Characteristics Of Low Cost Airlines Operations Management Essay

August 15, 2017

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Low cost air hoses are holding a rapid development. In 2012, Luton-based budget air hose Easy Jet reported it carried 1.79m riders in September, increasing 18.6 from a twelvemonth earlier. Airports operator TBI reported growing of 29 % in the figure of riders utilizing low-priced services from its four European airdromes.

It is worthy analyzing the operations of taking low-priced air hoses today. This study will analyze the operations features and schemes of low cost air hoses, with the purpose of to the full understanding their concern patterns along with how they compete and interact with Full service bearer air hoses. When analysing the features of Low cost air hoses operations we can take Ryanair or Easy Jet every bit examples as since they are industry leaders they exemplify many of the properties which Low cost air hoses work towards.

Operationss Schemes

2.1 The features of low cost air hoses ‘operations

When analysing the features of low cost air hose operations, we have to look ab initio at different low cost air hoses and compare them but besides look at non- low cost air hose companies and comparison with them every bit good. If we take Ryanair as an illustration, we will detect that they were able to do obscure and unknown airdromes into seeable, the key word here being seeable. They were able to spread out their rote of web, therefore they were able to set up more and new bases to make more possible and lacking connexion flights at really inexpensive costs, giving the client a pleasant monetary value. Ryanair has achieved a dominant market portion in all the paths they operate on. Easy Jet has been concentrating more on major airdromes, which may be the biggest menace to other major air hose companies.

The product-service continuum


When analyzing the product-service continuum, which shows the focal point of company towards its operations schemes, where there will be either more of a service or merchandise position, towards the clients. These air hoses tend to supply more of a service instead than a merchandise itself The service here being evidently inexpensive transit in the best quality and efficient mode. This can be seen as a major service. ‘Products of Easy Jet include sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, cocoa, bites, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. EasyJet besides sells gifts such as aromas, cosmetics, appliances and EasyJet-branded points on board, every bit good as tickets for airdrome transportation services or train tickets. The easyJet magazine called “ The Traveller ” is published monthly and as other air hose magazines, is free to travel ” . ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Passengers may buy points on board from the “ EasyJet Bistro ” bargain on board programme. As shown by the graph below, the LCCs produce major service accompanied by minor goods and services. Minor service can be seen as ‘EasyJet Hotels and EasyJet Holidays which is an adjustment and going booking service.

B ) The transmutation theoretical account

The transmutation theoretical account, a procedure that looks at the complexness of an organisation where its end would be to minimise and derive a better apprehension of the concern itself, would hold to be all the procedures around the plane, the chief service, baggage, review and eventually the transit.

The inputs for this procedure include two chief classs.

+ Transformed resources: client

+ Transforming resource: staff and installations.

Staff includes pilots, attenders, technicians, directors, workers, etc. Furthermore, the procedure besides requires many installations likes airport, planes, trucks and machines for the flight.

All the needful resources are put in the transmutation procedure and burden it on the plane to cook for the flight. Food and another supplies are provide during the flight for the rider. After the plane take off, the all of the luggage will be delivered to the finish airdrome and ready to be collected.

The end product would be the proviso of the service, of transporting the client to another location, guaranting that the client reaches his or her finish.

degree Celsius ) The 4VA?s

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When comparing cheap to expensive air hoses, we must ever analyze the four VA?s to be able to do a more accurate decision about each type of air hose.


In footings of volume we could state that low cost air hoses have a high degree, because they have their ain specific features, their mundane processs and evidently lower unit costs. Other regular air hoses would likely hold a lower volume, since there will be fewer flights but more expensive, their unit cost will be higher. EasyJet air hoses operate on over 600 paths across 30 states with their fleet of over 200 aircraft.

c.2 Assortment

When speaking about British air passages, we can instantly detect that there ‘s some flexibleness in the process, such as cheque in, it ‘s a complex undertaking but the company will do certain to run into the clients wants and demands, on the other manus the unit cost will be high, giving them a high assortment dimension. Easy jet on the other side has a low assortment, because their unit cost is low, non flexible, less complex and due to the low costs, client ‘s demands are non ever met.

c.3 Variation

This analyses would be really similar for both types of air hoses, fluctuation on demand will be increasing on vacations, such as Christmas or summer vacations, which will take to demand spikes to both types of air hoses.

c.4 Visibility

This facet of the analyses would be low, even though, the client experiences the flight and all the services provided by the air hose, he or she has small contact with the people supplying the service, due to a distance between the client and the procedure there is an inevitable slowdown in communications, on the other side, the client experiences the existent procedure, by look intoing in, or interacting with the flight helper, devouring at the airdrome and so on.

