Patient Vunerability Case Study Social Work Essay

October 3, 2017

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In this grownup instance survey, I will be discoursing exposure and the grounds why I believe the patient is vulnerable. I will besides concentrate on, with the assistance of the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ) codification of behavior professional values, empowerment self-respect and regard. In the medical field exposure is broaden to account for age, disablement, gender, race and faith The general construct of Vulnerability can be defined as ; person who is capable of being wounded physically or mentally ; unfastened to persuasion ; easy influenced ‘ unfastened to assail ; defenceless ; exposed or weak. Geddes and Grossett, ( 2008 ) .

I will besides discourse anti-discriminatory pattern towards the patient and how I believe it can be promoted and upheld in the work topographic point. Then I will besides reflect on what I have learnt from finishing this assignment. .Adams combines the two definitions and provinces: “ A vulnerable individual is person who through age, disablement or mental unwellness may endure maltreatment. Abusers may intimidate their victims in to silence ; abused people may believe it ‘s unpointed to kick or, if in an establishment, may experience there is no 1 to state ” Adams p.91 ( 2007 )

Miss Jaya exhibits several traits of exposure. Miss Jaya is a really private aged adult female who ne’er married, has no kids and lives entirely in a little cottage. Community attention workers are still faced with go oning societal exclusion in marginalized group e.g. mental wellness demands, black and minority cultural seniors and carers. Sharkey ( 2007 ) . Miss Jaya could be discriminated against because she does non socialize with other and this can do her non- trusting.

There is the premises that people populating in cottages are affluent retired persons or aged people or who want to withdraw to a quiet life “ Discrimination is non merely unjust and morally offensively, it can besides be oppressive and have a damaging consequence on people ‘s wellness and well-being. Adams, ( 2007 ) . This premise can sometimes take to condemnable activities e.g. larceny, sexual assaults and sick intervention. Adult protection has merely late been identified as an country for concern because the boundaries are ill-defined. It is a fast growth activity for local societal services governments. Mandelstam ( 2009 )

Miss Jaya, because of her age can be deemed as frail and prone to trip and falls and impaired mobility. She may besides hold address and vision jobs. The aged besides have alone wellness attention demands, non merely to the increased unwellnesss and disablement but besides to the multiple physical and societal effects of aging.

Miss Jaya being of the Hindu religion, her faith can besides do communicating a job as people may be unfamiliar with her spiritual patterns and beliefs. Miss Jaya may besides be vulnerable because of her cultural background and as English is non her first linguistic communication, she may be fearful and baffled sing remarks and attitudes towards her. On many occasions the aged are ignored because society tends to believe they have nil of value to state, therefore their sentiments are non addressed. When people age they become more physically, mentally and socially dysfunctional. The attitude towards older people are considered as used trade goods, load to society and lacking in utility in the household or work state of affairss. Basford and Thorpe. P.41 ( 2004 )

As an aged adult female populating entirely, a thorough community attention appraisal should be carried out. Inadequate appraisal schemes can ensue in inadequate and inappropriate attention direction. It is of import for the nurse or practician to execute a careful appraisal of history and physical scrutinies taking into history the patients vulnerable issues. “ Peoples who use the health care services expect that those caring for them should offer a pick of informed attention which is based on the best grounds available ” . Basford and Thorpe ( 2004 )

Based upon the consequences of the rating, determinations and agreements should be made sing Miss Jaya hereafter populating status. Community based attention for the frail and aged can ensue in better attention as there is more understanding of the single demands. All infirmaries should supply a discharge coordinator or societal worker. Agreement can change depending on demands and if alternate adjustment is needed. Immediate attention can be offered after infirmary stay to find if the patient can pull off at place

Hospital Guide.pdf ( April 2010 )

While remaining on the ward Miss Jaya became really disquieted and abashed because a male staff entered her bathroom unannounced, while she was holding a bath with the assistance of a female nurse. As a nurse people in your attention must be able to swear you with their wellness and well-being. The attention of the patient comes foremost, handling them as persons and esteeming their self-respect. Nurses must non know apart in any manner against those in their attention. The Nursing Midwifery codification of behavior, NMC ( 2008 ) .

Miss Jaya, because of her exposure lost her ego regard, privateness, self-respect and regard, as she had no control over the state of affairs she placed in. By handling Miss Jaya as an person, and as a individual, demoing her self-respect, regard and protecting the environment she was in the state of affairs would hold ne’er arose. Social Care Institute for Excellence provinces “ Dignity in attention means the sort of attention, in any scene, which support promotes and does non sabotage a individual ‘s ego regard regardless of any difference ” SCIE, ( 2006 )

In the Hindu civilization particularly the older coevals, it is against the Hindu faith for adult females and work forces to expose their organic structures in public or to aliens as this is deemed an abuse to their religion. “ Hindu adult females are modest about their organic structures. Conservative Hindus find any exposure shocking and violative ; infirmaries and staff should avoid doing unneeded embarrassment and hurt and to continue peoples modesty during medical and nursing processs ” Henley, p.39 ( 1983 ) .

