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September 18, 2017

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Excecutive sum-up
Cyber offenses are any illegal activities committed utilizing computing machine mark of the condemnable activity can be either a computing machine. web operations. Cyber offenses are genus of offenses. which use computing machines and webs for condemnable activities. The difference between traditional offenses and cyber offenses is the cyber offenses can be multinational in nature.

Cyber offense is a offense that is committed online in many countries utilizing e-commerce. A computing machine can be the mark of an offense when unauthorised entree of computing machine web occurs and on other manus it affects ECOMMERCE. Cyber offenses can be of assorted types such as Telecommunications Piracy. Electronic Money Laundering and Tax Evasion. Gross saless and Investment Fraud. Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud and so on…

The modern modern-day epoch has replaced these traditional pecuniary instruments from a paper and metal based currency to “plastic money” in the signifier of recognition cards. debit cards. etc. This has resulted in the increasing usage of ATM all over the universe. The usage of ATM is non merely safe but is besides convenient. This safety and convenience. unluckily. has an evil side every bit good that do non arise from the usage of fictile money instead by the abuse of the same.

This evil side is reflected in the signifier of “ATM frauds” that is a planetary job. Internet commercialism has grown exponentially during the past few old ages and is still turning. But unluckily the growing is non on the expected lines because the recognition card fraud which has become common has retarded the e-commerce growing. Credit card fraud has become regular on cyberspace which non merely affects card holders but besides on-line merchandisers. Credit card fraud can be done by taking over the history. skimming or if the card is stolen. Certain preventative steps can be taken to going a recognition card victim.

The term “Internet fraud” refers by and large to any type of fraud strategy that uses one or more constituents of the Internet – such as confab suites. electronic mail. message boards. or Web sites – to show deceitful solicitations to prospective victims. to carry on deceitful minutess. or to convey the returns of fraud to fiscal establishments or to other connected with the strategy.

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Some signifiers of Internet fraud. include: Spam. Scams. Spyware. Identity larceny. Phishing. Internet banking fraud.
“The modern stealer can steal more with a computing machine than with a gun. Tomorrow’s terrorist may be able to make more harm with a keyboard than with a bomb” .
– National Research Council. “Computers at Risk” . 1991

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Banking Sector


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Recent CASES









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The use of cyberspace services in India is turning quickly. It has given rise to new chances in every field we can believe of – be it amusement.
concern. athleticss or instruction.

There are many pros and cons of some new types of engineering which are been invented or discovered. Similarly the new & A ; profound engineering i. e. utilizing of INTERNET Service. has besides got some pros & A ; cons. These cons are named CYBER CRIME. the major disadvantages. illegal activity committed on the cyberspace by certain persons because of certain loop-holes.

The cyberspace. along with its advantages. has besides exposed us to security hazards that come with linking to a big web. Computers today are being misused for illegal activities like electronic mail espionage. recognition card fraud. Spam. and package buccaneering and so on. which invade our privateness and pique our senses.

Condemnable activities in the internet are on the rise. Computer offenses are condemnable activities. which involve the usage of information engineering to derive an illegal or an unauthorised entree to a computing machine system with purpose of damaging. canceling or changing computing machine informations. Computer offenses besides include the activities such as electronic frauds. abuse of devices. individuality larceny and information every bit good as system intervention. Computer offenses may non needfully affect harm to physical belongings. They instead include the use of confidential informations and critical information. Computer offenses involve activities of

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package larceny. wherein the privateness of the users is hampered. These condemnable activities involve the breach of human and information privateness. as besides the larceny and illegal change of system critical information. The different types of computing machine offenses have necessitated the debut and usage of newer and more effectual security steps.

In recent old ages. the growing and incursion of cyberspace across Asia Pacific has been phenomenal. Today. a big figure of rural countries in India and a twosome of other states in the part have increasing entree to the internet—particularly broadband. The challenges of information security have besides grown manifold. This widespread nature of cyber offense is get downing to demo negative impact on the economic growing chances in each of the

It is going imperative for organisations to take both preventative and disciplinary actions if their systems are to be protected from any sort of via media by external malicious elements. Harmonizing to the latest statistics. more than a fifth of the malicious activities in the universe originate from the Asia Pacific part. The malicious onslaughts included denial-of-service onslaughts. Spam. and phishing and bot onslaughts.

Overall. Spam made up 69 % of all monitored electronic mail traffic in the Asia Pacific part. As per the National Crime Records Bureau statistics. there has been a 255 % addition in cyber offense in India entirely. And head you. these are merely the reported instances. In position of this. assorted governmental and non-governmental bureaus are working towards cut downing cyber offense activities.

Computer offense. cybercrime. e-crime. high-tech offense or electronic offense by and large refers to condemnable activity where a computing machine or web is the beginning. tool. mark. or topographic point of a offense. These classs are non sole and many activities can be characterized as falling in one or more class.

Additionally. although the footings computing machine offense and cybercrime are more decently restricted to depicting condemnable activity in which the computing machine or web is a necessary portion of the offense. these footings are besides sometimes used to include traditional offenses. such as fraud. larceny. blackmail. counterfeit. and embezzlement. in which computing machines or webs are used. As the usage of computing machines has grown. computing machine offense has become more of import.

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Computer offense can loosely be defined as condemnable activity affecting an information engineering substructure. including illegal entree ( unauthorised entree ) . illegal interception ( by proficient agencies of non-public transmittals of computing machine informations to. from or within a computing machine system ) . informations intervention ( unauthorised damaging. omission. impairment. change or suppression of computing machine informations ) . systems intervention ( interfering with the operation of a computing machine system by inputting. conveying. damaging. canceling. deteriorating. changing or stamp downing computing machine informations ) . abuse of devices. counterfeit ( ID larceny ) . and electronic fraud ( Taylor. 1999 )

In 2002 the freshly formed U. S. Internet Crime Complaint Center reported that more than $ 54 million dollars had been lost through a assortment of fraud strategies ; this represented a treble addition over estimated losingss of $ 17 million in 2001. The one-year losingss grew in subsequent old ages. making $ 125 million in 2003. about $ 200 million in 2006 and shut to $ 250 million in 2008.