Low cost air hoses ‘ public presentation aims and operations scheme.

EasyJet is Europe ‘s 2nd largest low cost bearer in Europe, with the fleet of over 200 aircraft and so supply a good illustration of the kind of public presentation aims low cost air hoses will probably be working towards and the kinds of operations schemes they are likely to utilize to accomplish them.

Slack ( 2010 ) determined that in order to fulfill client demands, there are five basic public presentation aims that a company like EasyJet must run into for the operations, these being ; Cost, Quality, Speed, Dependability and Flexibity. It is non likely that EasyJet can run at the same time concentrate upon five public presentation aims and so they need to take the aims that they will give precedence to ; the 1s they have elected to concentrate on are cost, flexibleness and dependableness.


Keeping a low Cost is the chief order victor for EasyJet. An order winning factor is an operational factor that will straight and significantly lend to winning concern and providing advantage over rivals. They are regarded by clients as cardinal grounds for buying the merchandises and services from EasyJet. Since EasyJet is a low cost bearer, clients primary ground for taking EasyJet is because they are cheaper than the alternate which is from a full traditional service bearer air hose. Therefore, cut downing cost is one of Easy Jet ‘s primary internal schemes.

From EasyJet 2012 one-year study, fuel cost is equal to a half of entire other costs. In 2012, the fuel cost raised to over ?1 billion. Fuel is the most expensive and of import cost, hence cut down the fuel measure is an aim of a low cost bearer such as EasyJet

This tabular array from EasyJet ‘s 2012 one-year study it is apparent that fuel cost is equal to a half of entire other costs. In 2012, the fuel cost raised by 25 % , , from ?917 million to ?1149 million. Fuel is the most expensive and of import cost, hence cut downing the fuel measure by maximizing their operations will be a cardinal agencies of run intoing their aim of being a low cost bearer. A good illustration of how EasyJet is working to accomplish this is the four zonary driers designed to cut down weight of aeroplanes which is presently traveling on a 12 month test. They are being used on four A320, taking to cut weight created by wet by up to 250kg each flight, so they can salvage more fuel. The zonary drier engineering will potentially salvage 4.5 million kilogram of fuel and besides increase the velocity of aircraft.

Much like most Low cost air hose bearers Easy Jet prefers to utilize secondary airdromes in major metropoliss as their finishs. It is because secondary airdromes charge lower administrative fees than primary airdrome, more willing to co-finance the publicity of new paths and usually offer faster turnarounds as there are fewer air motions. However, they miss a figure of of import airdromes to remain. For Instance, London Heathrow, the biggest airdrome in the UK has no flights operated by EasyJet, alternatively they use a smaller London airdrome, Luton. It is cheaper but causes jobs for people who live in London as it is non easy to acquire to Luton. It is more flexible to go to Gatwick or Heathrow since they are chief airdromes in London so there are more public traveling services. As a consequence, they lose some clients.


Second EasyJet Choose to concentrate upon service Flexibility as a public presentation Objective and cardinal portion of their operation scheme. EasyJet presently is runing on 600 paths across 30 states and they intend to spread out this figure in the hereafter. Besides Easy Jet concentrates on volume flexibleness. From winter 2012, EasyJet announced to hold new paths to Tel Aviv, Tallinn, Turin, Amsterdam, Geneva, Venice, Isle of Man and Copenhagen. EasyJet has besides been awarded the rights to run between London Gatwick to Moscow Domodedovo by the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority ) from Spring 2013. They expect to hold approximately 230 million riders in the first twelvemonth. EasyJet will convey a lower monetary value for the flights between London and Moscow in comparison to other menus from other bearers, about ?1000 for an economic system ticket. From summer 2013, EasyJet will get down winging to popular Greek resort of Myxnos and the historic Sardynan resort of Ollia. The new path will run two times per hebdomad, with the menus get downing from ?31 ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Therefore, riders will hold a wider scope of picks to react to the turning demand for flights. Besides, in high demanded clip such as vacations, EasyJet increases the figure of flights to carry through its rider ‘s demand.


