administration, the relevant policies and processs, and a figure of staff members. I did non hold to travel through ‘new individual ‘ troubles. I believe I have a good working relationship with my supervisors. New larning activities included undertaking computing machine supervising, sit-in supervising and support, and supplying administrative support. Continuous reading, self appraisal and contemplation, along with the maintaining of diary notes proved priceless to my acquisition and accomplishments development.

Discuss in visible radiation of relevant theoretical constructs and research

Without it being stated Lifeline telephone reding uses a ‘client directed result informed ‘ attack ( Duncan, Miller & A ; Sparks, 2004 ) . In preparation we are educated in the rules of ‘the company ‘s narrative ‘ and of the demand to research with the company their options, past get bying and/or solutions to turn to their issue. The telephone reding preparation inside informations the Carl Rogers construct of ‘unconditional positive respect ‘ ( Lifeline Training Manual, 2009 ) , without which it may be impossible to construct the resonance needed to set up a guidance relationship. There is no step of the service provided or feedback requested from companies to the 13 11 14 crisis line service. The Result Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale ( Duncan, Miller & A ; Sparks, 2004 ) are possibly non wholly suited for this intent, but might be adapted in order to supply a feedback mechanism. Some companies leave you with really clear indicant of how they believe the call went and what was achieved. However in other instances I am left wondering about client satisfaction. As the service is a ‘crisis ‘ line, there is no chance to follow through with a client.

Scott Miller ( 1997 ) , in his audio Cadmium, ‘Working with mandated clients ‘ , identifies three types of clients: the “ Customer, 15 % of clients ” , the “ Browser, 65 % of clients ” and the “ Visitor, 20 % of clients ” . In telephone guidance footings I relate the “ client ” companies to those who are in the readying phase of alteration and ring to derive lucidity, for support and/or person to listen and steer them in their planned action. The “ browser ” companies can depict the job in item, but appear to be stuck, this class would include the “ yes, but ” companies. The last group, the “ visitant ” company, does non place as holding any job themselves, everyone has a job with them. Some of the company ‘s I have spoken to, for illustration, some companies with mental unwellness concerns, culprits of domestic force, and companies who report their drug and intoxicant issues, I would put in this group.

Reflect on ain experience and acquisition in visible radiation of research and theory.

As the function of telephone guidance was known to me, I was in a place to get down excess reading from the beginning of the practicum arrangement. I chose stuff that I thought would supply relevant information to the proviso of the 13 11 14 crisis telephone service and to better my general cognition. My supervisor suggested that every bit many as 85 % of companies had a mental unwellness, non that all companies with an identified mental unwellness disclosed that as their ground for naming. In visible radiation of this high figure I began my reading list with ‘The everything wellness usher to adult bipolar upset ‘ ( Bloch, 2006 ) ; and ‘A household intercession usher to mental unwellness ‘ ( Morey & A ; Muser, 2007 ) . These two books coupled with the Clinician ‘s Thesaurus ( Zuckerman, 2005 ) provided valuable information which helped to steer my inquiries to companies, in order to better understand their issues and outlooks of their call.

Callers at hazard of self-destruction require a really high degree of attending, these calls are nerve-racking and can be disputing. My initial preparation in covering with self-destruction was comprehensive. I subsequently completed the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training ( LivingWorks, 2004 ) . Ongoing reading into the issues of self-destruction, loss and heartache have improved my cognition and in bend helped me to derive a greater apprehension of the hurting and agony experienced by the individual at hazard and their households. The demand for empathetic hearing is clearly outlined in McKissock & A ; McKissock ( 1995 ) ‘Coping with Grief ” and Appleby ( 1992 ) ‘Surviving the Pain after Suicide ‘ , both are little easy to read, and relevant books.

Reflect/examine diary entries as a whole. Travel back over your supervision diary observing the chief subjects and forms of idea every bit good and incidents and penetrations.

Reference stuff, for illustration, ‘Becoming a Helper ‘ ( Corey & A ; Corey, 2009 ) and the ‘Clinician ‘s Thesaurus ‘ ( Zuckerman, 2005 ) lineation informed consent, detailing what a client may anticipate sing confidentiality, of their rights within the guidance relationship and the determination devising procedure. Clients are besides informed of the restrictions of confidentially. This is non the instance in telephone guidance, where confidentially is implied. In instances where constabulary or medical intercessions are required, this can show an ethical and/or moral quandary. If the company has disclosed such issues that it goes against the ethical motives of the telephone counselor, the supervisor on call, and/or society, would it be better non to describe the self-destruction in advancement? In telephone guidance there is no chance to pick your calls, you can non be a specializer in any one country. It is necessary to hold the accomplishments to work with companies on a broad scope of issues. The construct of ‘unconditional positive respect ‘ is questioned when I am faced with a company who is rummy, opprobrious or is clearly sex company ( a company who discloses unwanted expressed item ) .

