Casey Cardinia Community Health Centre Social Work Essay

October 1, 2017

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Cardinia Casey Community and Health Services set up plans that promote health within a societal position of wellness ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) . This aims to better unwellness bar and encourages early intercession across local, province and national wellness publicity precedence countries ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) . The services available cater for the huge and diverse population, runing from Allied Health Services, household guidance and support, aging and disablement services, to youth wellness plans ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) .

Problem/Project Overview.

The City of Casey encompasses about 51,522 immature people aged between 10-25 old ages, with about 55 new households traveling to the country each hebdomad ( Connaughton, 2009 ) . Positioned 35 kilometers sou’-east of Melbourne ‘s cardinal concern territory, the City of Casey is home to a diverse population of occupants ( Connaughton, 2009 ) . Local occupants speak over 100 different linguistic communications and originate from over 180 finishs across the Earth ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) . It is of peculiar importance to observe that the per centum of immature people shacking in Casey is higher across each population sub-group than the whole of the province norm of Victoria ( Connaughton, 2009 ) . The young person are disadvantaged to a big extent due the size of the municipality every bit good as the rapid population growing ( Connaughton, 2009 ) . The municipality struggles to maintain up with critical community support services and conveyance webs ( Connaughton, 2009 ) . Enormous force per unit area is put on the council to supply equal services for immature people in a current and modern-day mode. The demands of immature people can merely be addressed after the footing for a thorough apprehension of the grounds lending to positive and sustainable wellness and wellbeing results is established ( Bradley, Deighton, & A ; Selby, 2004 ) .

With such a big sub-group of immature people populating in Cardinia/Casey, there are minimum wellness plans and services available or even accessible to the immature people aged 10-25 in the country ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) . Youth support services are of import for all immature people. Partnerships and webs are frequently facilitated to supply a stronger nexus for support services and immature people ( Potts-Datema, et al. , 2005 ) .

Cultural Respect and Recognition of Diversity.

Cultural regard is a set of harmonious behaviors, policies and attitudes which allow wellness publicity professionals to work efficaciously in culturally diverse state of affairss ( Voyle & A ; Simmons, 1999 ) . Cultural regard and acknowledgment of diverseness raises consciousness of these differences ( Voyle & A ; Simmons, 1999 ) . It pays peculiar attending in developing capacity to better the wellness and well-being by mixing civilization into the wellness services provided ( Voyle & A ; Simmons, 1999 ) . Respecting cultural diverseness, positions, values and outlooks of immature people involved in the communities of Cardinia and Casey is a critical component in the constitution of planning and development of wellness and well-being services. Recognition of the diverseness within and between the young person in the community is critical in making sustainable plans ( Carlisle, 2010 ) . Programs must be age and gender appropriate, and besides suit for the culturally and linguistically diverse young person population. Workshops across all organizational units need to be conducted with intercultural consciousness. Greater diverseness consciousness amongst the wellness publicity staff can be achieved through carry oning workshops in relation to targeted issues, through the usage of invitee talkers every bit good as through diverseness duologues.

Holistic Approach.

The holistic attack non merely tends to the religious, cultural and emotional well-being of wellness results, but besides takes into consideration the societal determiners of wellness ( “ Chapter 4: Towards a Holistic Approach to Organisastional Capacity Development, ” 2010 ) . Particularly, marginalization, stigma and racism are considered as the chief subscribers to the wellness and well-being of young person in this municipality ( Carlisle, 2010 ) . It is of import to concentrate on the demands and precedences of Southern Health as a whole. An environment must be established which is favorable, and prosecuting towards stakeholders whilst traveling through the development procedure ( Voyle & A ; Simmons, 1999 ) . Stakeholders should be engaged during the procedure of capacity development, to guarantee that partnerships and funding agreements are created. Support from local, province and federal authorities will besides help in continuing Southern Health ‘s liberty ( Fisher, Deeds, Siebel, & A ; Allen, 1997 ) . Pull offing the capacity through the developmental procedure is besides cardinal in accomplishing the success of the undertaking ( Peake, Surko, & A ; Gaffney, 2006 ) .


