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May 15, 2018

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Therefore 2009 would go very well with this dish because it has a very nice aroma with fresh acidity and structured tannins that would help you to double enjoy on both the dish and the wine. Dish 2. Tournedos Vert-Pre ? Medium cooked beef with a butter pan-fried, top with Tournedos sauce garnish with a portion of allumette potatoes and a generous bunch of watercress. Eating this dish with 2006 – rich, sweet-wine with full-bodied wine and high acidity would go very well with this dish as it would help to make the wine more round tannin and just the right taste of acidity. Commercial Argument: 1. Chateau Petit Village – 2009: ?

Blend red wine from Bordeaux, made mainly from Merlot grapes, given black cherry in colour. 2009 have a nice, fresh and lovely aroma such as blackberries, plum and fresh herb which made the wine more pleasant. While on the tasting, one could sense dry and full bodied wine with fresh acidity, well-structure tannins with a good balance that would give you a grip of long finish. 2. Chateau Petit Village – 2006: ? This bottle is also from Bordeaux and made mainly from Merlot grapes like 2009. It has a lovely deep ruby in colour with low intensity or discrete but nice and complex aroma with dark colour fruit like plum and blackberry.

There also scents of wood, vanilla and spices on a high nose which give you a more nice pleasure. On the taste will give you a dry and fullbodied with lively acidity, structured tannins and a very well balanced. Cost & Sale price: 1. Chateau Petit Village – 2009: Cost: 68. 00 CHF Sales price: 204. 00 CHF Cost: 73. 20 CHF Sales price: 219. 60 CHF *A price multiplier of 3 times was applied to the cost price. Sales in a steak house or a medium-restaurant. 2. Chateau Petit Village – 2006: References: ? (n. d. ). Retrieved 3 13, 2012, from petit-village. com: http://www. etit-village. com/ Kissack, C. (2000 – 2012). Chateau Petit Village. Retrieved 3 13, 2012, from winedoctor: http://www. thewinedoctor. com/bordeaux/petitvillage. shtml library, H. w. (2002). Dictionary of wine : all the French wine appellations, from A – Z. London: London : Cassell Illustrated. Robinson, H. J. (2007). The world atlas of wine. London: Mitchell Beazley. ? ? ? App. 3: Petit Chablis Appellation: Petit Chablis Region: Burgundy Village: None Estate Vineyard/ Grand cru: N/A Grape Varieties: 100% Chardonnay (or Beaunois) Country: France Sub-Region: Chablis

Climate Conditions: Chablis share a very cold climate that gives the grapes and their resulting wines possess searing levels of acidity. The northern European climate brings risk of frost and hail, and winters are usually hot and cold. Spring is generally humid, and summer is hot and dry with an abundance of sunlight. Soil Composition: The soils and slopes here have been shaped largely by erosion, both by water and ice. Petit Chablis grows in Portlandian soil, a less substantial soil with a different mineral composition. Fruity dry white wine. Fresh and lively wine.

Clear and bright in colour. Type of wine: Character of the wine: Medium bodied with 12. 5% alcohol. Density: 5. 500 to 6. 500 wines/hectare. Eye: Silver gold, with a rather soft, pale gold hue. When older, Chablis has a golden color and is more spicy. Nose: A bouquet of white flowers and citrus fruit aromas plus gunflint and beeswax. Palate: Robust, fresh and very dry, echoing the hint of minerals on the nose. Aging Ability: Suitable for drinking in the year following the harvest or after 12 years. It is usually drink young, most suitable at 2 years but can keep at most at 4 years.

Serving temperature: 8°C for aperitif and 9 – 10 °C with food. Food Harmony: Dish 1. Summer Salmon Rolls: ? Fresh salmon with soft cheese and enhance of crunchy pepper with give you the freshness yet mild-soft tasting as well as the feeling of the fat. ? With the taste of fruity and dry, refreshing and a based on a taste of lime from ‘Petit Chablis 2010’, this will give us the sense of freshness with the similarity to the dish. ? Serving at 8oC Dish 2. Prawn with Lemongrass, ginger and Chablis marinated: ? The dish gives you a spicy, acidity, freshness as well as an intense sensation.

While marinated the prawn with ginger and lemon will give you a must deeper and lasting taste, that would go well with ‘Petit Chablis 2009’ ? ‘Petit Chablis 2009’ gives you the fresh and silky, crunchy ripe fruit flavours which matched well with the dish as it has the similarity of freshness and aromas from the sea as well as the citrus fruit. Commercial Argument: 1. 2010 Domaine Vincent Dauvissat Petit Chablis: ? The wine is from Chablis family with a fresh and lively taste, a touch of dry and fruity. A youthful and crisp acidity wine from Domaine Vincent Dauvissat. Nice aroma with a hint of citrus fruit and white flowers.

A well balanced wine with plenty of minerals and would match very well with raw food or seafood as it give the nice scent from the sea. Wine made from Chardonnay grape. 2. Domaine Billaud-Simon – Petit Chablis 2009 (Sur les Clos Vineyard): ? From ‘Billaud family’ in Chablis with a nice yellow golden colour and are made from 100% Chardonnay. On the nose, one could scents of lime, grapefruit, white flower and mineral with fine quality. While tasting would give you a dry with medium-bodied and vigorous acidity finish. A very juicy and slight bitter with very well balanced that would give you another more enjoyable night.