This being they try to separate their concern from the competition by being the more reliable company when it comes to the service they offer. This takes the signifiers of seeking to understate holds and waiting times for clients. Geting clients to their finishs on clip is a cardinal factor. Their aim is to get at the appellation within 15 proceedingss of scheduled clip. A system named ACARS in the aircraft enter the clip of reaching and so sends them to the control Centre. Therefore, EasyJet can mensurate precisely the clip the riders arrive at the finishs.

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

In the 3rd one-fourth of 2012, they improved their on-time public presentation from 77.2 % to 88.2 % , increasing client satisfaction and the trade name image.

aˆ? Quality:

Quality is measure uping factors. “ Qualifying factors may non be of import competitory determiners of success but are of import in other ways. They are those facets of fight where the operation ‘s public presentation has to be above a peculiar degree merely to be considered by the client. ” ( Slack, 2010, Operations Management ) . For Easy Jet and other LCC ‘s, the quality must be flights with good repasts, cleanliness or in-flight client service, besides the efficient engagement, baggage handling, dependability and promptness.

aˆ? Speed:

Speed is besides measure uping factor. Speed is a affair of turnaround clip of aircrafts, reserves, baggage managing for most air hoses. Each air hose would seek their best to fix the clip ; nevertheless, this besides depends on others. For illustration, the faster the riders run through the terminal gate, the Oklahoman the flight can take off. It reduces the bend circular clip of the aircraft and can salvage the air hose uses every bit good as money. Because Easy Jet and other LCC ‘s charge for the keeping baggage, around ?9 each baggage, the figure of keeping baggage lessenings. The weight of aircraft lessenings, increasing the velocity.

2.3 Differences between the operations of low cost bearers ( LCCs ) and traditional full service bearers ( FSCs ) .

Full service bearer air hoses, or FSC ‘s cardinal characteristics of operations differ from those of Low cost bearer air hoses, LCC ‘s in several cardinal ways. First and foremost is their determination to run a hub and spoke web construction that allows a broad scope of beginnings and finishs covering finishs that are domestic, European and world-wide. There are besides assorted commercial and legal advantages to utilizing a hub and radius web, such as the increased figure or beginnings and finishs available. As this occurs the burden factors will make the same which explains why FSC ‘s, unlike LCC ‘s, are able to include the largest aircraft such as the Boeing 747 in their fleets. The cardinal downside to the hub and radius web is due to the complexness of be aftering linking flights and the tight clip frames needed to run into these can ensue in holds.

In comparing when looking at LCC ‘s operations, one can observe that the focal point is upon cost decrease with the purpose of implementing a monetary value leading scheme onto their market. The tabular array below shows the assorted cost film editing schemes used by LCC ‘s and which unit cost class they fall into ( costs per rider kilometer ) .

LCC ‘s will frequently look to cut down unit costs by implementing high denseness siting constellations and runing a “ no bangs ” service where all sorts of free inflight services are eliminated. Unlike LCC ‘s they will frequently FNC ‘s frequently choose to run different aircraft types which means that they are non able to minimise costs in the same manner as LCC ‘s. To let for this they alternatively focus on supplying a broad scope of pre-flight and on-board services, including different categories and linking flights. This is a crisp distinction to LCC ‘s and their limited cost, no bangs service.

LCC ‘s will normally run pricing policies which are really dynamic, offering significant price reductions for clients who book a long clip in progress. LCC ‘s unlike FSC ‘s will frequently take to gain accessory grosss by selling other merchandises and services both on the aircraft and through their web sites. These could take many signifiers from extra fees for checked in baggage to extra cost for paying via recognition card. These are non nevertheless cosmopolitan to all LCC ‘s. Most LCC ‘s will besides take to extinguish plans like frequent circular stat mis or trueness plans, nevertheless this is non cosmopolitan for illustration German Wings, a German Low cost bearer air hose, is one of the first few LCC ‘s to hold introduced the option to pay a enrollment fee which covers the administrative costs of running a frequent circular plan. This allows their clients to have the benefits of such a programme whilst go throughing on some of the cost from German Wingss to their clients.

