Was the Treaty of Versailles Too Harsh on Germany? Essay

November 24, 2017

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The Treaty of Brest-Livosk can non measurably be compared to the Treaty of Versailles. It is more kindred to the Treaty of Ghent. Remember. that as a strategic political move. giving up the Baltic states. which were little and geographically closer to Germany than to the Soviet Union. didn’t appreciably decrease the Russian landscape. In 1939. as portion of the ill-famed Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Germany. controlled by the Nazis. returned the favour and in secret agreed that the Baltic states would be portion of the Soviet domain of influence. Stalin’s Red Army rapidly occupied all three. However. Nazi Germany in 1941 invaded the Soviet Union and overran and occupied the Baltic provinces. treaty non in consideration to the Nazi war machine. As pacts go. the Versailles pact was less of political expedience than it was of retaliation and requital against Germany.

Returning those districts that were overrun. and controlled by German forces to the rightful government organic structures was merely. The reparation sum was perfectly farcical. Baning Germany from unifying with Austria was pathetic. Austria was. and still is. a little state. with German heritage. That would be like stating that Northwest Territories couldn’t be portion of the United States. Bad illustration. I know. but along the same lines every bit far as usage. linguistic communication. heritage. etc. Restricting Germany’s ground forces and naval forces was merely nil more than the retaliation I mentioned earlier. Russia already had a history of conquering. every bit good as other European states which had much to derive by annexing district traditionally within the bonds of Germany and commanding the fiscal resources to be had in those acquisitions.

Granted. they were every bit devastated financially as the remainder of Europe. but non holding to pay that hideous reparation would hold let Germany retrieve and go financially sound. As you stated. the depredations of the war in Europe were huge. in lives and in assets. It would hold been a putsch so to see aggression turned against Germany in revenge. That this wasn’t the consideration has no bearing. The possibility existed. The harm the pact did to the German mind was of more import than any other consideration. When you lower a group of people. assailing their fundss ( the pact caused a widespread and drawn-out depression ) . their national pride and their ability to support themselves. you leave them ripe for the type of propaganda spiting Zealots that take power and commit atrociousnesss. Too rough? In some respects. yes. A cause of the war? No. A conducive factor. yes.