At manus over it is noted that Miss Jaya had become un-communicative and loath to eat. There may be many implicit in factors for Miss Jaya behavior. If Miss Jaya values are non met e.g. she is non comfy in her milieus, nutrient may non be in conformity with her spiritual religion, or she may be in tormenting hurting but experience she can non associate to anyone. “ Most immigrant groups bring with them their ain dietetic culture- their traditional beliefs and patterns associating to nutrient. This ensures a sense of cultural continuity with their states of beginning. It besides plays many symbolic, spiritual and societal functions in their day-to-day lives ” . Helman, p.41, ( 2000 ) .

Miss Jaya is besides disquieted that the medicine given is non working but does non desire to do a dither. As Miss Jaya is vulnerable she may presume that if she complains she may be ignored or abused. The aged and vulnerable tend to be loath to describe hurting related symptoms. This reluctance may be due to the belief that hurting is a necessary portion of older life, and the perceptual experience sometimes is that the nurses will give a low precedence to trouble compared with other medical jobs. Measuring people in hurting should ever be assessed separately without pigeonholing to avoid foretelling how a individual from a peculiar societal, cultural or spiritual background will react to being in hurting. Helman, ( 2000 ) .

It is imperative for nurses to inquire vulnerable patients straight about the presence of hurting. Nurses should listen to ailments and besides show an involvement in hearing about them. Patients with impaired ability to pass on can be particularly disputing. They may necessitate peculiar attending to non verbal hurting behavior. “ Nurses must maintain their co-workers informed when sharing the attention of others. They must work with co-workers to supervise the quality of your work and keep the safety of those in your attention ” . The Nursing Midwifery codification of behavior, codification of behavior NMC ( 2008 ) .

There is a clear demand to increase the degree of attending paid to vulnerable groups including both those who, because of their chronic unwellness or disablement have many interactions with the wellness system, and those who have trouble accessing the system and may be most likely to fall through the clefts. Patient should be empowered by cognizing their rights for the proviso of attention with self-respect ; multidisciplinary squads can do more informed determinations instead than persons.

Nurses could besides profit from anti-discriminary classs and compulsory preparation to maintain their accomplishments up to day of the month and made aware of alterations taking topographic point. There could besides be in place hebdomadal or monthly meetings between physicians, senior staff and nurses to inform staff of new developments taking topographic point. Training in developing, measuring and back uping effectual health care bringing theoretical accounts designed to run into specific demands of vulnerable populations. Cross-cultural communicating attempts should ever be envisioned as an chance to incorporate civilizations and non to convert people of the rightness of a individual civilization. Schiavo ( 2007 )

Communication troubles may be associated with a individual ‘s degree of instruction or development, linguistic communication or cultural differences, wellness conditions or physical or mental disablement. Persons who have trouble communication may see jobs in showing intervention penchants, supplying informed consent, obtaining services that are consistent with their cultural norms, happening suppliers who are sensitive to their peculiar concerns, acquiring the job resolved and understanding or following with intervention options. For individuals who are vulnerable due to communicating challenges, the key to inclusion will be the development of measuring tools that can be used with such groups. Delivery systems need to guarantee entree to the specific types of attention that are needed by sub groups of the population. The handiness of culturally sensitive wellness attention professionals and systems must be put in topographic point to present an effectual service.

“ Contemplation on our pattern is the procedure of analyzing our work as though we are another individual seeing it from an independent point of view ” Adams ( 2007 ) . Having completed this assignment, I have taken the chance to Reflect on what I have learnt about exposure and the aged. This Essay has given me a more in deepness cognition about exposure. Vulnerability comes in different signifiers, and at different phases of our lives we have all been vulnerable or know person who is or has been in vulnerable state of affairss.

Reflecting has made me realised how much we take for granted, e.g. traveling for a amble in the park, walking to the corner store or merely speaking to neighbors. The Aged or vulnerable individual may be believing who will near them, what do they make or should they swear that individual. While making my research for this assignment, I was left with compassion and understanding for the aged. There is that impression that as we get older our life will acquire easier, but that is non ever the instance particularly if you live entirely. This essay has taught me that aged people are invariably worried about wellness jobs, solitariness, company, and mobility, some of the things we take for granted.

The aged are faced with hard determination from losing loved 1s, sick wellness or traveling into retirement places and holding to accommodate to new environment. I have besides learnt that people values, civilization and spiritual beliefs are really of import to them, and should be treated with regard and self-respect even if we do non hold with them wholly.