FSC ‘s will besides run a different selling and strategic position from LCC ‘s, this is due to the fact that the Hub and Spoke system adopted by them allows for the bundling and reallocation of surpassing air hose riders at the hub airdromes at which they operate. This allows them to function significantly more beginnings and finishs than most LCC ‘s. In add-on FSC ‘s tend to derive market power on their several hub airdrome leting them to strangulate competition by offering premium rates non available from other air hoses winging from their “ hub ” . This means that fares for riders arising or reassigning through the bearers hub are cheaper than those taking similar paths which do non include the bearers hub. In Europe this has proved a cardinal capacity restraint at the largest airdromes which has hampered the ability of any new bearers to come in the market.

2.4 Changes that full bearers have made in response to the menace from low cost bearers.


It can non be denied that LCC ‘s have for good altered the kineticss of the short-haul market in air power, their attack to both strategic and operational issues is focussed upon simpleness and this has now become their guiding rule. As a consequence of this LCC ‘s achieve well lower operating costs than traditional FSC ‘s, these nest eggs can so be passed onto the consumer in the signifier of well cheaper menus. When Analyzing the alterations that full service bearers have made in response to the menace from low cost bearers it is deserving observing that, in order to to the full turn to the menace presented by LCC ‘s, FCC ‘s have adopted a figure of assorted schemes. For the intent of this it is good to concentrate upon alterations made by one peculiar company as a consequence of the menace ; British Air passages are a company who as a direct consequence of LCC ‘s has been forced to dramatically reform its concern theoretical account and who now find themselves in a place where, in order to vie in the short- draw flight market, they must benchmark their costs against LCC ‘s to find the extent of alteration required.

British Air passages did non hold an established short draw plan ; alternatively they were runing a aggregation of independent concerns with their ain separate gross revenues and direction divisions. These were unable to vie with the new moving ridge of LCC ‘s cutting balls from their market portion. British Air passages elected to cannibalise these to cut costs and streamline its concern theoretical account. This resulted in the formation of British Airways CitiExpress, and with other subordinate air hoses such as CityFlyer being absorbed into British Airways short-haul operation out of Gatwick. British Airways was besides forced to re-evaluate its short draw capacity, and so reduced its short draw fleet from 234 aircraft in 2001 to 179 by 2005.

In order to further maximize their capacity use British Airways besides established a twin hub web out of Heathrow and Gatwick. Heathrow would concentrate its operations upon retaining a traditional two hub service while Gatwick would be restructured in order to concentrate upon point to indicate flights that can be flown with a higher frequence and will less turnaround clip.

However by January 2006 British Airways short-haul air hose BA CitiExpress was still losing money and so in an attempt to do it more typical it was rebranded BA Connect and a series of dramatic scheme alterations were enacted upon all flights. These included restructuring of its merchandising categories, cutting down from over 70 ‘selling categories ‘ to 25. Furthermore by put ining individual cabins and put ining an unfastened seating agreement they were able to increase their capacity use. They besides adopted a more ‘No bangs ‘ attack, with the debut of a pay-on-board repast and drink service across all non-London City Routes. This alteration was justified by the decrease of one manner menus by up to 40 % .

British Air passages have besides looked to ordain alterations in the distribution of their service. This has taken the signifier of an 11.3 % decrease in distribution and merchandising costs between the old ages of 1994 to 2004. In 2003 entirely this represented a decrease in costs of ?212 Million. This dramatic alteration has been achieved by several methods which are representative of the moves made by many FSC ‘s in reaction the menace from LCC ‘s. To get down with they took the stairss to increase on-line engagement and have now managed to make a point where 60 % of all engagement of their short-haul usage is made on and one tierce of all their riders since 2006 have booked online.

In order to farther distinguish them-selves from the competition they face, FSC ‘s must now alternatively concentrate upon different operating schemes. Alternatively of cutting costs across the board FSC ‘s are electing to concentrate upon client dealingss, value adding services and the demand to introduce when looking to bring forth new watercourses of gross. This is in blunt contrast to the LCC ‘s they are viing against.



LCC ‘s provide the mixture of merchandise and service, but chiefly service. Obviously, the major service is transporting riders which are their chief transformed resources to different topographic points with cheaper monetary value than FSC ‘s, attach toing transforming resources such as flight crew or aeroplanes etc. By and large, LCC ‘s provide high volume but low assortment and variableness. The fluctuation is rather low, fluctuated by seasons and vacations.

LCC, like Easy Jet has five basic public presentation aims: Cost, Quality, Speed, Dependability and Flexibility. It is hard to run all five aims at the same time, so they give precedence to their order winning factors which are cost, flexibleness and dependableness, whereas maintaining a low cost is the chief scheme.