Child Social Care At Islington Council Social Work Essay

September 4, 2017

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My wise man, Mrs. Roxana Spencer was the Organizational and Workforce Development Manager in the Corporate Resources Service, The Human Resources Division – the Workforce Development Unit.

Children ‘s Services has a figure of ways to maintain informed about what is go oning across the section:

CS News – a biweekly electronic newssheet which covers everything is needed to be known about what is go oning across Children ‘s Services.A The newssheet is distributed to all Children ‘s Services staff, selected NHS Islington staff, and Council members.

Lunchtime Seminars – These occur one time a month from 12 to 1pm on set days.A They offer a great chance to come and hear about some of the first-class undertakings in development, and a antic chance to portion ideas.A

Manager ‘s Forum – is a topical quarterly forum for directors from Children ‘s Services, every bit good as cardinal directors from Cambridge Education and NHS Islington.A

Children ‘s Services Conference – is held yearly, in November.A It is attended by employees from the Children ‘s Services administrations in Islington.A This twelvemonth ‘s subject is Child Poverty.

The Children Services are farther divided into sections:

Building schools for the hereafter

Islington ‘s secondary schools are being transformed. The Building Schools for the Future ( BSF ) undertaking will well renovate, remodel and regenerate Islington ‘s secondary schools over the following five old ages: 2008 – 2013.

Islington has secured ?140 million to plan and construct the best possible acquisition environments for Islington students and first-class installations for our community. The BSF squad is working with Cambridge Education, secondary schools and co-workers in Children ‘ Services to gain the transmutation of secondary instruction in Islington. Specialist instruction and personalised larning programs will guarantee that every kid is offered the best possible chance to bask and accomplish.

The undertaking has to undergo the undermentioned stages:

Phase One: 2008-2010

Highbury Grove School with enhanced Sixth Form, co-located with

Sam Rhodes SEN School

Holloway School

St Aloysius College

Phase Two: 2009-2011

Cardinal Foundation Boys School

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Girls School

Islington Arts and Media School

Pupil Referral Unit for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 ( Secondary ) students

Phase Three 2011-2012

Highbury William claude dukenfields

Mount Carmel RC Girls School

Children ‘s societal attention

The Children ‘s Social Care Service ( portion of the Children ‘s Services Department ) is responsible for safeguarding and advancing the public assistance of kids “ in demand ” and kids “ looked after ” .

There are two chief operational services: Children in Need and Children Looked After.A

The Children in Need Service supports kids ( normally those populating at place with a parent or carer ) who have been assessed as being in demand under the Children Act 1989 because:

They are improbable to run into a sensible criterion of wellness and development

Their wellness and development would be earnestly impaired unless provided with services, or they are handicapped kids.

The Children Looked After Service supports kids looked after by Islington Council with the purpose of assisting them to make every bit good as other kids in footings of their wellness, safety, enjoyment, instruction and employment opportunities.A

Other Children ‘s Social Services include:

Quality & A ; Safeguarding –

Performance & A ; Information

Strategy & A ; Resources

Early Old ages

The function of the service is to be after and present, in partnership with other bureaus, a sound foundation for larning through the proviso of good quality nursery instruction and twenty-four hours attention, prioritising kids in demand and kids with particular educational demands to guarantee effectual early intercession and advance societal inclusion. Through the proviso of good quality twenty-four hours attention and support services, and support for community sector proviso, it enables parents to take up employment, survey and entree larning chances to better the quality of their lives.

The service supports the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership squads and is taking on the development of 16 kids ‘s Centres in the borough. Children ‘s Centres will serve kids and households supplying integrated attention and instruction for immature kids, wellness services, household support and a base for childminders.A This integrated attack will supply holistic support for kids ‘s development, support to households with immature kids and will ease the return to work of those parents who are presently unemployed.

Scheme and Commissioning

The Strategy and Commissioning Division leads on commissioning services for the Children ‘s Partnership. Commissioning is of import as it helps to better results for kids while doing the most of available resources. There are many people and local bureaus involved in the commissioning procedure, which aims to:

buttocks demands and grounds about what is likely to work

define precedences and allocate resources

specify, secure and proctor services to better results for kids and immature people in Islington

Commission is at the bosom of determination devising across the Children ‘s Partnership and supports the Children ‘s Board to implement the Children and Young People ‘s Plan, develop more effectual and incorporate services and better results for kids and immature people.

Young Peoples Division

The Young People ‘s Division is portion of the Children ‘s Services department.A It was created in April 2008 in order to take frontward the new docket for Young People as portion of the Every Child Matters change programme

The division is designed to react to the new entitlements for immature people:

the new course of study

a broad runing positive activities offer

accessible and incorporate support services tailored to single demand

information, advice an counsel provided to a national criterion

the right to act upon the design and bringing of their services

A local reappraisal of all of services for immature people occurred based on a strict demands appraisal and broad consultation.A This has lead to a new scheme for incorporate services for immature people.A This scheme will supply the model for commissioning and presenting services over the following few old ages.

