Remarkable Way to Boost Your Morale

The book relates the story of Mary Jane Ramirez, recently widowed and a mother of two young children. Mary Jane had been working since two years for a financial company, First Guarantee Financial, as a supervisor in the operations area. After the death of her husband she was offered to engineer a turnaround at her company? s troubled operations department, which her boss described it as the “toxic energy dump”. However, considering her difficult financial situation and being the only earning parent, she is forced to accept this pay rise along with the challenge of improving this division.

At first the task seemed unthinkable taking into account the lack of motivation and energy present in the workers at the operations department. But an accidental rendezvous with Lonnie, a fishmonger at the “Pike Place Fish Market” teaches her 4 ingredients or strategies that every company, small or multinational company should apply. The fist ingredient is to “choose your attitude”. “There is always a choice about the way you can do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself. We can choose the attitude we bring to our work. This is one of the most important lessons that a strategist should take into account. He or she should bring a “pleasant”, “fun loving”, “energetic” attitude to work which can be transmitted to other workers, like this creating a good working environment. The second ingredient is to “Play”. It is important to be serious at work but a little play relieves stress and helps create an environment that allows for creativity, motivation very good idea, which not helps relieve stress but also helps the workers to unit with each other.

Being this very important because in the corporate world the workers (employees) have to work together to achieve the mission of the company and if they are not united, the company wouldn’t reach its objective. The third lesson is to “make their day”. This teaching doesn’t only help us in having more loyal customers but also in having a more dedicated work force. The book demonstrates how the fishmongers incorporate the customers in choosing the appropriate fish or by telling the customers to help them bring the fish from the refrigerators and put them into the ice. Through this way they achieved the customer to take a memory with them.

The same should be applied by line managers, production managers, etc. For example, whenever some worker is depressed or going through a rough phase in live, just by patting their back and telling them that everything will be all right will make them feel better. This simple gesture will make them fell more important/ cared by the company hence making them more dedicated workers. The last teaching is being present – Be fully engaged in your current activity – whether on the phone, speaking with someone or working on a particular task. Be fully present and attentive to your actions and any other person.

This level of attention communicates volumes about the importance of others, or what you’re doing. In conclusion, apart from these four strategies “choose of attitude, play, be there, make their say”, there was one strategy in the book that wasn’t really discussed in the book “the internal preparation”. The internal preparation that Mary Jane went through, the questions that she asked herself, about if she has lost her faith in her ability, her confidence, etc and once she found her answers, she prepared herself to bet her fears and also help her fellow coworkers to find their lost confidence, motivation, etc.