Me and Mister Harry – Essay

It is a frustrating situation for her; she does not understand what is wrong with her being in love with an older man. She feels everybody is against her. She is sitting with Mrs. Morris who is a social worker. Mrs. Morris tries to make the girl tell about Mr. Harry, but the girl does not want to tell anything. She wants to be with Mr. Harry. “I want Mr. Harry. That’s all. ” (Page 57, in the bottom line. ) With him, she is comfortable. But the parents still cannot understand why she won’t talk. You follow the girl and her parents through the story.

The parents are trying to get some details from their daughter’s affair with Mr. Harry, because the parents does not like it. They know Mr. Harry’s – a man’s thoughts, and so they know he is just using their daughter and maybe sexually, but they cannot say for sure yet. But the girl will just not say anything. She is just heartbroken because of Mr. Harry has been imprisoned because of their affair. The girl has had a lot of problems and Mr. Harry has always helped her out. That makes her trusting Mr. Harry, because not even her parents use to help her out.

Mr. Harry has apparently touched the girl, and therefore they have to go to the courthouse. The girl thinks they have something special and therefore she did not mind the touching. The court doesn’t have enough evidence to jail Mr. Harry and therefore they release him. Afterwards the girl hears mom and dad talk about another girl who also has been “touched” by Mr. harry. She begins to scream and says “What other little girl”. The story has a 1st person narrator, which makes the story very personal. You see it through the eyes of the main character, the girl.

The story therefore gets very intimate and easy to identify with. You will never get the narrators age to know, and the author maybe let the age “fly”, so you can identify yourself with the narrator. The relationship between Mr. Harry and the narrator: Mr. Harry gives the girl attention, so she feels important. She feels at home at Harry’s, whereas her own home is just a house. He gives the narrator the feeling of being special. He helps her with the homework, and makes her stop smoking. The relationship between the parents and the narrator:

The parents and the girl are always fighting like: “Why haven’t you done that” and so on… Dad is almost never home, and when he is, he just says hello to his daughter and then gets on the phone. And he copes with the sorrow by yelling at his daughter that she is ruining her life. Before her mom found out about Mr. Harry, she used to command her daughter to do her homework, make her bed or set the table. After the incident, she cries a lot. So even though they have been a little rough sometimes, they care about their daughter. The girl felt lonely before she met Mr.

Harry. When she met him, she stopped smoking and started doing her homework. But when Mr. Harry got arrested she started smoking again, and felt back into her bad habits. And when she finds out Mr. Harry has done the same to another girl, as he had done to her, she gets very upset and jealous. The story “Me and Mr. Harry” could cover a lot of different themes. But here are some suggestions to some themes. One of the major themes could be parental failure. Because they have not been brought their daughter, so she can think on her own.

They have given their daughter a bad childhood and have not taught her, to take care of herself, and told her what is wrong and what is right to do in this world. A theme, which also could cover this story, could be love or jealousy. The girl thinks that Mr. Harry and her have a special relationship. She is in love with him, and when she hears about the other girl he apparently see too, she gets sad and jealous. A theme that also could be one of the major themes, but from a different angle, could be bad parenting, because the girl feels betrayed and left.

And this could provoke her to become a bad girl, who cannot take care of herself and think on her own. Something that could be important to mention is paedophilia, but this is not a theme, but more like a topic for the story. The girl is together with an older man, Mr. Harry. You get told that he have touched her several times, and even though you do not know the main characters age, you get to know that the school and the parents thinks that it is a problem. This suggests that we talk about a younger girl. Otherwise it could not be such a big problem.