Academy Award for Best Actress and Original Book Version

June 22, 2018

Golden Papers

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Throughout the book, the monster of Frankenstein is very persuasive in order to get what he wants. His persuasiveness allows the readers to sympathize with him and feel sorry for how Victor Frankenstein treated him. The book portrays the monster as articulate and understanding of knowledge, while many film versions portray the monster as inarticulate and mute. The monster’s persuasiveness in the book makes it easier for the reader to feel sorry for him and many of the film versions contradict the book.

The monster felt shunned from the world once Frankenstein abandoned him. He says throughout the book that he is malicious because of how he is treated, making the reader sympathize with him more. “I am malicious because I am miserable. Am I not shunned and hated by all mankind? ” (Shelley, 171), in the context of this quote, the monster is speaking to Frankenstein about the female creature after Frankenstein has destroyed her. The monster’s way of speaking makes it easier for the reader to empathize with him. If I have no ties and no affections, hatred and vice must be my portion; the love of another will destroy the cause of my crimes, and I shall become a thing of whose existence everyone will be ignorant. ” (Shelley, 173), this quote shows that the monster is indeed articulate and understanding of knowledge. It also exemplifies that the monster believes that the cause of his wicked acts are due to how he is treated by society and the fact that he does not have someone to love or love him.

In many of the film versions the monster is portrayed as incoherent and mute, while the original book version portrays the monster as eloquent and intelligent. I believe one of the main reasons the film versions portray him as incoherent is because they want the people to believe that the monster has no idea what he has done to others and make it seem like it was all Victor Frankenstein’s fault. However, I believe if Frankenstein had taken care of the monster and taught him about society and the world at that time, the outcomes of people’s lives would have been different.