Sales Case Study

Staffing problems range from not having enough employees to having too many. We can always hire regular employees but sometimes we only need someone for a little while. When company needs help they often need it right away. Markets change and the economy changes with it. Businesses need to have that type of flexibility also. In this case where two out of five salespersons have resigned within six months of joining the company, there is definitely a problem with the staffing process.

It includes establishing responsibility, deciding upon sales identifying various sources for recruiting for sales, selecting the sales people, giving them job offer and by providing social- contacts as well as contacts with co workers. So the staffing process should be as Establish Responsibility Problem: Almost all of the staffing decisions are governed by the sales manager and he is lacking in practical knowledge as well. Solution: Staffing Decisions should be controlled by the apex authority of organization whether by top level management or they can have a separate dedicated authority for it.

Moreover Mr. Sunil Kumar, Sales Manager of Swishflow Ltd. should take suggestions and recommendations from the concerned authorities. Deciding the number of sales person needed Problem: Recruitment of only 5 salespeople to cover major metros cities of Maharashtra will not give accurate results due to insufficient coverage. Solution: Swishflow ltd. Should go for hiring of more salespersons depending upon area of coverage. And more and more people should be called for interview so as to get better and qualified salespersons. Outline the type of Sales People needed Problem:

Problem related to outline the type of sales people needed are most importantly that Sales manager have assigned different works to salespersons which leads to lose their interest and ultimately end with lack of job satisfaction among salespersons. Solution: The best solution for this thing will be that Salespeople should be used efficiently in their respective domain only.

Identify sources of sales recruits Problem: The company is using advertisement in the local newspaper as a external source for recruiting the salespeople only which is traditional and not so much effective. Solution: Swishflow Ltd. hould advertise in national newspapers as well as in trade journals in order to get a good number of highly qualified candidates. Develop tools & procedure for measuring applicants Problem: Swishflow have adopted the method of deciding upon the job qualifications of salespersons based on what they have learnt in their MBA program. Solution: Instead of giving job description as per their academic background company should consult experienced members of the company. Selection Decision Problem: The biggest and severe problem with the whole selection process is absence of H. R. person in the interview process.

Moreover there is also a problem with wrong selection criteria – absence of local people. Solution: They should include at least one H. R. person in the selection process. For example Head of the organization can take part in selection process. Sales people should be local to their area of operation. HIRING Making the job offer Problem: Compensations to salespersons were not clearly defined. As per the case salespersons are having Residence problem. Solution: Regarding compensation of salespeople details should be informed priorily and clearly.

The company conducted a one week training program only and generally guidedthe new sales person who reported Mr. Sunil Kumar directly. Solution: More time and emphasis should be given to training in order to give all-round development of people Assimilation Problem: Lack of social interaction with the new environment. Solution: Sales manager should give as much time as possible to the new sales person by providing social- contacts as well as contacts with co workers. They can also show them various video tapes or films about the company’s mission should be. They should shared values, employee benefits and the information about the job.