One Page Business Plan

July 4, 2018

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One page business plan: „Build your shoe“ „Build your shoe“ is an online company where the customers can create their own shoes just as they want to. The target group is younger as well as older women who can afford a little bit more money as the shoes are exclusive. This goes along with the economic trend that even teenagers having more money and disposable income and therefore spending more money on exclusive and designer clothes. So the most important advantage of this business idea is that the trend to individualism of women is satisfied by the opportunity to customize their own shoes.

They can choose their own material oft he shoe (the leather) as well as the color and the heel as of course their size. This customization makes the shoe so unique. Also an advantage is that if women once found out their individual favorite shoe material and size they can buy these shoes in every color out of a range of 35 different colors so that they can buy their perfect shoe to the every outfit. They select every item on the homepage and the shoes will be delivered to them afterwards. This process will take about 10 to 15 working days. An alternative business concept would be to open stores.

At first one store and then spread more stores if the company grows. Another alternative that reduces complexity would be that the material of the shoes (leather type) is already determined so that it can only be chosen between the color, size and the heel. Key resources contain physical resources such as a computer and an office. When the company “Build your shoe” is established there are no other employees or any other human resources necessary because me and the other three team members will be the owners of the company and will therefore manage the company themselves and take care for the business relations.

The entrepreneur? s key activities consist of the initial programming and updating of the website, advertising, managing customer complaints and relations to key partners such as the manufacturer and suppliers. Maybe after a few years there will be some employees as the company starts to grow. We decided to outsource the production to a separated manufacturer who has the materials and machines needed for manufacturing. Therefore the shoe is supposed to cost 150 $ as 50 $ is the material and labor costs and 30 $ will be paid to the manufacturer as a margin.

During the first months the company will not sell any shoes and has to invest a lot in advertising to spread the idea. So the calculated amount of money to invest will be 10. 000 $. As we are four owners everyone has to invest only 2. 500 $. This amount will flow back in about 1,5 years so that the breakeven point will be reached really early. The information resources that are needed are the internet because by using it the company can benchmark the competition and market trends.

Also the U. S. government offers a wealth of information to small businesses from laws and regulations that affect them, to statistics about their industries, to industry analysis and information which „build your shoe“ can use because it is available online. Revenues are generated from the margin the customers pay for their shoes as the production is sourced out as well as from commission payments per successful matching of demand and supply of the customized shoes.