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As India become the 4th highest figure of Internet users in the universe. cyber offenses in India has besides increased 50 per centum in 2007 over the old twelvemonth. Harmonizing to the Information Technology ( IT ) Act. the bulk of wrongdoers were under 30 old ages of age. Around 46 per centum of cyber offenses were related to incidents of cyber erotica. followed by choping. Harmonizing to recent published ‘Crime in 2007 report’ . published by the National Crime Record Bureau ( NCRB ) . in over 60 per centum of these instances. wrongdoers were between 18 and 30. These cyber-crimes are punishable under two classs ; the IT Act 2000 and the Indian Penal Code ( IPC ) .

Harmonizing to the study. 217 instances of cyber-crime were registered under the IT Act in 2007. which is an addition of 50 per centum from the old twelvemonth. Under the IPC subdivision. 339 instances were recorded in 2007 compared to 311 instances in 2006. Out of 35 mega metropoliss. 17 metropoliss have reported around 300 instances of cyber-crimes under both classs that is an addition of 32. 6 per centum in a twelvemonth. The study besides shows that cyber offense is non merely limited to metro metropoliss but it besides moved to little metropoliss like Bhopal. Harmonizing to the study. Bhopal. the capital of Madhya Pradesh has reported the highest incidence of cyber offenses in the state.

In order to undertake with cyber offense. Delhi Police have trained 100 of its officers in managing cyber offense and placed them in its Economic Offences
Flying. These officers were trained for six hebdomads in computing machine hardware and package. computing machine webs consisting informations communicating webs. web protocols. radio webs and web security. Faculty at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ( GGSIPU ) were the trainers.

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Crime Statistics
As per the National Crime Records Bureau statistics. during the twelvemonth 2005. 179 instances were registered under the IT Act as compared to 68 instances during the old twelvemonth. thereby describing a important addition of 163. 2 % in 2005 over 2004. During 2005. a sum of 302 instances were registered under IPC subdivisions as compared to 279 such instances during 2004. thereby describing an addition of 8. 2 % in 2005 over 2004. NCRB is yet to let go of the statistics for 2006.

In 2006. 206 ailments were received in comparing with merely 58 in 2005. a 255 % addition in the entire figure of ailments received in the Cyber Cell/EOW over the last twelvemonth. In footings of instances registered and investigated in 2006 ( up to 22. 12. 06 ) . a sum of 17 instances. where the computing machine was the victim. a tool or a depository of grounds. have been registered in the Cyber Cell/EOW as compared to 12 instances registered in 2005. And head you. these are merely the reported instances.

While the figure of cyber offense cases has been invariably turning over the last few old ages. the past twelvemonth and a half. in peculiar. has seen a rapid jet in the gait of cyber offense activities. Cyber attorneies. Pavan Duggal. advocator with the Supreme Court of India and Karnika Seth. spouse. Seth Associates. Advocates and Legal Consultants. attest to this. indicating out that they have seen a leap in the figure of cyber offense instances that they’ve been managing in the last one twelvemonth.

One besides should retrieve that the term ‘Cyber Crime’ should be applied to all offenses committed with the usage of ‘Electronic Documents’ . Hence. cyber offenses must turn at the same rate as the usage of the Internet. nomadic phone. ATM. recognition cards or possibly even faster. “With the small offenses came the larger 1s affecting immense money. and one has seen this sudden













Harmonizing to Captain Raghu Raman. CEO. Mahindra Special Services Group ( SSG ) . the conducive factors are high volume of informations processing. rapid growing and major migration into the on-line infinite. particularly of fiscal establishments and their client minutess. However. existent Numberss continue to include. sing the fact that a bulk of the Page 13 of 79

instances go unreported. Most victims. particularly the corporate. go on to understate on history of the fright of negative promotion thereby neglecting to give a right image of the cyber offense scene in the state. Harmonizing to Cyber jurisprudence expert Na Vijayashankar ( popularly known as Naavi ) ; it is hard to mensurate the growing of Cyber Crimes by any statistics. the ground being that a bulk of cyber offenses don’t get reported. “If we. hence. concentrate on the figure of instances registered or figure of strong beliefs achieved. we merely get diverted from existent facts. ” he adds.

Duggal points out to the consequences of a study he conducted in early 2006 on the extent of underreporting. For every 500 cases of cyber offenses that take topographic point in India. merely 50 are reported and out of that 50. merely one is registered as an FIR or condemnable instance. So. the ratio efficaciously is 1:500 and this. he points out. are conservative estimations.

Giving an penetration into the grounds for low coverage. Nandkumar Sarvade. manager. Cyber Security and Compliance at Nasscom. points out that really frequently. people are non cognizant whether an incident is a cyber offense ; there is besides deficiency of consciousness on where to lodge a ailment or whether the constabulary will be able to understand. “Added to this is the fright of losing concern and hence. many instances don’t come to visible radiation. ” he adds.

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The last twelvemonth has seen a quantum leap non merely in the measure and quality but besides the really nature of cyber offense activities. Harmonizing to Naavi. a perceptible tendency being observed is that cyber offenses are traveling from ‘Personal Victimization’ to ‘Economic Offences’ . SD Mishra. ACP. IPR and Cyber Cell. Economic Offences Wing. Delhi Police concurs that the instances that are now coming up are more related to fiscal frauds.

As opposed to lewdness. erotica. malicious electronic mails that were more prevalent in the past. now recognition card frauds. phishing onslaughts. on-line portion trading. etc. are going more widespread. As Seth points out. ab initio. when the Internet roar began. certain offenses were noticeable and cyber still hunt was one of the first 1s. “However. with the small offenses came the larger 1s affecting immense money and one has seen this sudden leap from smaller offenses to fiscal offenses in the last one twelvemonth. ” she adds.

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As the instances of cybercrime grow ; there is a turning demand to forestall them. Cyberspace belongs to everyone. There should be electronic surveillance which means research workers tracking down hackers frequently want to supervise a cracker as he breaks into a victim’s computing machine system. The two basic Torahs regulating real-time electronic surveillance in other condemnable probes besides apply in this context. hunt warrants which means that hunt warrants may be obtained to derive entree to the premises where the cracker is believed to hold grounds of the offense. Such grounds would include the computing machine used to perpetrate the offense. every bit good as the package used to derive unauthorised entree and other grounds of the offense.

