Image Processing Using Matlab

April 20, 2018

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But I found this 3D implementation is not convergent. When I run the paogram in little iterations, the outputs see right. But them see wrong after hundreds of iterations. I think it means that the implementation is not convergent. So I don’t know how to control the iterations by the program. I don’t know if you have faced the same question. Could you give me some help? Thank you very much! Canfei  written by Erik Smistad  1 year ago I found a bug in my code, it is fixed now and should be convergent. written by canfei  1 year ago

I am sorry for me to have made a mistake when I ran the program! In fact, the implementation is convergent as you said. Thank you very much! written by Manohara M  7 months ago Can you please suggest, how to visualize the output? * #5 written by Erik Smistad  7 months ago Visualizing 3D vector data is not very easy, so I usually just look at one slice at a time. So if you want to look at one z slice (lets say nr 90) of the vector field from GVF, given by u,v and w you can use quiver like this: figure;quiver(u(:,:,90), v(:,:,90)); * #6 written by Anonymous  6 months ago

This code does not work for 3D data  written by Erik Smistad  6 months ago I’ve used it many times on 3D data, so it should work fine. What type of 3D data are you trying to run it on?  written by Neo  4 months ago Hello, Canfei, Thank you for your code! But I have a question as follow, when I increase the iteration time, the u,v,w, get bigger and bigger, I don’t know how to handle this problem. when I set iteration time more than 100, for a 3D image, the value of u get more than 1E17. written by Erik Smistad  4 months ago Try a smaller value for the constant mu, for instance 0. 05