Cross-cultural Management Essay

August 11, 2017

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Culture could be defined as all the ways of life including traditions. faith. linguistic communication. behaviours. humanistic disciplines and everything that creates individuality to a state. In such a globalized universe. where in most organisations we have people from the full universe. it is really of import to cognize about cross-cultural direction in order to understand people’s behaviour and demands in order to avoid jobs and have a pleasant and successful workplace. I chose to watch the film ‘Lost in translation’ . a 2003 American film directed by Sofia Coppala. The movie shows us what it is like to happen ourselves in a wholly different environment. civilization.

Effect of the film:

The film focuses on issues such as solitariness. disaffection and civilization daze through the narrative of two Americans experiencing lost in modern twenty-four hours Japan. One’s Bob Harris. an ageing American film star. who arrives in Tokyo to movie an advertizement for a Nipponese whisky trade name. Apart from sing the civilization daze he is besides holding a mid-life crisis and seems tired by his matrimony which lacks emotions. Then there’s Charlotte. a immature Yale alumnus who comes here with her hubby who is a lensman. She feels left entirely by her spouse who spends most of his clip working. which makes her unsure of her matrimony and life. The two finally run into and together research the differences in American and Nipponese civilizations.

In the beginning of the film. characters are portrayed in many state of affairss. which make it clear that they are sing symptoms of civilization daze. We see Bob Harris holding jobs with understanding and seting to the newfound conditions since his reaching in Tokyo. e. g. when he is greeted by about every member of the hotel staff in which he stays and receives gifts and name cards from Nipponese people. It is easy noticeable that he is non used to this sort of behaviour. where as in the Nipponese civilization it marks high regard and gratitude to offer one’s concern or sing card on their first debuts.

It is besides indicated that he is an foreigner in this civilization in one of the first scenes of the film where in an lift he is surrounded by indigens significantly shorter than him. One of the grounds why fledglings feel uncomfortable in the host civilization is the limited ability to pass on or complete deficiency of competency in speech production in a different linguistic communication. Characters. particularly Bob. hold jobs with pass oning many times. One of the interesting and amusing scenes was the first clip during the shot of the ad: The Director ( with bluish contact lenses ) says a few long sentences in Nipponese. TRANSLATOR. a middle-aged adult female in a co-ordinated outfit. translates but it is merely a short sentence now.


He wants you to turn. look in camera and state the lines.
Bob wonders what she’s go forthing out. or if that’s the manner it works from Nipponese to English.
British shilling: That’s all he said?
Translator: Yes. turn to camera.
Bob thinks let’s merely acquire it over with.
British shilling: Bend left or right?
The Translator blots her face with a tissue. and asks the manager in a Nipponese sentence 5 times as long. The Director answers her in a long aroused phrase. Translator: Right side. and with strength.

British shilling: Is that everything? It seemed like he was stating a batch more. The aroused Director says more in Nipponese. Translator nods in understanding. Bob doesn’t truly know what’s traveling on. Translator: Like an old friend. and into the camera.

DIRECTOR ( to Bob ) : Suntory Time!

Here. Bob is cognizant of the translator’s incompetency and knows that the manager said and asked him for a batch more. However. his lingual incompetency does non let him to to the full interact and take portion in the exchange of thoughts. He is at the clemency of a transcriber non able to decently show herself in English.

Another factor which contributes to sing civilization daze is being unable to happen the manner or utilize public conveyance. In one of the scenes we can see Charlotte holding those jobs while standing in forepart of the Tokyo tube program and staring at it with confusion. She seems to experience lost in the immense crowd but she has to cover with it entirely since she has no friends with her and does non cognize the linguistic communication. The feeling of solitariness is shown in the movie in legion scenes. It is most clearly seeable when the characters are portrayed looking through the Windowss. giving the feeling of being sad and absent. In the hotel room. on the back place of a cab they are ever entirely. separated from the busy metropolis by glass. Their expression may be called the far-away stare or the tropical stare. which is a mark of a serious civilization daze.

Another issue which does non do operation in a different civilization easy is nutrient. which is really frequently unfamiliar. In a scene from the film. Bob and Charlotte go for tiffin. In the eating house the waitress brings them drinks. She pours beer easy. and turns on a pot on the tabular array to cook their nutrient. Charlotte looks at the bill of fare as it is filled with exposures of different trays of meat. The waitress doesn’t speak English. CHARLOTTE: I can’t state the difference? They have problem telling. but point to a image on the bill of fare. British shilling: We’ll have two of these. ( He is forced to take something indiscriminately ) Apart from the inability to separate between different dishes they besides can non pass on verbally with the waitress. None of them can talk Nipponese and the restaurant’s employee does non cognize any English.

In the concluding scenes of the film. it is noticed that Bob is traveling through a certain phase of cultural daze i. e. ; accommodation and grasp. He found himself a friend. and seemed to wish and appreciate his host civilization. Back in the Presidential. entirely. Bob leans against the small doily. They drive off. He looks out the window. Bob’s happy he’s traveling place. he’s happy he came to Tokyo. Since he was happy he came to Tokyo I assume that subsequently he had some troubles seting back to his ain civilization.

Personally this film helped me to larn a few modern twenty-four hours Nipponese civilizations. Besides it depicts that no affair which state you choose to travel. it’s ever better to larn at least the rudimentss of its linguistic communication.