Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

August 27, 2017

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Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

( Bioterrorist Attack )


Natural catastrophe alleviation act 1982 and Local self administration act are the legal footing for any kind of catastrophe response in Nepal. The Ministry of Home Affairs has been mandated as the lead bureau for catastrophe readiness and the response program in Nepal. Similarly the Natural Calamity Relief Act mandates the formation of Disaster Relief Committees at cardinal, regional and territory degrees. The Emergency Operation Centers with the map of geting, analysing, circulating and organizing the catastrophe related information are functional at cardinal, regional, territory and local degrees.

The intent of the National Bioterrorism Response program is to sketch the functions, duties and actions to react a human disease eruption, the possible cause of which is a bioterrorist onslaught, and requires cardinal aid to incorporate the menace. In this papers, a biological terrorism includes biological diseases ( catching and non communicable ) in worlds due to terrorist events. All the actions mentioned in this program are guided by the Natural Calamity alleviation act.

The range of this program is non an thorough mention but it provides guidelines to the menace assessment/ readiness, response and recovery stage.

Expected result

The aims of the Bioterrorism response Plan are to

  • Identify the cause and contain/confine the extra eruption and the spread.
  • Identify population ( s ) at hazard.
  • Carry out immediate response and early recovery.
  • Conduct effectual decontamination and normalization/full recovery
  • Continuous Monitor and measure the state of affairss for far making effects.
  • Enhance the capacities of the wellness attention installations which are the initial site for sensing and response in instance of a bioterrorist onslaught.
  • Trace the terrorist act act and penalize the guilty.


  • DEOC and NEOC will be automatically activated in instance of an bioterrorist onslaught.
  • Suspension of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities other than related to exigency response activities.
  • CNDRC, RNDRC and DNDRC are responsible for pull offing the exigency.


This program supports policies and processs outlined in the Natural Disaster alleviation act.

  • Ministry of population and wellness ( MOPH ) isthe nation’s primary bureau for the public wellness. It is besides responsible for the medical readying and planning for and response to a biological terrorist act onslaught from either a known or novitiate pathogen.
  • Ministry of Agriculture Development ( MOAD ) serves as the Government’s primary bureau for onslaughts that may happen in animate beings used in the commercial production of nutrient. It may besides function as the Government’s primary bureau for onslaughts on nutrient processing/slaughtering installations under its regulative horizon. In the event of a nutrient or animate being event, MOAD may supply extra public wellness and veterinary epidemiological aid.
  • Ministry of Information and communicating is responsible for airing information about the terrorist act onslaught, create consciousness through wireless and ocular media.
  • The Central natural Disaster Relief Committee ( CNDRC ) is the chief commission for response to bioterrorism onslaught. Pursuant to the Natural Disaster alleviation act 1982, the Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs ( MOHA ) is responsible for organizing operations within Nepal to fix for, respond to, and recover from terrorist onslaughts.
  • Regional, District and local authorities bureaus are responsible for sensing and coordinated response to disease eruptions. It besides should implement steps to minimise and incorporate the wellness jeopardies, societal pandemonium and economic effects brought by such an eruption.
  • The Nepal constabularies ( NP ) under MOHA have lead duty for condemnable probes of terrorist Acts of the Apostless or terrorist menaces by persons or groups.
  • Nepal Police shall besides organize the activities of the other members of the jurisprudence enforcement community to observe, prevent, pre-empt, and disrupt terrorist onslaughts against Nepal.
  • The MOHA and Ministry of jurisprudence must be instantly notified if any bureau or authorities entity happens to cognize in anterior or after about the menace affecting biological agents.
  • Health ministry shall set up Laboratory Response Network ( LRN ) in order to prove for the presence of biological menace agents. Any Laboratory that identifies an leery consequences from the trial of samples should instantly reach the NID ( National Investigation Department ) All relevant menace and public wellness appraisals should be provided to the NEOC.
  • NEOC ( National Emergency operation centre ) with it proficient expertness squad should carry on the initial appraisal of the state of affairs and find appropriate public wellness intercessions and medical actions. It is besides apt to organize overall nonmedical response and support actions.
  • The NID and NP ( Crime Investigation Branch ) should jointly carry on the probe of condemnable activities.
  • MOPH collaborates closely with the NID and NP to guarantee that groundss are non lost ( e.g. , LRN samples, etc. ) associated with disease outbreaks the cause of which is a bioterrorist onslaught.
  • If there is possible for environmental taint, MOHP collaborates with the Environmental Ministry in order to develop and implement trying schemes and sharing consequences [ LS1 ] with the concerned stakeholders.
  • Since the nature of biological incident is frequently dynamic, MOHA should join forces with concerned sections and bureaus to find the thresholds for a comprehensive public wellness and medical response. These thresholds may be different with different state of affairss.



