Jerry Sandusky Case Essay

Presently in the intelligence. there is a major event that pertains to the subject of the psychological science of injury. This event is the probe of Jerry Sandusky and his alleged strong belief of sexual maltreatment. Jerry Sandusky. an helper football manager at Penn State University. has been accused of sexually mistreating male childs in the cellar of his place and in the school exercise room and cabinet room. This probe was triggered by one of the victims who went to the constabulary and since so. more victims have come out every bit good. This male child stated that the onslaughts lasted for about four old ages.

Jerry Sandusky met the male childs though a foundation he started to assist at-risk young persons in 1977 called The Second Mile. So far there have been eight male childs who have come frontward to describe sexual maltreatment by Jerry over the 15 old ages that this plan has been running. The female parent of one of the exploited male child was leery when the brushs of the manager and her boy became really frequent and started to go sleepovers. At this point. the male child was making all he could to avoid Sandusky and even stating his female parent to state the manager he was non place when he called.

The victim’s female parent became disquieted and contacted school functionaries but was told by the functionary to rethink the state of affairs before describing anything because of the coach’s strong repute. She so went to the county Children and Youth Services where adequate information was gathered to get down a condemnable probe. Jerry Sandusky allegedly molesting male childs led to the legendary Joe Paterno being fired from his place as the head manager of Penn State football squad. Paterno has been a manager at the University since 1950. taking over as head manager in 1966.

Paterno is non charged with any offenses. However. he is accused by many of non making plenty to assist forestall the maltreatments. This issue has been highly controversial. Some feel Paterno should hold done more to penalize Jerry Sandusky after being told in 2002 that the former Penn State adjunct manager had sexual dealingss with a male child on campus in the football installations. Others feel that Paterno did plenty by describing the alleged incident to university disposal functionaries. However. I would hold to hold with the first half and say that Joe Paterno’s actions were unequal.

Although Joe Paterno reported what he saw to the Penn State president his duty shouldn’t have ended at that place. Yes. he fulfilled his duty to describe any illegal actions on campus but when the Penn State President chose non to take legal action Paterno should hold made the moral determination and had gone to the governments. Legally. he fulfilled his duty and hence no longer holds any duty in the eyes of the legal system. In the eyes of morality though. his duty in the affair was non over merely because he reported it to who he was supposed to. This major job should hold been dealt with a long clip ago.

It’s merely a moral duty that Joe Paterno should hold acted upon. So yes I feel he deserved to be fired. Everyone who knew about it should hold reported it to legal governments. His great athletic accomplishments and common regard should hold pushed towards the issue being resolved and non brush under the carpet for it to come out old ages after and now ensuing in him being fired. Every action has a reaction and in this instance the reaction is due to Paternos deficiency of action. The kid sex maltreatment dirt overall is a public dealingss catastrophe that the university is likely to be covering with for old ages to come.

I decidedly don’t believe this instance was sensationalized by the media. I mean let’s expression at things from Sandusky’s position about what he was “taught” by the responses from Penn State and the not-for-profit he founded. Second Mile: In 1998. he was caught taking a shower with a immature male child ; it was reported to Child Protective Services. and it was found “nothing indecent happened” All charges were dropped. What was Sandusky taught here? Even if I’m reported to governments. nil happens. I bet I can acquire off with more. In 2000. he is witnessed ravishing a male child in the shower at Penn State by a janitor.

Janitor tells his foreman. who tells him to describe it. but neither of them report it. Sandusky might hold known he was witnessed and non reported. Lesson to Sandusky: I can be witnessed ravishing kids in a semi-public topographic point and no 1 will make anything. In 2002. he was witnessed ravishing a 10 twelvemonth old in a public topographic point ( shower ) . He and the 10 twelvemonth old both saw that they were witnessed. It was reported to the highest degrees at Penn State. and seemingly reported to Second Mile where he arranged to hold entree to further childs who were already abuse victims and likely to be highly easy marks for his predation.

Consequences to Sandusky? *His keys to the cabinet room at Penn State were taken off. * “He was told non to convey childs on campus–something everyone provinces was unenforceable. ” The bulls were ne’er even called. Lesson to Sandusky? Possibly: the President of the University doesn’t truly mind that I am ravishing kids on university evidences. Since 1977 and until 2010. Sandusky was allowed entree to multiple vulnerable childs through the not-for-profit he founded. even after they were notified several times of his inappropriate behaviour.

Even after Sandusky’s raping of a kid was officially reported to patrol in 2008. he got to pass another two full old ages with Second Mile. What message was sent by so many different people. at so many levels– runing from janitors to the President of the university. and from staff and leaders of a non-profit-making to Child Protective Services itself? The ground why Joe Paterno. Penn State disposals and other did non take more actions upon acquisition of Sandusky behaviour is simple. Money. Power. and Reputation. The first inherent aptitude would be to protect the organisation itself.

Whether it’s a corporation. or any academic establishment. their initial response is to trust the job will travel off. The 2nd would be to conceal it or purchase their manner out of it. By the clip they realize that the best solution is to make the “right thing. ” The state of affairs has already gotten out of control to the point that they have to go on the misrepresentation or admit they did the incorrect thing. College athletics is no exclusion. They don’t want to anger or abash alumni/boosters. lose patrons. bead in the polls or lose a bowl command – all blows to the gross watercourse. Overall. Penn State football is a immense organisation.

It brings in 1000000s of dollars in gross. It was so high up on the Totem Pole that it was seen as “untouchable. ” The President felt that if word got out it would be black. but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours what is more black the lives of tonss of immature male childs being ruined for the remainder of their life or the repute of a football squad? Overall. I hope and believe this dirt has helped sexual maltreatment victims all around the universe in a positive manner. “It’s a corporate authorization for victims. ” says. Jeff Herman. a Miami lawyer who specializes in sexual maltreatment instances. Many victims feel guilty and ashamed.

Then they see all this imperativeness and all of a sudden they see victims standing up taking establishment and they want to make the same. The figure of phone calls a twenty-four hours refering to sexual maltreatment has doubled since so. The more the victims see their marauders denied it the more they want to talk out about it because they know what happened to them and they feel like they owe to other victims themselves to talk out approximately it every bit good. Like the priest incidents and screen ups within the church. this is besides approximately people we put on bases. Work force hold such high regards that we can’t believe it when we hear these things.

And some can’t bring themselves to blow the whistling on what’s occurrence. even when it’s so atrocious. The society we live in demand to get down handling sexual assaults against kids like they do murder. They killed a child’s spirit in so many ways and it ne’er leaves them. It’s a unusual phenomenon in our society and unhappily kids are the victims. We are in consequence learning them to make what people like Sandusky tell them to make. without inquiry. doing the job worse. We need to oppugn our values. And the work forces who knew this was go oning or even suspected and didn’t travel to the constabulary should be held responsible. as a start.