Three Courses He Fallowed to Realize Illusion

In “Araby”, James Joyce describes how he navigated his journey from dream to reality. A young narrator’s dream was not that he wanted to be loved or admitted by her or date with Mangan’s sister. This reason is found in text “I thought little of the future. I did not know whether I would ever speak to her or not or, if I spoke to her, how I could tell her of my confused adoration. “(Joyce,1). It was his mission and illusion that Just going bazaar to bring some gifts for Mangan’s sister as a sign of love.

To accomplish that expectation by any means, he made effort and showed seriousness which we can found when he had been patient with waiting his uncle and he did not smile after his uncle said “The people are in bed and after their first sleep now”(Joyce,1). Mangan’s sister who made a young narrator crazy about her, she was considered as an saint Mary or angel based on a text “But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires. “(Joyce,1)

However reader can also find her another images from “While she spoke she turned a silver bracelet round and round her wrist. (Joyce,1) and “It fell over one side of her dress and caught the white border of a petticoat, just visible as she stood at ease. “(Joyce,1). These descriptions and behaviour of her slightly reminds us of a prostitute. Because prostitutes shows underwear and beg materials in jewely. Yet a young narrator has not got an ounce of a different point of view to Mangan’s sister, and finally he came to know a dark and dull reality by going to Araby which was so different from his ideals. There are three kinds of courses he followed from dream to reality.

First one is a matter of money. If any bazaar was nice, he should had bought something there to accomplish his dream. It can be moralized that he did not have any saving since he depended on his uncle for everything. For example, in Saturday morning, he called his uncle’s special attention not to forget prepare money . Moreover, he did not say anything until “When he was midway through his dinner “(Joyce, 1). This means, for a young narrator, economic issue was very hard matter to broach. A florin (2 shilling=24 pennies) he got was not small amount of money for young boy.

But he payed a shilling(=12 pennies)to enter the bazaar and a rest of money was 8 pennies in his pocket in bazaar according to “I allowed the 2 pennies to fall against the sixpence in my pocket. “(Joyce,1). It comes down to this, he payed 4 pennies for a train. Of course he had to keep another 4 pennies to go home. Therefore his budget to buy gift was only 4 pennies. It was for sure that he could not buy anything was in a bazaar. Second one was a darkness and silence of bazaar. A young narrator’s life appeared as loneliness.

At least worm interchanges for him was not found from any text like Mangan and his sister’s behaviour “She was waiting for us, her figure defined by the light from the half-opened door. Her brother always teased her before he obeyed, “(Joyce,1). A relationship between a young narrator and his uncle was not good because of “If my uncle was seen turning the corner, we hid in the shadow until we had seen him safely housed. ” and “He was fussing at the hallstand, looking for the hat-brush, and answered me curtly. ”(Joyce,1) Those his cold attitudes was only controlling a little boy.

Likewise his aunt, who looked kind at first sight, but a young narrator should always had been reserve and refrain to her. It can be proved by consulting some situations he had to go market every Saturday evening to help her or had to endure the gossip of her friend. Besides, she was worried about his going to bazaar by saying “I’m afraid you may put off your bazaar for this night of Our Lord. “(Joyce,1),while she told his uncle to allow a young boy to go “energetically” later. What is paradox here. Eventually ,a young narrator was not an object of dedication of parental love but only troublesome often.

Such a lack of domestic love always made a young narrator lonely and dark. So he must think “Araby” as an exotic and beautiful place. And he imagined that bazaar must be like a romantic and bright church which are full of worm people and love relating to Mangan’s sister. Because he was disappointed by stating “I recognized a silence like that which pervades a church after a service. “(Joyce,1). Third one was people in bazaar. His dream was completely collapsed by young lady’s conversations, English accent and her obligatory tone of voice. What if they were like Arabian and talked kindly with any smile to a small narrator.

He did not need to be depressed that much. As he listening a song about his country at marketing “who sang a come-all-you about O’Donovan Rossa, or a ballad about the troubles in our native land. “(Joyce,1) ,at least he takes to his heart about a history of his country. So their English accent reminded him of he cannot accept England people somewhere in his heart. In addition, it can be interpreted that he realized he was out of place there from his attitude of “I looked humbly at the great jars that stood like eastern guards at either side of the dark entrance to the stall and murmured”(Joyce,1).

Therefore, He realized illusions by finding and followed three truths, money, a darkness at bazaar and an action of young lady. So what, after he noticed those facts and intened “I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger. “(Joyce,1). Yes , he changed to someone can be able to control his internal conflict and external conflict. It does not mean that he did not know he was powerless. However his vanity action was generated because he was too shy to talk to her, but he wanted to show off his good appearance.

So His reply”‘If I go,’ I said, ‘I will bring you something”(Joyce,1) was only reflect without his control, because he wanted to do anything for Mangan’s sister at that time. Also, his answer expressed his nervous and subtleties of his internal conflict. All thing he could do was just doing anything to impress her. So, he could not judge if he was doing right thing or changing his point of view as objectively. And nobody “derided” him in a story,so another young narrator in his heart must deride himself. Now young James Joyce was learned that how foolish vain people and he has been disappointed love at same time.