The Suicide Tourist Doc Opinion

May 14, 2018

Golden Papers

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Tourist was very depressing. I agree with Craig Ewert on the fact that he has the right to die when he wants, but it was so heartbreaking to watch him have to travel such a long way to do it, instead of having the comfort of dying at home. I believe people are meant to enjoy their time on earth, and under no circumstances, should have to die painfully or slow.

The documentary portrayed Craig and his wife to be very brave in the decision they made. The director used two modes of persuasion – logos and pathos. The parts of the documentary that show Craig Ewert talking are logos-based. He is using logic and reason to justify his suicide by explaining that he doesn’t think much of life after death, but then again he didn’t think much of life before death. He also asked why he should suffer through the rest of his life when he could just end it.

The parts of the documentary that show Craig’s wife getting him ready and his whole suicide process are very pathos-based. It is hard to watch him drink the medicine and even worse to watch his dead body lying in the hospital bed. It’s also very emotional when his wife has to tell all of their loved ones pack up their hotel room and then go back to America. It is important for more people to see this documentary, with an open mind, because it can really make you think about our rights as humans.