Christianity and Islam Essay

August 3, 2017

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Christianity and Islam are two really important Religions in the universe today. Although they celebrate really different things. some of the things they celebrate are really similar. There are many differences between both faiths preponderantly with the manner they celebrate festivals. On the other manus the regulations that both faiths follow are rather similar.

Christianity stands as the most widespread faith with over 2 billion followings. Christians believe that there has merely been one God and he is the 1 who created everything on the Earth today. The chief festivals that Catholics celebrate are Lent. Easter and Christmas. In Christianity these festivals are really momentous and are ever celebrated. The ground behind why Christians celebrate these festivals is because it reminds Christians the manner Jesus lived his life up to when he passed off. In the Christian Religion there are different religious leaders get downing with the Pope. Priests. Bishops and Jesus. Christians attend Churches to pray to God and inquire him for certain things but most significantly to observe important yearss on the Catholic calendar.

Islam began about 600AD in the Arabian Peninsula. The Islam community believes in one God called Allah. Islam was revealed to the prophesier Mohammad in Mecca which is now contemporary Saudi Arabia. The cardinal festivals that the Islamic community celebrate are called Ramadan which celebrates the gift of the Koran. Eid-al-Fitr which celebrates the first twenty-four hours after Ramadan has been completed. Dhu Al-Hijia and in conclusion the Eid-al-adha which is the festival of Sacrifice which occurs 70 twenty-four hours after the stoping of Ramadan. Mohammad is an of import person when it comes to the history of Islam. He was the first individual to of all time be revealed to Islam and after his decease many people began to follow Islam. His decease gathered more people together and a wider community began to believe in the Religion of Islam. The Islamic community patterns the five pillars of Islam which are Shahadah. Salaah. Zakat. Saum and Hajj.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a 40 period which is called Lent. It is of import because we follow Jesus’ journey in the desert where he was forced to fast for 40 yearss. The clip of Ash Wednesday becomes slightly flexible as the day of the month alterations in the Liturgical Calendar. Lord’s daies are non counted during the clip of Lent which honours the Resurrection. Lent is a clip of self-analysis and penitence. Traditionally on Ash Wednesday. Christians attend a mass where ashes are placed on their brow as a mark or compunction and mourning. They are besides the symbol of willingness to fix themselves for the events which lead Easter. During Lent. Christians abstain from eating certain nutrients which they desire on a day-to-day footing. In the Western Church. Christians have a inclination to to give up meat. The term ‘fasting’ is a personal act of devotedness to God. It besides helps us retrieve God. Abstaining from something that you enjoy is designed to convey you closer to God and helps you become a better Christian. Besides during Lent. the Catholic Church encourages Christians to give back to the community or all across the universe by giving loose alteration or vesture to assist the less fortunate.

Ramadan is a period of clip to abstain from eating during daylight hours of the twenty-four hours ; this is merely for people with a Muslim background. It is of import to the Muslim community because it was the clip where God declared the Koran to the prophesier Mohammed. Ramadan occurs during the Ninth month of the lunar calendar when a new Moon is happening. The fasting period of Ramadan is rather different compared to the fasting period of Lent. In Ramadan. the Muslim community it is merely permitted for people to eat and imbibe during Sunrise and so interrupt their fast by eating day of the months merely once more at sundown. Not merely do they abstain from eating during certain times of the twenty-four hours. they do non smoke. they abstain from sexual intercourse. and give a whole month to their Religion. Muslims find it really hard to non eat during the twenty-four hours. particularly female parents with younger kids. These troubles arise when you are hungry and fixing nutrient for younger kids as you become tempted into eating. Not everybody in the Muslim community need to forbear from eating. kids that have non hit pubescence. pregnant adult females or suckling adult females. people who are ill or people who are on a journey. Ramadan is designed to convey them closer to Allah. beef up their self-control and self-denial and is a trial of self-denial and religion.

Christianity. Lent. Islam and Ramadan are really similar because their beliefs and festivals are really similar to each other although their Religions are really different. The things which the Muslim community believe in are surprisingly similar to what Christians believe in besides.