Research workers must research the jobs in greater item to larn the beginnings. methods. and motives of this turning condemnable group. Decision-makers in concern. authorities. and jurisprudence enforcement must respond to this emerging organic structure of cognition. They must develop policies. methods. and ordinances to observe incursions. investigate and prosecute the culprits. and prevent hereafter offenses.

In add-on. Police Departments should instantly take stairss to protect their ain information systems from invasions ( Any entry into an country non antecedently occupied ) . Internet provides namelessness: This is one of the grounds why felons try to acquire away easy when caught and besides give them a opportunity to perpetrate the offense once more. Therefore. we users should be careful. We should non unwrap any personal information on the cyberspace or utilize recognition cards and if we find anything leery in electronic mails or if the system is hacked. it should be instantly reported to the Police functionaries who investigate cyber-crimes instead than seeking to repair the job by ourselves.

Computer offense is a multi-billion dollar job. Law enforcement must seek ways to maintain the drawbacks from dominating the great promise of the computing machine age. Cybercrime is a threat that has to be tackled efficaciously non merely by the functionary but besides by the users by collaborating with the jurisprudence. The establishing male parents of cyberspace wanted it to be a blessing to the whole universe and it is upon us to maintain this tool of modernisation as a blessing and non do it a curse to the society.

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1. Larceny of Telecommunications Services
The “phone phreakers” of three decennaries ago set a case in point for what has become a major condemnable industry. By deriving entree to an organization’s telephone patchboard ( PBX ) persons or condemnable organisations can obtain entree to dial-in/dial-out circuits and so do their ain calls or sell call clip to 3rd parties ( Gold 1999 ) . Wrongdoers may derive entree to the patchboard by portraying a technician. by fraudulently obtaining an employee’s entree codification. or by utilizing package available on the cyberspace. Some sophisticated wrongdoers loop between PBX systems to hedge sensing. Extra signifiers of service larceny include capturing “calling card” inside informations and on-selling calls charged to the naming card history. and forging or illicit reprogramming of stored value telephone cards.

It has been suggested that as long ago as 1990. security failures at one major telecommunications bearer cost about ?290 million. and that more late. up to 5 % of entire industry turnover has been lost to fraud ( Schieck 1995: 2-5 ) . Costss to single endorsers can besides be important in one instance ; computing machine hackers in the United States illicitly obtained entree to Scotland Yard’s telephone web and made ?620. 000 worth of international calls for which Scotland Yard was responsible ( Tendler and Nuttall 1996 ) .

2. Communications in Furtherance of Criminal Conspiracies
Merely as legitimate organisations in the private and public sectors rely upon information systems for communications and record maintaining. so excessively are the activities of condemnable organisations enhanced by engineering.

There is grounds of telecommunications equipment being used to ease organized drug trafficking. chancing. harlotry. money laundering. kid erotica and trade in arms ( in those legal powers where such activities are illegal ) . The usage of encoding engineering may put condemnable
communications beyond the range of jurisprudence enforcement. The usage of computing machine webs to bring forth and administer kid erotica has become the topic of increasing attending. Today. these stuffs can be imported across national

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boundary lines at the velocity of visible radiation. The more open manifestations of cyberspace kid erotica entail a modest grade of organisation. as required by the substructure of IRC and WWW. but the activity appears mostly confined to persons.

By contrast. some of the less publically seeable traffic in child erotica activity appears to imply a greater grade of organisation. Although cognition is confined to that behavior which has been the mark of successful constabulary probe. at that place appear to hold been a figure of webs which extend cross-nationally. usage sophisticated engineerings of privacy. and imply a important grade of coordination.

Illustrative of such activity was the Wonderland Club. an international web with members in at least 14 states runing from Europe. to North America. to Australia. Access to the group was password protected. and content was encrypted. Police probe of the activity. codenamed “Operation Cathedral” resulted in about 100 apprehensions around the universe. and the ictus of over 100. 000 images in September. 1998.

3. Telecommunications Piracy
Digital engineering licenses perfect reproduction and easy airing of print. artworks. sound. and multimedia combinations. The enticement to reproduce copyrighted stuff for personal usage. for sale at a lower monetary value. or so. for free distribution. has proven resistless to many.

This has caused considerable concern to proprietors of copyrighted stuff. Each twelvemonth. it has been estimated that losingss of between US $ 15 and US $ 17 billion are sustained by industry by ground of right of first publication violation ( United
States. Information Infrastructure Task Force 1995. 131 ) .

The Software Publishers Association has estimated that $ 7. 4 billion worth of package was lost to buccaneering in 1993 with $ 2 billion of that being stolen from the Internet ( Meyer and Underwood 1994 ) .
Ryan ( 1998 ) puts the cost of foreign buccaneering to American industry at more than $ 10 billion in 1996. including $ 1. 8 billion in the movie industry. $ 1. 2 billion in music. $ 3. 8 billion in concern application package. and $ 690 million in book publication.

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Harmonizing to the Straits Times ( 8/11/99 ) A transcript of the most recent James Bond Film The World is Not Enough. was available free on the cyberspace before its official release. When Godheads of a work. in whatever medium. are unable to gain from their creative activities. there can be a chilling consequence on originative attempt by and large. in add-on to fiscal loss.

4. Dissemination of Offensive Materials
Content considered by some to be obnoxious exists in copiousness in internet. This includes. among much else. sexually expressed stuffs. racialist propaganda. and instructions for the fiction of incendiary and explosive devices. Telecommunications systems can besides be used for hassling. endangering or intrusive communications. from the traditional obscene telephone call to its modern-day manifestation in “cyber-stalking” . in which relentless messages are sent to an unwilling receiver.

