The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion Social Work Essay

August 11, 2017

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Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life is defined in different ways due to fortunes of the individual it represents comparing age and gender brings different consequences as so does the economic position of the individual and what societal category they belong Blaxter ( 1990 ) survey of wellness and life style of 9000 people in the UK showed that a per centum of people could non state when they were healthy merely that they knew when they are ailing people ‘s perceptual experiences of wellness show in surveies that the aged define wellness and quality of life as being able to travel about where as a younger individual might believe running a endurance contest or traveling to a gym brand you healthy. Disease can hold a major negative impact on wellness and wellbeing feeling that a label has been placed on person makes them experience that they are now classed as faulty and this knocks assurance to better their state of affairs and they fail to recover a better quality of life Exploring different sectors of society we see a bigger image that wellness, wellbeing and quality of life agencies different things to everyone

Aged people have experienced many alterations over the old ages physically and mentally their organic structures no longer agile as when they were immature doing simple undertakings around the place a challenge mobility has one of the biggest impacts stair mounting and general traveling about safely in the place impact on how the older individual feels their quality of life is now compared to how they were younger physical damages sight and hearing loss weakening of limbs and creaky conditions makes the individual feel they can no longer take a fulfilling life and fright losing their independency

With wellness publicity to better the quality of life of aged people service betterments can be put into topographic point including community attention and twenty-four hours Centres ( Hubley and Copeman 2010 p104 ) commissariats to do the place safer and supplying equipment such as walking AIDSs and stairlifts which the local authorization may assist to fund besides the local council can provide alimentary repasts through its repasts on wheels service guaranting the aged individual gets hot nutrient.

Another major factor in the United Kingdom that affects quality of life and wellness is lodging harmonizing to the World Health Organization the conditions of life in deficient lodging has lending factors to legion evitable maladies amongst these include respirational jobs, nervous system, diseases of the bosom and malignant neoplastic disease So for the lower category people those who fall into the graduated table of poorness, homeless including those life in impermanent adjustment and the unemployed their quality of life will be impaired as there are really small options in where they reside with council and lodging waiting lists at an all-time high over 1.7 million families are presently waiting for societal lodging ( Shelter 2012 ) private rented adjustment is another option but with unscrupulous landlords looking to do easy money and non keeping their belongingss people are populating in unsafe and unhealthy conditions belongingss may hold moistnesss issues which affect the respiratory system doing such complaints as asthma and bronchitis every bit good as enduring more colds and flu although these are treatable with medicine or by traveling place so a individual can recover a better quality of life another job confronting the lower category is stress life in unsuitable adjustment or in a hapless creaky vicinities with anti-social jobs such as drug maltreatment and resound the emphasis can set a strain on household relationships doing statements and unhappiness the country may non be safe for kids to play out and this affects the quality of life non merely of grownups but kids suffer excessively and this may impact their schooling by sick wellness doing clip off

on the other graduated table of the ladder we see people who are in steady employment and have the fundss to buy their ain belongings in countries of their ain choosing these people have a better quality of life and wellness as they have the fundss for improved medical and wellness intervention and with the satisfaction of accomplishment of holding better things having a place, calling, fiscal security, auto and vacations

Most have found they are in the sector who are basking wellness, wellbeing and quality of life

A nice place is cardinal to people ‘s wellbeing ( Shelter 2007 )

One of the most traumatic and nerve-racking things a individual can travel through in life is happening themselves homeless there are many grounds why this may go on a private landlord may make up one’s mind to sell the house they have been renting out or it could be a dislocation of a relationship or holding to fly domestic force there have been a important sum of places being repossessed as people ca n’t maintain up the mortgage payments due to occupation loss, sick wellness or fiscal jobs

There are besides other grounds why a individual might happen themselves stateless such as a individual from another state seeking refuge in the UK everyone ‘s experience of homelessness is different for some people they will happen themselves remaining with household or friends others particularly households who can non be found a place instantly will be placed in impermanent adjustment where they may hold to portion installations such as bathroom and kitchen this can do a individual feel degraded adjustment may non be found in the local locality intending people may be far off from household and friends and they can experience stray For those non so fortunate to hold impermanent adjustment because of issues such as mental wellness, drug and intoxicant abuse these people may happen themselves kiping unsmooth on the streets or crouching in insecure and insanitary conditions the charity St Mungo ‘s based in London hold a study of the homeless people who attend their Centres each twelvemonth and the findings show that there is really hapless wellness amongst the homeless people as shown in their 2012 study 64 % had a physical wellness status and 70 % were enduring mental wellness jobs ( see Appendix A, B and C ) the study clearly shows that most of the homeless people suffered a hapless quality of wellness for some a alteration is possible with medicine to better mental wellness or people turn toing their dependences and seeking aid from medical or self-help group taking duty will authorise the individual to take a better life with the possibility of acquiring a place and occupation a individual can so derive back a good quality of life

Everyone has a duty for their ain wellness and wellbeing for others higher up the societal ladder this is easier as they have safer cleaner living conditions and entree to private medical attention and installations where this may be impossible for others such as the homeless and itinerant who are invariably traveling about and may non hold entree to installations instruction can play a good portion in giving advice to these sectors particularly on the importance of childhood inoculations to forestall the spread of diseases and infections such as poulet syphilis, Measles and whooping cough and supply advice to the aged who may necessitate attention for arthritis and other ageing conditions with wellness publicity members of the community who are trusted can relay the information and aid better the communities wellness. the Government and National Health Service have set up many strategies to assist people with dependences, healthy feeding, exercising and unemployment enterprises Charity ‘s such as Shelter provide aid on lodging crisis and homelessness and Age UK aid advance advice and services to assist the aged community It is possible with cognition to do alterations and to some degree people can see wellness, wellbeing and quality of life.

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