Debate Speech

May 27, 2018

Golden Papers

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Having higher level of taxes on fast food would discourage the consumption of such products * With the taxes be higher, people would think before buying in a way. They will ask themselves are they really willing to buy a burger and pay such a large amount of tax or would they rather go to a grocery store where they can purchase healthier food for less or same price as one burger * Having higher sales taxes rate for fast foods would increase the price costumers must pay which will result in that way that the product demands would decrease 2. With the consumption of fast food come health ricks which cost money as well * When consuming a lot of the high-fat, high-calories products sold at the fast food restaurants come many problems such as heart disease and other major health risks. When they have to go to the hospital, it’s the tax payers money that is being used to treat them. With more tax dollars being used to take care of them, more money is going down the drain. All they had to do was make a healthier choice but now they are too unhealthy to even go to work and go onto welfare. Which again the tax payers pay for.

Just because of one person so much money is being thrown down the drain * Not only that, Obesity and diet-related health problems add to the cost of health insurance and to the Medicare expenses. A lot of people would like to purchase these options, but now having them is so expensive they have to think twice. * Having the higher level of tax would result in lowers consumption of the fast food and it also generates revenues that could be used for health insurance, fund campaigns which would be intended to help people make healthier choices; make them exercise and develop healthy eating 3. )