  • Hospitals or wellness clinics may be the initial site to place and response to the bioterrorist onslaught. Therefore, each medical installation should be provided with the list of exigency Numberss and inside informations of contact individuals.

Internal contact:

Infection control……………

Epidemiologist……… .

Local administration…………..

External contact

Regional Hospital………

Cardinal hospital……… .

National Health Department………..

  • In instance of an bioterrorist onslaught it may be impractical to wait for confirmed diagnosing therefore intervention should be based on high hazard syndromes. Therefore, Medical installations should hold list of high hazard syndromes, their poetical agent and intervention. The list should include:
  • Etiology
  • Clinical characteristics
  • Mode of transmittal
  • Incubation period
  • Immunization recommendations
  • Isolation safeguard
  • Patient arrangement
  • Disinfection of equipment and environment
  • Discharge direction


The immediate response steps include the undermentioned actions by NEOC/DEOC and local authorization in close coaction with MOHP.

  • Issue of speedy public notice sing the menace and cardinal safety information.
  • Designation of the population at hazard
  • Distribute PPE to medical forces and public.
  • Set up an probe squad with following maps:

-determination of an agent

-laboratory verification

-identify manner of transmittal

-assessment of containment and decontamination/disinfection

-possible intervention steps

-secondary jeopardies and eruptions

  • Issue notice to the populace with elaborate information based on the findings of an probe squad

Infection Control

  • Isolation Precaution:

All patients weather they are diagnostic or suspected should be managed as per the standard safeguards. The standard safeguards prevent any kind of direct contact with organic structure fluids and includes: manus lavation, baseball mitts, masks and gowns.

  • Patient arrangement:

Separate wards and installations should be used for the patients and controlled entry should be practiced to forestall farther transmittal.

  • Patient conveyance

The motions of the patients should be limited to the motion that is indispensable to supply patient attention. Separate vehicles should be used and it should be invariably disinfected.

  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of equipments and environment
  • Discharge direction

The patients should non be discharged from the infirmaries unless they are proved not infective. In instance of the figure of the patients is really high so they should be discharged with place attention instructions.

Early recovery


  • An appraisal should be done on the extent of taint so that a proper program to decontaminate victims, respondents, animate beings, equipment, transit conveyances, edifices, critical substructure, and big out-of-door countries can be formulated. ( Community Health Development Section, 2011 )
  • Engagement and preparation of public/community to fix trade with with bioterror onslaught
  • Safety of first respondents
  • Training of first respondents

Particular Issues

International Notification/Implications

  • Biological incidents must besides be reported to international public wellness governments.
  • A biological incident may besides hold deductions under the Biological Weapons Convention if it can be attributed to actions of a foreign party ; MOFA ( Ministry of foreign Affairs ) would pull off the diplomatic facets of any such instance.

International Assistance

  • If drugs and other resources which are indispensable for protecting human life are deficient to run into the demands, the NEOC makes recommendations to the CNDRC for international aid.


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