Mexican Culture Essay

September 18, 2017

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I. Introduction

A. Hello my name is Yaakov B. The intent of my presentation today is to inform you on the Mexican civilization. C. First. I will speak about the early history of Mexico. Second I will speak about its faith. Last I will state you about the life style This ends my debut. now onto my organic structure of my presentation II. Mexican civilization goes back to the Olmec. Maya and Aztecs

1. The Olmec where the fist Mesoamerican civilisation. they were besides the first to pattern blood based rites. they had type of graphics characterized by the colossal caputs. 2. Maya lived in a huge country covering parts of present twenty-four hours Guatemala. Mexico and the western countries of Honduras and Salvador. Mayas had no cardinal male monarch that ruled a huge imperium. Each metropolis had its ain swayer. Ancient Maya developed advanced systems of uranology. mathematics an accurate calendar systems. extended trade paths. The panther is the icon of power of Maya history.

3. The Aztec imperium was peopled by a group that was one time mobile. The Aztecs chief nutrient was tortillas. Tenochtitlan is their capital metropolis. which is present twenty-four hours Mexico metropolis.

B 1. These civilisations where destroyed by the Spanish in 1521. hernado Cortez accompanied by five 100s and Indian Alliess. The Spaniards won winning over the Aztecs. 2. The Spaniards had better arms and Equus caballuss. Iron armour and steel blades were where above Aztecs arms as the Aztecs had nines. wooden blades. and lances. Guns and cannons were used to eliminate the Aztec defence. Horses stunned Aztecs for they had ne’er seen Equus caballuss before.

3. The Spanish brought new diseases. such as smallpox’s which killed many people. An African slave who came in 1520 had little syphilis. One of the Spanish soldiers contracted the disease. During combat the soldier died and Aztecs contracted the disease which killed many.

That was my fist point. Now into my 2nd point.

A. Religion in Mexico was influenced by Spanish regulation. 1. The Roman Catholic Church had a strong influence. Hernandez Cortez was the 1 who brought the Catholic church to Mexico. 2. Priests learned native linguistic communications and born-again American Indians to catholism. this manner it would be better talk so to contend for transition.

B. 1. Catholism was established as the dominant faith of Mexico. Catholicism is non merely a faith it’s a manner of life in Mexico. Fifty per centum of Mexico’s population attends hebdomadal mass in their local church. Religion is a large portion of Mexican civilization.

I have shared the early history of Mexico and faith. Now onto my last point A. The life style of Mexico consist of jubilations. film and humanistic disciplines 1. A jubilation that is celebrated is the twenty-four hours of the dead. This jubilation has come far as the Aztecs. This vacation is for retrieving and honouring those who have passed off. 2. The aureate age of Mexican film. This period between 1935 to 1969. the aureate epoch is thought to hold started with the movie “vamonos con pancho villa” ( 1935 ) . To now it has been considered the best of the film of Mexico. another celebrated histrion of this epoch is Maria Felix. 3. Diego Rivera the creative person who painted many celebrated pictures such as the flower seller. and many more. Fernando Botera had a alone manner of painting all of his characters were curiously figured which would be impossible in existent life

III. Decision

I have shared the early history. faith and life style of my alone civilization. Now into my decision of my presentation. 1. The significance of the history of Mexico is to inform people about the great history of Mexico. 2. The faith is the cause of Spanish influence on Mexico. 3. Lifestyle is important because of how it has developed.

I want to thank all of you for leting me to portion this of import portion of me with you.