A Day to Remember

February 20, 2019

Golden Papers

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Life gives a person too much to remember. But each one of us has a memory that stays firmly in our heart. Now, I want to tell about a moment that I always remember until today. I can still remember the day it like it was yesterday. The morning sun shone brightly on my eyelids. I rolled on to the right side of my bed. Wondering about the time, I stretched my arm to grasp a round alarm clock that used to woke me up every morning. I forced my eyes to wide open, focused them on the ugly round clock’s numbers and I knew I was late to go to school.

Leaping out of my bed, I dashed to the bathroom. After finished taking a quick bath, I quickly wore my school shirt and grabbed my school bag. Soon, I put my feet into my shoes and ready to cycling to school. As my bicycle raced on, I noticed a group of girls looking at me with a great interests. Obviously, I still attractive even with uncombed hair. My heart pumping furiously as I cycling my bike way to fast on my way to school. In no time, I reached the school gate, which was about to be closed.

Without bothering to explain myself to prefect why I being late, I hopped off my bike and dashed off. After successfully escaped from the prefect, I drank a little water from a water cooler to cool me down. As I burst into my school’s hall, I stopped to change direction and made my way to my classroom. After I entered the classroom, I seemed to be the centre of attraction. It did not matter much to me at the moment for I was used to being looked at. However, I felt something is wrong when almost every students in my class giggle when they looked at me.

Suddenly, the whole hall was filled laughter. Without hesitate, I joined them laughing to increase the loudness of the classroom. Suddenly, my friend shouted at me, “Anderson! Why on earth you are wearing short without school pants in school? “ My face suddenly turned red as soon I noticed that I wore the wrong pants to school. My mind was filled only with feeling of embarrassing. That is the moment that I would not forget about the day I was felt so embarrassed. Even though it a bit embarrassed to remember but I learned my lesson to not wake up late again to go to school.