One adult male allegedly stole bare exposure of his former girlfriend and her new fellow and posted them on the Internet. along with her name. reference and telephone figure. The unfortunate twosome. occupants of Kenosha. Wisconsin. received phone calls and electronic mails from aliens as far off as Denmark who said they had seen the exposures on the Internet. Investigations besides revealed that the suspect was keeping records about the woman’s motions and roll uping information about her household ( Spice and Sink 1999 ) . In another
instance a rejected suer posted invitations on the Internet under the name of a 28year-old adult female. the manque object of his fondnesss that said that she had phantasies of colza and pack colza. He so communicated via electronic mail with work forces who replied to the solicitations and gave out personal information about the adult female. including her reference. phone figure. inside informations of her physical visual aspect and how to short-circuit her place security system.

Strange work forces turned up at her place on six different occasions and she received many obscene phone calls. While the adult female was non physically assaulted. she would non reply the phone. was afraid to go forth her place. and lost her occupation ( Miller 1999 ; Miller and Maharaj 1999 ) .

One former university pupil in California used electronic mail to hassle 5 female pupils in 1998. He bought information on the Internet about the adult females utilizing a professor’s recognition card and so sent 100 messages including decease menaces. in writing sexual descriptions and mentions to

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their day-to-day activities. He seemingly made the menaces in response to comprehend badgering about his visual aspect ( Associated Press 1999a ) . Computer webs may besides be used in promotion of extortion. The Sunday Times ( London ) reported in 1996 that over 40 fiscal establishments in Britain and the United States had been attacked electronically over the old three old ages. In England. fiscal establishments were reported to hold paid important sums to sophisticated computing machine felons who threatened to pass over out computing machine systems. ( The Sunday Times. June 2. 1996 ) .

The article cited four incidents between 1993 and 1995 in which a sum of 42. 5 million Pounds Sterling were paid by senior executives of the organisations concerned. who were convinced of the extortionists’ capacity to crash their computing machine systems ( Denning 1999 233-4 ) .

5. Electronic Money Laundering and Tax Evasion
For some clip now. electronic financess transportations have assisted in hiding and in traveling the returns of offense. Emerging engineerings will greatly help in hiding the beginning of illgotten additions. Legitimately derived income may
besides be more easy concealed from revenue enhancement governments. Large fiscal establishments will no longer be the lone 1s with the ability to accomplish electronic financess transportations pass throughing legion legal powers at the velocity of visible radiation. The development of informal banking establishments and parallel banking systems may allow cardinal bank supervising to be bypassed. but can besides ease the equivocation of hard currency dealing coverage demands in those states which have them. Traditional belowground Bankss. which have flourished in Asiatic states for centuries. will bask even greater capacity through the usage of telecommunications.

With the outgrowth and proliferation of assorted engineerings of electronic commercialism. one can easy imagine how traditional countermeasures against money laundering and revenue enhancement equivocation may shortly be of limited value. I may shortly be able to sell you a measure of diacetylmorphine. in return for an untraceable transportation of stored value to my “smart-card” . which I so download anonymously to my history in a fiscal establishment situated in an abroad legal power which protects the privateness of banking clients. I can discreetly pull upon these financess as and when I may necessitate. downloading them back to my stored value card ( Wahlert 1996 ) .

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6. Electronic Vandalism. Terrorism and Extortion
As ne’er before. western industrial society is dependent upon complex informations processing and telecommunications systems. Damage to. or intervention with. any of these systems can take to ruinous effects. Whether motivated by wonder or vengefulness electronic interlopers cause incommodiousness at best. and have the potency for bring downing monolithic injury While this potency has yet to be realised. a figure of persons and protest groups have hacked the official web pages of assorted governmental and commercial organisations for e. g. : ( Rathmell 1997 ) .

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. 2600. com/hacked_pages/ ( visited 4 January 2000 ) . This may besides run in contrary: early in 1999 an organized hacking incident was seemingly directed at a waiter which hosted the Internet sphere for East Timor. which at the clip was seeking its independency from Indonesia ( Creed
1999 ) .

Defense mechanism contrivers around the universe are puting well in information warfare means of interrupting the information engineering substructure of defense mechanism systems ( Stix 1995 ) . Attempts were made to interrupt the computing machine systems of the Sri Lankan Government ( Associated Press 1998 ) . and of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during the 1999 bombardment of Belgrade ( BBC 1999 ) .

One instance. which illustrates the multinational range of blackmailers. involved a figure of German hackers who compromised the system of an Internet service supplier in South Florida. disenabling eight of the ISPs 10 waiters. The wrongdoers obtained personal information and recognition card inside informations of 10. 000 endorsers. and. pass oning via electronic mail through one of the compromised histories. demanded that US $ 30. 000 be delivered to a mail bead in Germany. Co-operation between US and German governments resulted in the apprehension of the blackmailers ( Bauer 1998 ) .

More late. an blackmailer in Eastern Europe obtained the recognition card inside informations of clients of a North American based online music retail merchant. and published some on the Internet when the retail merchant refused to follow with his demands ( Markoff 2000 ) .

7. Gross saless and Investment Fraud
As electronic commercialism becomes more prevailing. the application of digital engineering to deceitful enterprises will be that much greater. The usage of the telephone for deceitful gross revenues

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pitches. delusory charitable solicitations. or fake investing overtures is progressively common. Internet now abounds with a broad assortment of investing chances. from traditional securities such as stocks and bonds. to more alien chances such as coconut agriculture. the sale and leaseback of automatic Teller machines. and worldwide telephone lotteries ( Cella and Stark 1997 837-844 ) . Indeed. the digital age has been accompanied by unprecedented chances for misinformation. Fraudsters now enjoy
direct entree to 1000000s of prospective victims around the universe. outright and at minimum cost. Authoritative pyramid strategies and “Exciting. Low-Risk Investment Opportunities” are non uncommon. The engineering of the World Wide Web is ideally suited to investing solicitations. In the words of two SEC staff “At really small cost. and from the privateness of a basement office or life room. the fraudster can bring forth a place page that looks better and more sophisticated than that of a Fortune 500 company” ( Cella and Stark 1997. 822 ) .

8. Illegal Interception of Telecommunications
Developments in telecommunications provide new chances for electronic eavesdropping. From activities every bit time-honored as surveillance of an unfaithful partner. to the newest signifiers of political and industrial espionage. telecommunications interception has increasing applications. Here once more. technological developments create new exposures. The electromagnetic signals emitted by a computing machine may themselves be intercepted.