The division brings together the development course of study offer for immature people aged 14-19.A The offer includes:

extended universalA drama and young person servicesA with the support immature people need to do usage of these chances and advancement successfully

an information, advice and counsel service

a freshly configured targeted youth support service

The adjunct manager function has the duty to move as a title-holder for immature people across the council, its services and partnerships, to guarantee that the involvements of immature people are ever on the docket.

Within the new division services are grouped into four subdivisions

positive activities

information advice and counsel

targeted youth support

the 14-19 Partnership

The caput of each subdivision is portion of the Divisional Management Team and plays a prima function in advancing and presenting alteration at a strategic degree across the division, section and partnership.

3. Corporate Resources

The intent of Islington Corporate Resources is to help the council in accomplishing its aims as set out in the corporate program, through the proviso of high quality services to members, the Executive, council sections and members of the populace.

Islington Corporate Resources has the undertaking to supply client friendly services of the highest quality in a businesslike mode.

Corporate Resources comprises seven divisions – Human Resources, TSG, Democratic Services, Legal, Contact Islington, the ISP squad and Community Safety. The first four are chiefly internal support services. Our purpose is to supply first-class, proactive services that deliver value for money. We are progressively looking at ways in which these services can develop an external autumn in support of excellence in the eyes of the occupants. The Community Safety partnerships unit coordinates spouses ‘ responses to offense and upset in the borough. Over the last few old ages at that place has been a dramatic decrease in offense but there is more to make, particularly in the country of young person upset.

The declared mission of this board of directors is: “ To supply high-quality, value for money support services to the council to let it to accomplish excellence in the eyes of the occupants, to move as an effectual first port of call for the council and to organize the work of spouses to accomplish the purposes of the sustainable community scheme. ”


Most of the services within theA Corporate ResourcesA section autumn into two classs: legal pattern countries and support and public services. Human Resources, Community SafetyA and Technology Solutions Group ( TSG ) are besides portion of the Corporate Resources section:

The Departments are:

Contact Islington

Communicationss Team

Community Safety

Human Resources

Legal Servicess

Scheme and Partnerships

Support and Public Services

Technology Solutions Group

Contact Islington

Contact Islington ( CI ) A is the council ‘s service and contact Centre.

CI handlesA up to 15,000 calls andA overA 1,000 visitants every hebdomad and continues to construct on the council ‘s repute for excellence in client service and satisfaction.

Communicationss Team

The Communications Team supports all of Islington Council ‘s corporate communications. This includes:

external communications

internal communications

selling runs

event planning and publicity

media dealingss

web site and izzi

Community Safety

The Community Safety Partnership Unit is a strategic direction group of the Safer Islington Partnership ( SIP ) and is based within Islington Council. The Unit ‘s primary map is to pull off the execution of the Crime Reduction and Drug Strategies under the counsel of the council and its spouses, on offense decrease steps, drug intervention and service proviso options and other community safety enterprises. The Unit plays an active function in monitoring and measuring such enterprises. The Anti-social Behaviour Team signifiers portion

Human Resources

This section has the mission to continuously better the public presentation and the working environment of the council through policies, processs and support services that make Islington Council an employer of pick.

Legal Servicess

Legal Services is an built-in portion of the Corporate Resources Department, supplying legal services to the London Borough of Islington and to a figure of external clients. Legal Services is divided into two legal squads specializing in combative and non-contentious countries of the jurisprudence and are supported by the Business Support Team.

The squads are:

Commercial & A ; Environment Team

Corporate & A ; Dispute Resolution Team

Scheme and Partnerships

The Strategy and Partnerships Division supports CMB and Executive members to take and present the council ‘s aspiration to better results for Islington ‘s diverse community and to accomplish excellence in the eyes of occupants. This division aims to:

Joint the vision of the Council through corporate scheme and policy

Promote a civilization in which the Council and spouses collaborate, in peculiar through the Islington Strategic Partnership, in order to procure betterments to bringing, efficiency, resident satisfaction and community coherence.

Enhance the capableness of the Council and spouses to expect and react to alter, including within the economic clime

Use information efficaciously to guarantee that the public presentation of the Council and spouses achieve more than the amount of their parts


Support and Public Services

Community Safety is a strategic direction group of the Safer Islington Partnership ( SIP ) and is based within Islington Council.

Electoral ServicesA maintains and updates the electoral registry for the borough of Islington. It is besides involved in the disposal and readying of local and national elections.

Local Land ChargesA carries out all local authorization hunts for the borough.

