Market Segmentation

In Magasin (showing shop-in-shop data) -% of sales in shop-in-shop (KBH + Aarhus and separate) against total sales for Kiehl’s -competitor positioning regarding 3+1 segments named above -threat of new new competitors? (L’Occitane? ) Who are the collaborators besides Magasin (shop-in-shop). -Future collaborators (regarding e-commerce etc. ) -Supplier L’oreal internal – do they set restrictions towards Kiehl’s DK (budget for samples? Any limits) -Ask other group (Svenja Troll for input on collaborators, who is missing here?

Mmale / female segment -age groups (20-25, 25-35, 35+)? -Ask librarian what does Danish -geographic area, KBH, aarhus, + total DK ( Company Analysis -brief History of Kiehl’s -why L’Oreal bought Kiehls -strategic portfolio (5 Pillars of Loreal ? where Kiehls is in (Luxury Products) -what Kiehl’s is regarding BCG-Matrix among L’Oreal brands ? ? only half a page of text!!!

Check with Maeva and written parts –  shop (not yet established but in plan) -shop-in-shop (excel sheet, performance magasin, + trend on new openings) -e-commerce (big success on magasin webshop ? opening of own Kiehl’s webshop) -anything missing? What are typical distribution channels for the industry and why does Kiehl’s DK reject using it (Matas?! )? -total is it only presence in shop-in-shop up to this day? -trend on advertising Market share, it’s high impact! Conclusion T