Canadian Culture in the Classroom Essay

September 13, 2017

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There is a existent deficiency of grasp for Canadian literature across Ontario. In grade 12 schoolrooms across the state there is a broad assortment of stuff studied. really small of it being of Canadian descent. While good authors exist in all civilizations. Ontario pupils should chiefly analyze Canadian writers as at that place needs to be focus on Canadian civilization. to besides advance and set up current writers. and to promote immature Canadian authors. Southern neighbors have already swamped Canada with their assorted ways of life. There is no ground for American civilization to leak into the schoolroom. Canadian civilization has ne’er had the opportunity to bloom. even with the possible possessed. because of the celebrated and rich civilization that has preceded it. Always under the pollex of foreign civilization. Canadian writers were ever an reconsideration. For old ages. a pupil in Ontario would analyze Shakespeare and other British authors. and today. even American authors such as Fitzgerald. All of them. no uncertainty composing quality literature. but the large image is being missed. Many schools limit a student’s exposure to a Canadian novel to ISP reading lists.

In this sense. Canada is an Attic in which we have stored American and British literature without sing our ain ( Davies. Letterss in Canada 426 ) . No admiration a Canadian pupil has jobs appreciating at that place civilization. It seems as though that any Canadian literature studied is out of day of the month to get down with. This includes plants such as Mordecai’s Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz or Lawrence’s. Stone Angel. Fifth Business. which was published in 1970 – over 40 old ages ago – is still on many classs of survey in Gr. 12 schoolrooms. Atwood’s Handmade Tale. the most recent of these books was published in 1985 ; over twenty five old ages ago.

Again. while most instructors allow and may even promote a pupil to concentrate on more modern Canadian books for their ISP. the schoolroom experience is about ever limited to analyzing these aureate oldies. In order for Canadian literature to go a basic in the Ontario schoolroom. there needs to be an extract of modern Canadian novels. Then there is the issue of these out of day of the month writers non reflecting our modern multicultural society. There needs to be a assortment of races represented in literature because. it is these really people which make Canada so diverse. As Robertson Davies stated… “Canada is non traveling to hold a national literature in the manner of those European lands where a long history has bound the people together. and where a homogenous racial heritage has given them a linguistic communication. imposts. and even a national frock of their own” ( Transactions 35 ) .

We need to look at the work of Canadian writers who have come here from different backgrounds as to animate immature writers of all races. There is no uncertainty a brilliant head out at that place. who could turn into a Canadian icon. but merely has no involvement in Hamlet or Life of Pi. As Canadians. we are lost in a sea of international influences ; we barely know who we are. No admiration that Margaret Atwood can notice that Canadians have issues with set uping their individuality. In discoursing Canadian authors. she argues a Canadian province of head does non truly exist… “I’m speaking approximately Canada as a province of head. as the infinite you inhabit non merely with your organic structure but with your caput. It’s that sort of infinite in which we find ourselves lost” ( Margaret 18 ) .

In order for this great state to go on to bring forth immature authors. to set up the current writers. and to derive Canadian literature the regard it deserves. the focal point in the Canadian schoolroom needs to be on Canadian authors. While some might believe that pupils will be prevented from analyzing the best literature out at that place. taking this attack will let Canadian pupils to see the value of our writers. particularly with the many gifted Canadian writers. Although there is no demand to wholly uproot basics such as Shakespeare. from a course of study. Canadian civilization demand to be priority figure one.

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