What Stops Less Developed Countries from Developing

May 15, 2018

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In this project I will be investigating and explaining what stops the less developed countries from developing, so I will be looking for the following different factors; •Colonisation of Bolivia and Dubai. •Problems in the countries. •Bolivia and Dubai how are they trying to develop. •What is stopping them from developing? Also I’m going to try and make a conclusion to make this much easier to understand.

Colonisation is the deed and effect of colonising or establishing in a land of those who cultivate it, the word is used in many grounds to show the occupation of an area or people or other species. In the perspective of humans, colonisation frequently refers to the settlement of a population in the uninhabited zone or territory. Bolivia is located in the South west of South-America, it was discovered and colonised between the years 1532 to 1533 by the Spanish conquerors under the command of Pedro Anzures sent by the Spanish monarchy that the leader was the Queen Isabel.

The effects of the colonisation in Bolivia were a bit drastic because of the powerful attack of the Spanish forces to the civilization, this causes different kinds of reaction in to the population of the country or state, it was because of the inequality system that they were imposing in to the society. I can explain this by saying that the rich was rich and the poor was poor and they have no possibilities of progress because the people that was poor were a property of the rich people.

Dubai is located in the South east of Saudi Arabia, Dubai was originally a fishing settlement, in 1830 a branch of the Bani Yas tribe Liwa oasis led by the Maktoum took power of the emirate and is the person that still rule the emirate until today. Traditional activities included herding sheep and goats, cultivating vegetables, fishing and gathering pearls.