Cables may move as broadcast aerial. Existing jurisprudence does non forestall the distant monitoring of computing machine radiation. It has been reported that the ill-famed American hacker Kevin Poulsen was able to derive entree to jurisprudence enforcement and national security wiretap informations prior to his apprehension in 1991 ( Littman 1997 ) . In 1995. hackers employed by a condemnable organisation attacked the communications system of the Amsterdam Police. The hackers succeeded in deriving police operational intelligence. and in interrupting constabulary communications ( Rathmell 1997 ) .

9. Electronic Fundss Transfer Fraud
Electronic financess transfer systems have begun to proliferate. and so has the hazard that such minutess may be intercepted and diverted. Valid recognition card Numberss can be intercepted

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electronically. every bit good as physically ; the digital information stored on a card can be counterfeited.
Of class. we don’t need Willie Sutton to remind us that Bankss are where they keep the money. In 1994. a Russian hacker Vladimir Levin. runing from St Petersburg. accessed the computing machines of Citibank’s cardinal wire transportation section. and transferred financess from big corporate histories to other histories which had been opened by his confederates in The United States. the Netherlands. Finland. Germany. and Israel.

Officials from one of the corporate victims. located in Argentina. notified the bank. and the fishy histories. located in San Francisco. were frozen. The confederate was arrested. Another confederate was caught trying to retreat financess from an history in Rotterdam. Although Russian jurisprudence precluded Levin’s extradition. he was arrested during a visit to the United States and later imprisoned. ( Denning 1999. 55 ) .

The above signifiers of computer-related offense are non needfully reciprocally sole. and need non happen in isolation. Just as an armed robber might steal an car to ease a speedy pickup. so excessively can one bargain telecommunications services and utilize them for intents of hooliganism. fraud. or in promotion of a condemnable confederacy. 1 Computer-related offense may be compound in nature. uniting two or more of the generic signifiers outlined above.

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Choping in simple footings means an illegal invasion into a computing machine system and/or web. There is an tantamount term to choping i. e. checking. but from Indian Laws position there is no difference between the term hacking and snap. Every act committed towards interrupting into a computing machine and/or web is choping. Hackers write or use ready-made computing machine plans to assail the mark computing machine. They possess the desire to destruct and they get the boot out of such devastation.

Some hackers hack for personal pecuniary additions. such as to stealing the recognition card information. reassigning money from assorted bank histories to their ain history followed by backdown of money. They extort money from some corporate elephantine endangering him to print the stolen information which is critical in nature. Government web sites are the hot marks of the hackers due to the imperativeness coverage. it receives. Hackers enjoy the media coverage.

Motive Behind The Crime




degree Celsiuss.


vitamin D.


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vitamin E.


degree Fahrenheit.

Desire to entree out information


Destructive mentality


Privations to sell n/w security services

2. Child Pornography
The Internet is being extremely used by its maltreaters to make and mistreat kids sexually. worldwide. The cyberspace is really fast going a family trade good in India. Its detonation has made the kids a feasible victim to the cyber offense. As more places have entree to internet. more kids would be utilizing the cyberspace and more are the opportunities of falling victim to the aggression of paedophiles.

The easy entree to the adult contents readily and freely available over the cyberspace lower the suppressions of the kids. Pedophiles lure the kids by administering adult stuff. and so they try to run into them for sex or to take their bare exposures including their battle in sexual places. Sometimes Pedophiles contact kids in the confab suites presenting as adolescents or a kid of similar age. so they start going friendlier with them and win their assurance.

Then easy paedophiles start sexual confab to assist kids cast their suppressions about sex and so name them out for personal interaction. Then starts existent development of the kids by offering them some money or falsely assuring them good chances in life.

The paedophiles so sexually exploit the kids either by utilizing them as sexual objects or by taking their adult images in order to sell those over the cyberspace. In physical universe. parents know the face of dangers and they know how to avoid & amp ; confront the jobs by following simple regulations and consequently they advice their kids to maintain away from unsafe things and ways. But in instance of cyber universe. most of the parents do non themselves know about the rudimentss in cyberspace and dangers posed by assorted services offered over the cyberspace. Hence the kids are left unprotected in the cyber universe. Pedophiles take

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advantage of this state of affairs and entice the kids. who are non advised by
their parents or by their instructors about what is incorrect and what is right for them while shoping the cyberspace.

How Do They Operate
a. Pedophiles usage false individuality to pin down the children/teenagers.

b. Pedophiles contact children/teens in assorted confab suites which are used by children/teen to interact with other children/teen.
c. Befriend the child/teen.
d. Extract personal information from the child/teen by winning his assurance. e. Gets the e-mail reference of the child/teen and starts doing contacts on the victim electronic mail

reference every bit good.
f. Starts directing adult images/text to the victim including child adult images in order to assist child/teen shed his suppressions so that a feeling is created in the head of the victim that what is being fed to him is normal and that everybody does it. g. Extract personal information from child/teen.

h. At the terminal of it. the paedophile set up a meeting with the child/teen out of the house and so drag him into the net to further sexually assault him or to utilize him as a sex object. In order to forestall your child/teen from falling into the trap of paedophile. read the tips under Tips & A ; Tricks header.

3. Cyber Stalking
Cyber Stalking can be defined as the perennial Acts of the Apostless torment or endangering behaviour of the cyber condemnable towards the victim by utilizing cyberspace services. Stalking in General footings can be referred to as the perennial Acts of the Apostless of torment aiming the victim such as following the

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victim. doing hassling phone calls. killing the victims pet. vandalising
victims belongings. go forthing written messages or objects. Stalking may be followed by serious violent Acts of the Apostless such as physical injury to the victim and the same has to be treated and viewed earnestly. It all depends on the class of behavior of the stalker.

Both sort of Stalkers Online & A ; Offline – have desire to command the victims life. Majority of the stalkers are the dejected lovers or ex-lovers. who so want to hassle the victim because they failed to fulfill their secret desires. Most of the stalkers are work forces and victim female.