Democratic Services supports the council ‘s democratic agreements, adopted in May 2002.

Registrar ‘s OfficeA trades with the enrollment of births and deceases and besides performs matrimonies.

Technology Solutions Group

The council ‘s Technology Solutions Group ( TSG ) A delivers and supports all facets of IT.

systems and application package

informations webs, web substructure


package development

undertaking direction and undertaking support

desktop/laptop Personal computers

printing and scanning

distant working solutions

package licensing

procurance of IT merchandises and services

TSG has a broad scope of qualified proficient staff to supply advice and counsel on all IT-related issues. We can pull off your IT demands from analysis and design through to execution and support.

4. Environment and Regeneration

Islington ‘s Environment and Regeneration board of directors comprises ofA five sections:

Cultural Servicess

Environmental Sustainability

Public Protection and Development Management

Public Realm

Strategic Planning and Regeneration

Together they are working toA achieve a safer, healthier, more sustainable, more attractive and accessible environment for the present and future coevalss.

Environment and Regeneration comprises the undermentioned divisions and services:

Cultural Servicess

Responsible for libraries, museums and leisure.

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible for advancing and implementing sustainability policy and undertakings.

Public Protection and Development Management

Responsible for deliveringA a scope of regulative services and besides includes graveyards and planning.A

Public Realm

Responsible forA keeping the borough ‘s roads, Parkss, treesA and public topographic points.

Strategic Planning and Regeneration

Responsible for pull offing the borough’sA planning and conveyance substructure and undertaking worklessness and societal want.

5. Finance

The council’sA Finance section provides a scope of Financial and Administrative services every bit good as minding a figure of corporate fiscal budgets.

The service employs approximatelyA 500 staff.


Payment Servicess

Audited account and Risk Management

Business Support Team

CedAr Finance System

Housing Benefits

Strategic Procurement

Property Servicess

Strategic Finance

Team Plans

6. Housing and Adult Social Services

Since June 2007, Adult Social Services and Housing NeedsA and Strategy have been brought together in a individual section in Islington Council.


HASS Staff awards 2010

Housing and Adult Social Services News

HASS Staff Conference 2008/09

Homes for Islington

Policies and Procedures

Publications and Forms

Structure Charts

Transforming Social Care

Housing Strategy 2009-2014

An independent Housing Commission made up of lodging professionals, local occupant and renter representatives and political party campaigners have completed their work in steering the development and production of Islington ‘s new Housing Strategy which will be recommended to the Council ‘s Executive in March and presented to the Council in April.A

Homes for Islington

Working in partnership with Homes for Islington

Homes for Islington ( HFI ) is the Arms Length Management Organisation ( ALMO ) for Islington Council.

An ALMO is a company set up by a local authorization to pull off and better its lodging stock. The local authorization retains ownership of the lodging and renters remain unafraid renters of the local authorization. The authorities offers extra resources towards the cost of run intoing the Decent Homes mark to councils who set up ALMOs.

The council ‘s ALMO was set up in 2003 and is working good towards run intoing the Decent Homes criterion by 2010.

Transforming Social Care

Transformation Programme

Islington Council is presently set abouting one of the most ambitious and exciting programmes of reform of all time seen in the societal attention system. Known as the Transformation Programme, it will alter the manner in which adult societal services are delivered, and when complete, will give service users greater pick and control over their lives so that they are able to populate every bit independently as possible.

The authorities has asked all local governments in England to do alterations to the bringing of societal services. These reforms are outlined in two recent studies, Our Health, Our Care, Our Say Putting People First, which province that those who provide services need to:

give people more control over their ain wellness, degree of independency and pick of attention services

support people in their picks about their wellness, independency and general wellbeing

aid people get high quality, cost effectual and convenient attention rapidly

In order to run into the authorities ‘s deadline of 2011, we have established a three-year alteration programme. Over this clip, there will be a displacement from professionals taking what is best for those who require support, to a “ individualized ” attention system where persons will be able to make up one’s mind what is best for them.

Discussion of work on arrangement, rating of experience gained and of the arrangement ‘s utility

I started my internship with go toing the “ HR Away Day ” , which was, for me, an first-class chance to acquire introduced to the members of the HR.

I took portion in different squad edifice activities, and I interacted with my new co-workers. All the activities, focused chiefly on the thought of working as portion of a squad, but were besides directed towards the betterment of the construct of assessment ( self appraisal, and assessment of the work environment ) and the thought of betterment of the quality of the services provided for the costumiers of the Council.

I was able to compare all these activities and the behavior and reactions of the members of the Islington HR Team with those of the YPS 4 Team and with those of the Romanian civil retainers.

The difference between these groups is that the YPS members have been selected so that they fit a certain profile. They have been trained to work as a squad and they act consequently. The employees of an organisation normally have different backgrounds and they need some clip to be built into and to work as a squad. The director plays here a really of import function.

