Domestic Violence against Women

September 9, 2017

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A Comparative Analysis Of Domestic Violence Against Women In Ghana And Uk


Domestic Violence in the UK is widely recognised, accepted, dealt with as an issue. However in Ghana, due to illiteracy, civilization, domestic force is widely non recognised as an issue. There are no steps in topographic point by the authorities to undertake the issue. The following purposes to give a comparative analysis of domestic force in adult females in the UK as against adult females in Ghana. Secondary studies from the constabulary, Charities ( NGOs ) , diaries and newspaper issues were used in making this analysis. Consequences showed that instances of domestic force against adult females in the UK were widespread. There is a societal services construction to cover with these issues. Children who are indirectly or straight affected by domestic force can be identified in most instances and are offered any aid or necessary intervention. In Ghana, there are many cultural barriers to first of all acquiring the message of domestic force across and secondly being accepted as an violation of human rights. There are no societal constructions in topographic point to assist these adult females. NGOs are the tantamount to societal services in the UK, but can non /are non as proactive. They rely on adult females coming frontward and make not/ can non transport out probes on intuition of domestic force. Children, who are straight or indirectly affected, tend to go through through unnoticed. This is due to the fact that culturally, kids must be seen and non heard. In other instances, kids ‘s histories are non believed over the older individual out of cultural regard for the grownup ; such a thing would be considered a tabu. In decision, the societal workers involvement in adult females affected by DV and any related kids are far more extended than any engagement in Ghana. All in all, Ghana has a batch to larn and perchance implement in order to undertake the issue of domestic force in adult females and kids.


This survey will look at a comparative of Domestic Violence, hereon referred to as DV, in adult females in two different states, Ghana and the UK. I chose to compare these two states foremost and first because I ‘m a Ghanese and secondly because I have lived in both states and presently analyzing societal work in the UK. I have come to cognize of the societal workers involvement with adult females plagued by DV. I will besides include a small on the consequence DV has on kids in these two states. It is my purpose through this survey, to foreground the perceptual experience and differences of DV between the two states and to analyze the impact of societal work ( Ers ) in covering with DV in these states.

In order to acquire a better apprehension of how DV is perceived in the two states, I would wish to speak about the Demographics concentrating on the civilization and societal standing of Ghana.

Ghana Demographics

Ghana is a state found in West Africa, located on the Gulf and Guinea and is a few grades north of the equator, giving it a warm clime. It spans 238, 535 square kilometer and has a population of about 23 million as of 2007. Colonised back in the yearss by the British, the national linguistic communication of the land has remained as English boulder clay this twenty-four hours.

However, out of it ‘s 10 recognized parts or counties, Ghana has more than 250 autochthonal linguistic communications spoken. Within these parts and linguistic communications, many idioms and civilizations besides exist. Each cultural group has it ‘s civilization and each civilization has a manner of life. Ghanaians are by and large peace loving people. Tradition plays a really of import portion of the Ghanaians life right from birth ( appellative and dedication ceremonials ) , through to Puberty ( induction rites ) , to marriage ( traditional matrimony ) and decease ( funeral rites ) . The legal system nevertheless, is a mixture of British jurisprudence, applicable to condemnable instances, and autochthonal usage for civil instances. Civil instances that concern customary affairs, such as land, heritage, and matrimony, are normally heard by a traditional head. Peoples are by and large wary of the judicial system, which can affect significant costs and unpredictable results. They normally attempt to manage misdemeanors and decide differences informally through personal entreaty and mediation. Strong extended household ties tend to exert a restraint on aberrant behaviour, and household meetings are frequently called to settle jobs before they become public. Marital differences are usually resolved by holding the couple meet with the married woman ‘s uncle or male parent, who will take on the function of a matrimony counselor and reunite the parties. As civilization and traditional imposts play a big function, they go along manner in specifying or act uponing credence of DV in the Ghanese society as we shall explore subsequently.

Ghana is a low income state with a per capital GDP of merely $ 400 ( U.S. ) per twelvemonth. It has many economic and societal jobs particularly in the countries of employment, lodging, wellness, and sanitation. Ghana has an active Non governmental Organization ( NGO ) sector, with over 900 registered organisations that participate in public assistance and development undertakings in wellness, instruction, micro funding, adult females ‘s position, household planning, kid attention, and legion other countries. The longest standing groups have been church-based organisations and the Red Cross. Most are supported by foreign givers. Urban voluntary associations, such as cultural and occupational brotherhoods, besides offer of import societal and economic aid. The household unit is regarded as an of import construction of the community and is held in high respect.