Appropriate partnerships between local concerns, schools, administrations, province and federal organic structures help to fund and make sustainable plans ( Peake, Gaffney, Surko. , 2006 ) . They besides provide the best method in developing the determiners of wellness ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . Youth do up a important per centum of the community population of Cardinia and Casey, hence their sentiments and thoughts are experience based and are relevant and should be valued ( Connaughton, 2009 ) ( Bradley, et al. , 2004 ) . Supporting and including immature people provides a alone solution and penetration into the positions of development which their older equals may non be able to prosecute in ( Bradley, et al. , 2004 ) . The purpose of our partnerships is to construct undertaking support and resources. The partnerships may be every bit simple as working in coaction with groups such as local schools ( both primary and secondary ) ; authorities organic structures ( local council services ) ; spiritual groups ( for illustration, incorporating with the Muslim, Catholic or other spiritual attached communities ) ; wellness publicity administrations and local concerns. Local concerns involved in partnerships can be simple or diverse. Examples of partnerships in the Casey and Cardinia territories can include ( but are non limited to ) the engagement of general practicians, psychologists, the local bakeshop, the local constabulary station and fire brigade services, the Berwick market, local existent estate agents and the local Leader Newspaper. It is imperative that the immature people of Casey and Cardinia are taught values, attitudes and accomplishments to actively take part and win in their lives for today, tomorrow every bit good as for the hereafter ( Abbott, Florin, Fulop, & A ; Gillam, 2002 ) .

Capacity Building.

Constructing the capacity of young person within a community should be achieved to pull off alteration every bit good as to keep resiliency ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . Information, accomplishment development and the acquisition of cognition can be maintained supplying the right accomplishments, aid and support are approachable ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . Young person competences are built and developed by supplying the young person with greater chances and duties which they can take with them into the existent universe ( Bradley, et al. , 2004 ) . Engagement within societal groups crops feelings of connection, belonging and besides assists the young person to develop their ain sense of individuality ( Bradley, et al. , 2004 ) . It is of import to observe that immature people are agents of their ain destiny and with the right accomplishments and cognition they are able to determine their ain lives ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . It is imperative that young person work includes a supervised ‘hands-on ‘ attack which is straight involved in the plan, in order to keep effectivity ( Chaudary, Vyas, & A ; Parrish, 2010 ) . Out of school plans, such as debating nines, play nines and featuring nines provide young person with a wise man supported mercantile establishment, which encourages leading accomplishments, societal interactions and positive life values ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . It is advised that young person groups should be monitored on a regular basis utilizing a needs appraisal tool in order to place, buttocks and decide any possible capacity restraints which may be ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . Fortnightly meetings held at a convenient and familiar location would further a welcoming environment towards battle of community interaction and engagement amongst young person and their households ( “ Cardinia Casey Community Health Service, ” 2010 ) .


Presently at Southern Health there are no youth workers employed, and there are merely two young person psychologists available to back up the turning youth population. With staff deficits it is difficult to develop long-run relationships between young person and Southern Health every bit good as between Southern Health and stakeholders. Staff will necessitate to be trained and taught how to intercede and construct strong resonance with culturally and linguistically diverse parents and young person. Particular attending and consideration must be made towards peculiar civilizations in respects to nearing age-specific males or females in a culturally appropriate and sensitive mode. Through listening to the community ‘s demands and wants, wellness professionals potentially gain trust from the community members and this in bend promotes empowerment amongst community members and increases sustainability of the plan ( “ Achieving Excellence through Diversity, ” 2009 ) .

In order to accomplish holistic theory, it is advisable that wellness professionals who are employed should be a representation of the community ‘s diverse mix. This ensures that members of Southern Health regard and understand the cultural values, attitudes, beliefs and demands of the diverse young person. The information attained will besides be good in helping interest holders in understanding the community and its consumer market. Issues around marginalization, stigma and racism need to be addressed amongst employees every bit good as within the community, through instruction and equal entree to utile resources ( Burton & A ; Kagan, 2003 ) . Training events which promote critical thought, team-building exercisings and self-learning will dispute the cognition and accomplishments of employees to go culturally diverse within their work ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) .

A wide based partnership can convey a huge scope of cognition and experience at the community degree ( Peake, et al. , 2006 ) . This progressively develops young person worker ‘s accomplishments and plans. Staffs who are provided with preparation and proficient aid to construct capacity demonstrate that wellness publicity suppliers play an of import function in the public wellness pattern.