I worked under the supervising of Mrs. Roxana Spencer, a problem taw, contracted by the Islington Council to decide some jobs within the HR Department during a limited period of clip. She has exceeding managerial accomplishments, knows how to actuate the members of the squad in order to accomplish the best possible consequences.

I was given the chance of run intoing the HR Business Partners. Each one of them explained the functions of their sections and the manner these are built and coordinated, assisting me to acquire an overall image of the Council and of the services provided.

Another interesting experience was go toing “ The Employment Law Update ” which was a seminar held by a Government Expert, addressed to all the senior Directors of The Council. The intent of this meeting, was to explicate how the employment Law has changed, and to offer the directors ways to manage these alterations. It was much emphasized on the attention for the employees.

Together with the members of The Learning Development Unit, I attended a “ Black Minority Ethnics Meeting ” , where we presented the most of import classs and services offered by the LDU Team.

I was given entree to the IZZI – the web page of the Council. So I was able to easy acquire any information I needed about Islington, the organisation, its construction and paperss.

I started by making some research about the Islington Council. Re

I developed my researching and planning accomplishments, every bit good as my communicating, my analytical and collaborating accomplishments during this period.

I worked a spot forming some databases and this helped me acquire a general position of the Council, sections, construction, and services.

In the interim, I had the undertaking to analyze the Talent Management Strategy of the Council, compare it to other similar organisations ‘ schemes and to come up with suggestions for its betterment.

I attended several staff meetings ; I was welcomed, treated and perceived as an existent member of the squad.

I attended The Environment Training Programme of the Council, and besides an IT class.

The most of import undertaking I was given was to chalk out a Competency Framework for the Islington Council, a more nonsubjective assessment instrument. In these times of alteration and restructuring it is really of import for any organisation to possess a tool that helps to correctly asses the public presentation of bing or possible employees.

I started by making some research and by analyzing different bing competences theoretical accounts. And I decided, after confer withing Mrs. Spencer, to utilize as a starting point for the competence model, The Islington Ways of Working and nucleus values.

The Managers of different HR squads and the HR Business Partners offered me their full support in accessing information.

There was a hebdomadal audience with the corporate manager on the advancement of the undertaking.

Having completed the concluding signifier of the competence model, I received the undertaking to form its execution within the Council. I worked, for this portion, together with an expert, and we started the audience for the execution of the freshly designed competency/appraisal model. Research and survey of the methodological analysis was necessary.

Then we started to plan the construction of the procedure of audience – edifice focal point groups, taking the individuals to be invited in these.

We started the interviews from with the Corporate Directors in order to see the place of the top direction in respect to the thoughts and the execution.

Having completed my internship, I must detect the exceeding attention that is taken of employees ‘ demands and occupation security.

At the same clip kids, senior citizens, handicapped individuals and minorities ‘ rights are really of import issues. This comes as a powerful contrast to what is go oning in Romania, where there is an pressing demand of implementing plans addressed to the issues of these classs of citizens.

Throughout all my internship ‘s period, I was impressed to detect how much importance is given to the construct of “ alteration ” . As we all know, the planetary crisis hit hard the national economic systems, and the public sectors will non stay untasted. There is changeless argument on restructuring and cost and outgo decrease.

I think that the British illustration is worth following. The employees are being invited to meetings where they are being explained the possible ways in which “ alteration ” may impact them, and are besides provided with solutions. It is being spoken of cuts, but options are being offered and the employee is being protected.

The possibility of developing the accomplishments and the calling is ever emphasized. And although the times are unsmooth, people have a sense of continuity and protection. This comes as a contrast to what is go oning in Romania, where organisations are being restructured by cutting occupations, and by go forthing people unemployed ( without being offered any alternate ) .

In Romania, the constructs of Competency Framework and that of Talent Management Strategy exist merely in signifier of thoughts. They are non implemented within the civil service constructions and organisations. So there exists no dependable, nonsubjective methodological analysis for assessment.

The construction itself of a Human Resources Department is wholly different from what I met in Islington Council. Bureaucracy reigns. I was amazed to detect the faultless IT system that is replacing clip eating paperwork.

At the present clip, there is merely one governmental organisation that is supplying developing classs for the civil retainers. So career development is non a precedence. All the civil service ‘s constructions and organisations are non a really safe, secure or stable environment, because of the changeless alterations in statute law.

So there is a immense demand of alteration in Romania ‘s civil service ‘s constructions. And because I have been a portion of the Islington Council HR Team, and of the UK civil service, I am confident that betterment is possible in Romania, but there is demand of credence from the people working within the system and a batch of difficult and concentrated squad work from all 4 YPS rhythms.