Assignment Exercise

May 27, 2018

Golden Papers

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List three specific steps Hotel Paris should take with respect to each individual human research function (selection, training, and so on) to improve the level of ethics in the company. (1) Making ethical decision always requires normative judgments. A normative judgment means that something is good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse. (2) Ethical decisions also always involve morality.

 Based on what you have learned in this chapter, write a short (less than one page) explanation Lisa can use to sell to top management the need to improve the hotel chain’s fairness and justice processes. Lisa could tell her top management that she will not tolerate any bad ethic behavior to the guess. Guess, many are young and unwary guest that will be walking the halls unprotected so, in a service company like this there is simply no margin for ethical errors.

With the taking care of the guess you should be on your best behavior. She should also let them know that they will be treated with respect and will be treated fairly, and that unfairness in any way could lead to low morale, commitment, and performance. Fair treatment should be given to everyone that walks through the doors, from the head to the person cleaning the rooms and the guess to.