Capitalism a Love Story

June 13, 2018

Golden Papers

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The whole point of this documentary was to reveal capitalism for what it truly is. Capitalism is about taking and giving, but mostly taking. It takes advantage of others disadvantages. People were made to believe that capitalism was good and holy and that it tied into the bible, but in reality, it’s the opposite. Michael Moore would call more of financial Cudahy. Every 71/2 seconds a person’s house is being foreclosed in America. The banks are evicting people from their own home because they couldn’t pay.

In the beginning of the film it showed a family of four being evicted, 7 cop cars came to the home just to remove these people from their home. It then goes onto a different family, Randy and Donna. They’re family had been living there for years. Randy had an accident and was then put on disability, so it got harder for them to pay the bills. There was a misunderstanding between the police officer and Randy, the bank had supposedly given them 30 days to move, but the police were told otherwise. It turned out Citibank had already sold the house.

The documentary goes back to two decades ago, when capitalism was good and the rich paid 90% of tax, but that all changed when Ronald Reagan became president. You can this is where it all went downhill. Donald Reagan who was a chairman and was the richest broker in the world at the time was chosen as the chief of staff, he helped cut taxes for the rich. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency a lot of bad things started to happen, healthcare rates went up, there was an explosion of bankruptcy, the unemployment was higher than ever, and etc. Capitalism existed everywhere.

In Works berry, Pennsylvania the county hired a private profit making corporation, Pa child care. Two businessmen Robert Powel and Gregory Zappala were owners of this juvenile detention center. Apparently they made a deal with Mark Chiavalera who was a judge. Many kids were put in the detention center even if their felony was not big, example one of the kids who got convicted threw a steak at his mother’s boyfriend, but still was sent to the juvenile detention center. These kids also served more than what they were supposed to and they were released based on the center’s decision.

Pa received about 65 million hundred and they paid the judge around 2 million for imposing harsh punishment on the youth. Capitalism allows you to get away with anything, even to gain a profit on an employee’s death. Dan worked for the Amery Bank and died of cancer. The Amery Bank took a secret life insurance out of his name and named them the beneficiary. They made one and half million on his death. Seven million Americans are covered by these policies. We are worth more dead than alive.

If we didn’t have capitalism and if it was run as a democracy things would be good. There is a company, Espus Engineering that is run that way. Workers are the true owners, they each vote where money is out of the equation and at the end they make more money. There is also this bread company where the CEO makes the same amount as the workers. Toward the end of the film they show people actually started standing up for what they deserve. Before Christmas of 2008 Bank of America gave a 3 days’ notice to 250 people from Illinois Chicago, that they were going to be fired.

The workers were not given their last payment. So these workers came to protest, stood their ground, and weren’t going to leave until they got paid. They protested Bank of America to pay with the bail money they received, after 6 days they got what they wanted. They were paid In my opinion, I felt that this documentary was very interesting to watch and I would recommend this to people. I did enjoy it and surprisingly, I did not get bored. It was interesting to know of all the different events that have happened.

I did not know about half of the things in there which is sad, but true. It is a good way to learn about capitalism because it not only talked about it and explained it, but it also gave many examples of it, to help you understand even further. Another reason why I would recommend this documentary is because Michael Moore interviewed a variety of different people and got their perspective and side of the story, so it wasn’t just one side of it. You got to hear their opinions and see how capitalism somewhat effected them.