How Do They Operate
a. Collect all personal information about the victim such as name. household background. Telephone Numbers of abode and work topographic point. day-to-day modus operandi of the victim. reference of abode and topographic point of work. day of the month of birth etc. If the stalker is one of the familiarities of the victim he can easy acquire this information. If stalker is a alien to victim. he collects the information from the internet resources such as assorted profiles. the victim may hold filled in while opening the confab or e-mail history or while subscribing an history with some web site.

B. The stalker may post this information on any website related to sex-services or dating services. presenting as if the victim is posting this information and ask for the people to name the victim on her telephone Numberss to hold sexual services. Stalker even uses really foul and obscene linguistic communication to ask for the interested individuals. c. Peoples of all sort from nook and corner of the World. who come across this information. start naming the victim at her abode and/or work topographic point. inquiring for sexual services or relationships.

d. Some stalkers subscribe the e-mail history of the victim to countless adult and sex sites. because of which victim starts having such sort of unasked electronic mails. e. Some stalkers keep on directing repeated electronic mails inquiring for assorted sorts of favours or endanger the victim.

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f. In online stalking the stalker can do 3rd party to hassle the victim. g. Follow their victim from board to board. They “hangout” on the same BB’s as their victim. many times posting notes to the victim. doing certain the victim is cognizant that he/she is being followed. Many times they will “flame” their victim ( going argumentative. dissing ) to acquire their attending.

h. Stalkers will about ever do contact with their victims through electronic mail. The letters may be loving. endangering. or sexually expressed. He will many times use multiple names when reaching the victim.


Contact victim via telephone. If the stalker is able to entree the victim’s telephone. he will many times make calls to the victim to endanger. harass. or intimidate them.

J. Track the victim to his/her place.

Definition of Cyber stalking
Although there is no universally accepted definition of cyber still hunt. the term is used in this study to mention to the usage of the Internet. electronic mail. or other electronic communications devices to stalk another individual. Stalking by and large involves hassling or endangering behavior that an single engages in repeatedly. such as following a individual. looking at a person’s place or topographic point of concern. doing hassling phone calls. go forthing written messages or objects. or vandalising a person’s belongings.

Most stalking Torahs require that the culprit make a believable menace of force against the victim ; others include menaces against the victim’s immediate household ; and still others require merely that the alleged stalker’s class of behavior constitute an implied menace. ( 1 ) While some behavior affecting raging or endangering behavior might fall short of illegal stalking. such behaviour may be a preliminary to still hunt and force and should be treated earnestly.

Nature and Extent of Cyber stalking

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An bing job aggravated by new engineering. Although on-line torment and menaces can take many signifiers. cyber stalking portions of import features with offline stalking. Many stalkers – online or offline – are motivated by a desire to exercise control over their victims and prosecute in similar types of behaviour to carry through this terminal. As with offline still hunt. the available grounds ( which is mostly anecdotal ) suggests that the bulk of cyber stalkers are work forces and the bulk of their victims are adult females. although there have been reported instances of adult females cyber stalking work forces and of same-sex cyber still hunt. In many instances. the cyber stalker and the victim had a anterior relationship. and the cyber still hunt begins when the victim efforts to interrupt off the relationship.

However. there besides have been many cases of cyber still hunt by aliens. Given the tremendous sum of personal information available through the Internet. a cyber stalker can easy turn up private information about a possible victim with a few mouse chinks or cardinal shots.

The fact that cyber still hunt does non affect physical contact may make the misperception that it is more benign than physical still hunt. This is non needfully true. As the Internet becomes an of all time more built-in portion of our personal and professional lives. stalkers can take advantage of the easiness of communications every bit good as increased entree to personal information. In add-on. the easiness of usage and non-confrontational. impersonal. and sometimes anon. nature of Internet communications may take deterrences to cyber still hunt.

Put another manner. whereas a possible stalker may be unwilling or unable to face a victim in individual or on the telephone. he or she may hold small vacillation directing harassing or endangering electronic communications to a victim. Finally. as with physical still hunt. on-line torment and menaces may be a preliminary to more serious behaviour. including physical force.

Phishing In the field of computing machine security. phishing is the reprehensively deceitful
procedure of trying to get sensitive information such as usernames. watchwords and recognition card inside informations by masquerading as a trusty entity in an electronic communicating. Communications purporting to be from popular societal web sites. auction sites. on-line payment processors or IT Administrators are normally used to entice the unsuspicious public. Phishing is typically carried out by electronic mail or instant messaging. and it frequently directs users to come in inside informations at a bogus web site

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whose expression and feel are about indistinguishable to the legitimate 1. Even when utilizing server hallmark. it may necessitate enormous accomplishment to observe that the web site is bogus. Phishing is an illustration of societal technology techniques used to gull users. and exploits the hapless serviceability of current web security engineerings. Attempts to cover with the turning figure of reported phishing incidents include statute law. user preparation. public consciousness. and proficient security steps.

Phishing. besides referred to as trade name spoofing or carding. is a fluctuation on “fishing. ” the thought being that come-on is thrown out with the hopes that while most will disregard the come-on. some will be tempted into biting.

A phishing technique was described in item in 1987. and the first recorded usage of the term “phishing” was made in 1996.

Phishing electronic mail
From: *****Bank [ mailto: support @ ****Bank. com ]
Sent: 08 June 2004 03:25
To: India
Subject: Official information from ***** Bank
Dear valued ***** Bank Customer!
For security intents your history has been
indiscriminately chosen for confirmation. To verify
your history information we are inquiring you to
supply us with all the information we are bespeaking.
Otherwise we will non be able to verify your individuality
and entree to your history will be denied. Please chink
on the nexus below to acquire to the bank secure
page and verify your history inside informations. Thank you.
hypertext transfer protocol: //infinity. *****bank. co. in/Verify. jsp

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****** Bank Limited

Spam is a generic term used to depict electronic ‘junk mail’ or unwanted messages sent to your electronic mail history or nomadic phone. These messages vary. but are basically commercial and frequently raging in their sheer volume. They may seek to carry you to purchase a merchandise or service. or see a web site where you can do purchases ; or they may try to flim-flam you into unwraping your bank history or recognition card inside informations.

More information about Spam is available from the Australian Communications and Media Authority ( ACMA website ) .

