Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

April 25, 2018

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They also have to plan any extra support for children who may have additional needs. For these children, they may give recommendations and support to the parents on how to deal with the situation. They also have to assess the learning environment of the children and how this may affect a child’s learning and achievement. Speech and Language therapists Most speech and language therapists will come into the school environment to work with children, parents and teachers for children who have speech, language or communication problems.

They offer assistance to those who have any problems to make sure they are able to achieve the highest level of learning they can, as equal as others within the school. They provide their service to all schools, from pre-school up to senior schools. Physiotherapists The role of a physiotherapist in the school is to work with children and young people who have a movement disorder, disability or an illness. They regularly assess and manage the children throughout their learning process so they can achieve their full potential. They work closely with the school, other healthcare specialists, parents and children to ensure this is possible.

The physiotherapists offer advice to all teachers and parents within the school about getting extra support for a child if the parent or teacher believes they may need it or haven’t considered it. Occupational therapists The role of the Occupational Therapist is to work with children who have difficulties with practical and social skills that they need for everyday life. They will aim to make sure the child is as physically, psychologically and socially independent as possible. They regularly assess on how each child is doing to see how much progress is made.

They do this by observations and by discussions with parents and teachers. They assess things like social skills, behaviour and the way they function for example, dressing and eating. They also train parents and school staff members on how to educate students with diverse learning needs. [pic] What are aims and values, and what are the aims and values of my school? Aims The aims are usually something that the school sets out to achieve. It is usually set out by the head teacher and can often be found on the school website, on school signage, near the school reception or on any school documentation.

Aims of my school My school’s main aim is ‘Learn to Live, Live to learn. ’ My school aims to create a happy, safe and caring environment where learning can flourish. It aims to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become effective citizens in a world that is always changing. My school aims to show that it is important that all children learn to live, learn and play with others to become well balanced young people in the future. The school aims to provide interesting learning opportunities through a creative curriculum.

Values The values of a school are based on the school’s moral codes. The values usually include respect for others and self. They are often linked closely to social studies and citizenship. The school’s values could also be linked in with the school rules or code of conduct. My school’s Values My school values the diversity, cultures, religions, beliefs, abilities and gifts among everyone in the community. The children in my school are taught to respect and value the differences. All children’s achievements are celebrated on a daily and weekly basis with rewards.

My school helps children to develop socially through the curriculum, extra curricular activities and playtimes. There are always opportunities given in my school for children to work together and to learn to be useful members of the school community. Children are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and to help support each other. The moral development of children in my school is promoted through its guidelines for behavior. Opportunities are taken to help children understand the difference between right and wrong and to develop principles to guide their behavior and moral choices.

How my school upholds its aims and values My school upholds its aims and values in many different ways. The aim of the school is promoted all throughout the school, on documentation and on school products such as book bags and water bottles. Regular school trips to places relating to their current area of study helps to provide their interesting learning opportunities and for children to become more involved in educational places outside of the school. My school promotes the values of spiritual development of children through group worship, R. E. the curriculum in general and relationships. It also encourages members from the community from local churches and other places of worship to give assemblies for the children so they can have an understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. Other members of the community also come into the school such as police and fire officers, to encourage the social development and understanding of the outside world to children. My school often involves the community in other ways such as fundraising events e. g. pudsey bear, making Easter hats and most recently designing Olympic banners.

My school also aims to make sure each child is encouraged to walk to school when possible and they do this by working with an outside group called ‘walk to school’ and every term, a child who has walked to school each Wednesday receives a specially designed badge. It is important that my school and all schools work with the local community. A school cannot work in isolation without any links to the outside world. It is important that a school makes these links with the community, so they are able to show the pupils how the learning they do in school links in and is relevant to the outside world.