In some instances there is a clear breach of client confidentiality, such as the instance when the telephone counselor on displacement, promised the company that she would non reach the constabulary ( journal entry 17 October 2010 ) , even after his disclosed that he had already taken a higher than recommended dosage of medicine and had a history of mental unwellness. After reaching ‘Poisons Information ‘ it was clear that the company ‘s life was at hazard and intercession was required. Possibly this could be viewed as the telephone counselor, non naming the Police, but as the action of undertaking the constabulary was undertaken by another. The client ‘s confidentiality was technically breached several times, in the TC supplying me with inside informations, in my supplying the Police with the company ‘s information and in audience with the supervisor.

Two books which have proved really valuable as resources are the Clinician ‘s synonym finder ( Zuckerman, 2005 ) as speedy mention including “ intervention for specific upsets and concerns ” and a “ List of common psychiatric and psychotropic drugs ” . The other mention is People in Crisis ( Hoskinson, 2000 ) , which has proven to be highly helpful. I use the book to anchor me, when I am seeking reassurance that I am on path, when I am faced with a ambitious issue or when I am exposed to issues where I am small or no experience.

Analyse your experiences and record any alterations of your positions.

Overall I enjoyed the functions and activities undertaken in the practicum with Lifeline and I believe that the experience was a really valuable larning experience. Extra reading undertaken improved my general cognition of many of the issues raised by companies. Although, merely one reding attack is used in telephone guidance, strengths based attack, this is similar to the solution focused attack that I believe will go my favoured guidance attack. This belief is based on my limited experience to day of the month and on the feedback from companies when they find their ain solutions. It is satisfying to hear the ‘light bulb minute ‘ when companies realise what they have or can accomplish.

Ongoing preparation and development, such as at the Wide Bay Women ‘s Centre, which provides DVD screening and networking chances, the Lifeline ‘In Service Training ‘ and the ‘GOSS ‘ darks are relevant and good, as they present information that is by and large instantly applicable in my function as a telephone counselor. The Huntington ‘s Disease National Conference in September highlighted “ the art of listening ” . Of the jobs associated with non listening with full attending, leaping in front and disrupting the talker and of the importance of “ inquiring the right inquiries ” and of avoiding “ complex inquiries ” . The National Lifeline National Conference in November provided a greater penetration into suicide bar schemes. It was animating to hear from some great talkers such as Professor Brian Mishara, who spoke about suicide bar and aid lines. The Lifeline Suicide Prevention Strategy was launched and a transcript of the new brochure was supplied. The motivational talker, Maggie Mackellar, the writer of ‘When it rains ‘ , spoke about her experiences. I was really fortunate to hold the chance to talk in private with her and to buy a signed transcript of her book.

Review your experiences in visible radiation of any relevant research and theory that relates to the subjects you have observed and highlight the deductions and larning for your personal development.

In a client directed, result informed attack to reding there is a focal points on the relationship with the client and the client ‘s extra “ curative factors ” ( Duncan, Miller Sparks, 2004 ) . Corey & A ; Corey ( 2009 ) suggest that when we engage with a client we are “ non consciously believing about what theory we are utilizing ” . Rather we adjust to suit the client taking into account their willingness to prosecute and the trust we set up together. In telephone guidance this is referred to as ‘building resonance and researching company options ( Lifeline Training Manual, 2009 ) , the telephone counselor works with the client to understand the job from the client ‘s point of position, and to research with the client what they wish to accomplish and to discourse the ways they can accomplish their end.

Boylan & A ; Scott ( 2009 ) depict “ brief therapies ” a descriptive sum-up which could besides be applied to specify the maps of telephone reding provided by the 13 11 14, Lifeline Crisis Line. The service provides short term, crisis support. There is non follow up contact or guidance and no client mensurable feedback.

Essay should show acquisition that is based on both experience and theory/research.

In this arrangement with Lifeline, telephone guidance, I was able to bind together past life and work experiences, Lifeline preparation, academic survey and general reading. In a crisis line telephone reding service, you ne’er know what the following call will convey, nevertheless the excess reading has provided a greater cognition and apprehension of the some subjects, but it is merely is in the pattern of inquiring of better inquiries of the company that any existent benefit is gained.

In using a client directed result informed attack ( Duncan, Miller Sparks, 2004 ) , the company is recognised as the ‘expert ‘ on their job. A relationship ( resonance ) with the company can non be established without first hearing and seeking to understand the company ‘s issues from position, while valuing and esteeming their place. Change is driven by the company and it is of import that their thoughts about options, direction and alteration are explored. The demand for empathy and lovingness and the ability to cut down the companies stress while supplying an chance the company to talk openly sing their jobs is paramount.

I have long been cognizant of the demand of self contemplation and self attention, the importance of which has been reinforced during this arrangement, along with the indispensable demand to maintain reading, oppugning and larning. I was really fortunate in holding good support from my supervisors, I was able to debrief, inquiry and discuss any subject or issue as it arose.

My decision at the competition of CDS3000 practicum is that I remain ‘a work in advancement ‘ . I believe that I am a competent telephone counselor, but I wonder if this will interpret to face-to-face guidance.