The power of the Internet and email communicating has made it all excessively easy for email cozenages to boom. These strategies frequently arrive uninvited by electronic mail. Many are related to the welldocumented Nigerian Scam or Lotto Scams and utilize similar tactics in one signifier or another. While the existent sum of money lost by concerns and the community is unknown. the figure of people claiming to hold been defrauded by these cozenages is comparatively low. More information about cozenage is available from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( ACCC ) SCAM ticker web site and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission FIDO web site.

Spyware is by and large considered to be package that is in secret installed on a computing machine and takes things from it without the permission or cognition of
the user. Spyware may take personal information. concern information. bandwidth ; or processing capacity and in secret gives it to person else. It is recognized as a turning job.

More information about taking attention of spyware is available from the Department of Broadband. Communication. and the Digital Economy ( DBCDE ) web site.

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4. Denial Of Service Attack
This is an act by the condemnable. who floods the bandwidth of the victim’s web or make full his electronic mail box with spam mail striping him of the services he is entitled to entree or supply.

5. Virus Dissemination
Malicious package that attaches itself to other package. ( Virus. . worms. . Trojan Horse. . Time bomb. . Logic Bomb. . Rabbit and Bacterium are the malicious software’s ) .

Software Piracy


Larceny of package through the illegal copying of echt plans or the counterfeiting and distribution of merchandises intended to go through for the original. Retail gross losingss worldwide are of all time increasing due to this offense. It can be done in assorted ways- End user copying. Hard disc burden. . Forging. . Illegal downloads from the cyberspace etc



Geting one computing machine on a web to feign to hold the individuality of another
computing machine. normally one with particular entree privileges. so as to obtain entree to the other computing machines on the web. .

Net Extortion


Copying the company’s confidential informations in order to extort said company for immense sum.

In such offense condemnable makes undistinguished alterations in such a mode that such alterations would travel unnoticed. Condemnable makes such plan that deducts little sum like Rs. 2. 50 per

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month from the history of all the client of the Bank and lodge the same in his history. In this instance no history holder will near the bank for such little sum but condemnable additions immense sum.

• Sale & A ; Purchase through cyberspace.
• There are web sites which offer sale and shipment off contrabands drugs. • They may utilize the techniques off shorthand for concealing the messages.

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Categorization OF CYBER CRIME
Mr. Pavan Duggal. who is the President of cyber Torahs. cyberspace and adviser. in a study has clearly defined the assorted classs and types of cybercrimes.
Cybercrimes can be fundamentally divided into 3 major classs:

1. Cybercrimes Against Persons
Cybercrimes committed against individuals include assorted offenses like
transmittal of child-pornography. torment of any 1 with the usage of a computing machine such as electronic mail. The trafficking. distribution. poster. and airing of obscene stuff including erotica and indecorous exposure. constitutes one of the most of import Cybercrimes known today. The possible injury of such a offense to humanity can barely be amplified. This is one Cybercrime which threatens to sabotage the growing of the younger coevals as besides leave irreparable cicatrixs and hurt on the younger coevals. if non controlled. A minor miss in Ahmadabad was lured to a private topographic point through cyber chat by a adult male. who. along with his friends. attempted to gang-rape her. As some passersby heard her call. she was rescued.

Another illustration wherein the harm was non done to a individual but to the multitudes is the instance of the Melissa virus. The Melissa virus foremost appeared on the cyberspace in March of 1999. It spread quickly throughout computing machine systems in the United States and Europe. It is estimated that the virus caused 80 million dollars in amendss to computing machines worldwide. Page 34 of 79

In the United States entirely. the virus made its manner through 1. 2 million computing machines in onefifth of the country’s largest concerns. David Smith pleaded guilty on Dec. 9. 1999 to province and federal charges associated with his creative activity of the Melissa virus. There are legion illustrations of such computing machine viruses few of them being “Melissa” and “love bug” .

2. Cybercrimes Against Property
The 2nd class of Cybercrimes is that of Cybercrimes against all signifiers of belongings. These offenses include computing machine hooliganism ( devastation of others’ belongings ) . transmittal of harmful programmes.

A Mumbai-based upstart technology company lost a say and much money in the concern when the rival company. an industry major. stole the proficient database from their computing machines with the aid of a corporate cyber undercover agent.

3. Cybercrimes Against Government
The 3rd class of Cybercrimes relate to Cybercrimes against Government. Cyber terrorist act is one distinguishable sort of offense in this class. The growing
of cyberspace has shown that the medium of Cyberspace is being used by persons and groups to endanger the international authoritiess as besides to terrorise the citizens of a state. This offense manifests itself into terrorist act when an single “cracks” into a authorities or military maintained website. The Parliament of India passed its first Cyber jurisprudence. the Information Technology Act in 2000. It non merely provides the legal substructure for E-commerce in India but besides at the same clip. gives Draconian powers to the Police to come in and hunt. without any warrant. any public topographic point for the intent of nabbing cybercriminals and forestalling cybercrime. Besides. the Indian Cyber jurisprudence negotiations of the apprehension of any individual who is about to perpetrate a cybercrime. The Act defines five cybercrimes harm to computing machine beginning codification. hacking. printing electronic information which is lewd or prurient. breach of confidentiality and publication false digital signatures. The Act besides specifies that cybercrimes can merely be investigated by an official keeping no less a rank than that of Dy. Overseer of Police ( Dy. SP ) .

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It is common that many systems operators do non portion information when they are victimized by crackers. They don’t contact jurisprudence enforcement officers when their computing machine systems are invaded. preferring alternatively to repair the harm and take action to maintain crackers from deriving entree once more with every bit small public attending as possible. Harmonizing to Sundari Nanda. SP. CBI. “most of the times the victims do non kick. may be because they are cognizant of the extent of the offense committed against them. or as in the instance of concern houses. they don’t want to squeal their system is non secure” . As the research shows. computing machine offense poses a existent menace. Those who believe otherwise merely hold non been awakened by the monolithic losingss and reverses experienced by companies worldwide. Money and rational belongings have been stolen. corporate operations impeded. and occupations lost as a consequence of computing machine offense.

Similarly. information systems in authorities and concern likewise have been compromised. The economic impact of computing machine offense is reeling ( great
trouble ) .

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Hart in his work “The Concept of Law” has said ‘human existences are vulnerable so regulation of jurisprudence is required to protect them’ . Using this to the internet we may state that computing machines are vulnerable ( capable of onslaught ) so regulation of jurisprudence is required to protect and safeguard them against cyber offense. The grounds for the exposure of computing machines may be said to be:


Capacity To Store Data In Comparatively Small Space-

The computing machine has alone feature of hive awaying informations in a really little infinite. This affords to take or deduce information either through physical or practical medium makes it much easier.

2. Easy To Access
The job encountered in guarding a computing machine system from unauthorized entree is that there is every possibility of breach non due to human mistake but due to the complex engineering. By in secret implanted logic bomb. cardinal lumbermans that can steal entree codifications. advanced voice recording equipments ; retina imagers etc. that can gull biometric systems and beltway firewalls can be utilized to acquire past many a security system.

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3. Complex
The computing machines work on runing systems and these runing systems in bend are composed of 1000000s of codifications. Human head is fallible and it is non possible that there might non be a oversight at any phase. The cyber felons take advantage of these blanks and perforate into the computing machine system.

4. Negligence
Negligence is really closely connected with human behavior. It is hence really likely that while protecting the computing machine system there might be any carelessness. which in bend provides a cyber felon to derive entree and control over the computing machine system.

5. Loss Of Evidence
Loss of grounds is a really common & amp ; obvious job as all the informations are routinely destroyed. Further aggregation of informations outside the territorial extent besides paralyses this system of offense probe.

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The cyber felons constitute of assorted groups/ class. This division may be justified on the footing of the object that they have in their head. The following are the class of cyber criminals1.

Children And Adolescents Between The Age Group Of 6 – 18 Old ages

The simple ground for this type of delinquent ( A immature wrongdoer ) behavior form in kids is seen largely due to the curiousness to cognize and research the things. Other connate ground may be to turn out themselves to be outstanding amongst other kids in their group. Further the grounds may be psychological even. E. g. the Bal Bharati ( Delhi ) instance was the result of torment of the delinquent by his friends.

2. Organised Hackers
These sorts of hackers are largely organised together to carry through certain nonsubjective. The ground may be to carry through their political prejudice. fundamentalism. etc. The Pakistanis are said to be one of the best quality hackers in the universe. They chiefly target the Indian authorities sites with the intent to carry through their political aims. Further the NASA every bit good as the Microsoft sites is ever under onslaught by the hackers.

3. Professional Hackers / Crackers
Their work is motivated by the coloring material of money. These sorts of hackers are largely employed to chop the site of the challengers and acquire believable. dependable and valuable information. Further they are even employed to check the system of the employer fundamentally as a step to do it safer by observing the loopholes.

4. Discontented Employees
This group include those people who have been either sacked by their employer or are dissatisfied with their employer. To revenge they usually hack the system of their employee.

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1. Unauthorized Entree To Computer Systems Or Networks /
This sort of offense is usually referred as hacking in the generic sense. However the framers of the Information Technology Act 2000 have no where used this term so to avoid any confusion we would non interchangeably utilize the word hacking for ‘unauthorized access’ as the latter has broad intension.

2. Larceny Of Information Contained In Electronic Form
This includes information stored in computing machine difficult discs. removable storage media etc. Larceny may be either by allowing the informations physically or by fiddling them through the practical medium.

3. Email Bombing
This sort of activity refers to directing big Numberss of mail to the victim. which may be an single or a company or even mail waiters at that place by finally ensuing into crashing.

4. Datas Victimizing
This sort of an onslaught involves changing natural informations merely before a computing machine
procedures it and so altering it back after the processing is completed. The electricity board faced similar job of informations victimizing while the section was being computerised.

5. Salami Attacks
This sort of offense is usually prevailing in the fiscal establishments or for the intent of perpetrating fiscal offenses. An of import characteristic of this type of offense is that the change is so little that it would usually travel unnoticed. E. g. the Ziegler instance wherein a logic bomb was introduced in the bank’s system. which deducted 10 cents from every history and deposited it in a peculiar history.

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6. Denial Of Service AttackThe computing machine of the victim is flooded with more petitions than it can manage which cause it to crash. Distributed Denial of Service ( DDS ) onslaught is besides a type of denial of service onslaught. in which the wrongdoers are broad in figure and widespread. E. g. Amazon. Yahoo.

7. Virus / Worm Attacks
Viruss are plans that attach themselves to a computing machine or a file and so go around themselves to other files and to other computing machines on a web. They normally affect the information on a computing machine. either by changing or canceling it. Worms. unlike viruses do non necessitate the host to attach themselves to. They simply make functional transcripts of themselves and make this repeatedly till they eat up all the available infinite on a computer’s memory. E. g. love bug virus. which affected at least 5 % of the computing machines of the Earth. The losingss were accounted to be $ 10 million. The world’s most celebrated worm was the Internet worm Lashkar-e-Taiba free on the Internet by Robert Morris sometime in 1988. Almost brought development of Internet to a complete arrest.

8. Logic Bombs
These are event dependent plans. This implies that these plans are created to make something merely when a certain event ( known as a trigger event ) occurs. E. g. even some viruses may be termed logic bombs because they lie
dormant all through the twelvemonth and go active merely on a peculiar day of the month ( like the Chernobyl virus ) .

9. Dardan Attacks
This term has its beginning in the word ‘Trojan horse’ . In package field this means an unauthorised programme. which passively additions control over another’s system by stand foring itself as an authorized programme. The most common signifier of put ining a Dardan is through electronic mail. E. g. a Trojan was installed in the computing machine of a lady movie manager in the U. S. while chew the fating. The cyber condemnable through the web Cam installed in the computing machine obtained her bare exposure. He farther harassed this lady.

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10. Internet Time Thefts
Normally in these sorts of larcenies the Internet surfboarding hours of the victim are used up by another individual. This is done by deriving entree to the login ID and the watchword. E. g. Colonel Bajwa’s case- the Internet hours were used up by any other individual. This was possibly one of the first reported instances related to cyber offense in India. However this instance made the constabulary ill-famed as to their deficiency of ap