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February 20, 2019

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Dear Sir / Madam,


I’m Cathleen, an agent of Edzianellie Institution, is hereby asking you permission to allow my client to work in your company.  His name is Mr. Chris Rocher.  As her advocate, I conducted a comprehensive assessment of his past and present health history in order for this application to be valid.  Mr. Rocher is an successful, award winning middle school teacher in a state university, he is currently completing working on his doctoral dissertations in technology, literacy and education.  He is also worked as a rural school district teacher in Washington D.C. and New York City fro more than 20 years.

The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my clients strong contractual experience and education will make him a very competitive candidate for the position in your company. The key strengths that my client possesses for success in the position include:

·         He has developed enough experiences and skills in this unit to be able to work very well in your institution.

·         He strives for continued excellence not just for him self but as well as each and every one in the company.

·         He is very excellent in organizational skills.

·         My client also very outstanding in composing letters, writing papers and word processing activities

Last April 9, 2008, he had a vehicular accident which causing him to be detained in the hospital for many months.  The physician diagnosed Mr. Rocher of having Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  He undergoes rehabilitation routine as a compulsory action for this diagnosis.  Due to the traumatic injury in the brain, some of its nerves has been damaged.  And one of the nerve damage that is dominating is hearing loss.

To explain further the cause of hearing loss, the details is discuss on the following.  Since the Mr. Rocher had an Traumatic Brain Injury, some of its cranial nerves has been damaged specifically the Temporal Lobe of the brain which house the Auditory Nerve or what we called as Cranial Nerve VIII.  As a result of a trauma, external bleeding in the ear canal, damage to the middle ear includes the cochlear injury or temporal lobe lesions which cause dysfunctions in hearing of Mr. Rocher.

On the normal physiology of the hearing, first the sound enters through the external auditory canal which causes the tympanic membrane to vibrate.  This vibrations causes the vibration of the threes ossicles of the middle ear (Malleus, Incus, Stapes), and by this mechanical linkage the force of vibration is amplified and transferred to the oval window.  The vibrations in the stapes, which is seated in the oval window, produce waves in the perilymph of the cochlear.  The two scalae can be thought of as a continuous U shaped tube, with the oval window at the other end of the scala tympani.  The vibrations of the stapes in the oval window cause movement of the perilymph, which pushes against the membrane covering the round window.  These fluid waves cause movement of the basilar membrane to occur that then stimulates the hair cells in the organ of Corti in the cochlea to move in a wavelike manner.  The movement of the tympanic membrane set up electrical currents that stimulate the various areas of the cochlea.  The hair cells set up neural impulses that are encoded and then transferred to the auditory cortex in the brain, where they are decoded into a sound message.  In case of Mr. Rocher, since he has abnormalities as a result of the trauma, bleeding or damaged in either or both in the cochlea or temporal lobe can impede the sound signal to the brain that can be result of having hearing loss.

Hearing loss or hearing problem can be acquired if the client is exposed to noisy environment for a longer period of time like of the airports, factories etc.  Hearing problem also occurs in a sudden occurrence of an event like of blasting of a bomb, a gun shot sounds, etc.  In case of Mr. Rocher, he acquires his problem through trauma in the brain which related in the damage in the Auditory nerve causing also hearing loss.

As I observe Mr. Rochester, he tends to understand more of his colleagues of the same sex rather than of the opposite sex.  This occurrence is brought by his “pride.”  Men having this kind of disability happen in sudden action tend to be denial.  At these stage men denies that he is having the disability.  He is more of comfortable to communicate on the same sex rather than in the opposite sex because he may find it insulting yet pathetic on his part.  And as men, he doesn’t want it on that way.  But then as time progresses, he now tries to communicate to his opposite because it is a compulsory to his work.

As his advocate, Mr. Rocher, my client, is very good in everything, he is very excellent in composing letters, writers papers and any word activities.  Aside from this his is very punctual to his work.  Mr. Rocher, a very good candidate for the position in your company.  He may have a disability but he is very useful to your company.

Since his forte is writing skills, I recommend him to work in your company as a writer on the magazine, or in a contractual in a company.  He may also be put I the HR department in your company to entertain and responds to the emails, letters and problems of the employee and employer of the company.  He may also be part of the company’s adviser in all products or problems taken place in the company.

Here are some of the websites that can be helpful in working with employees having the disabilities.  For more information in the employment of an employee having the disability just click on he following websites:

·         http://deafness.about.com/od/employmentandworking/a/employers.htm

·         http://www.abletrust.org/fbln/_doc/DisabilityHiringGuide.pdf

I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, (0915) 547 – 1783,if my client is meets the company requirement.  Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about my client for this employment opportunity to him.


Cathleen Reyes

Edzianellie Institution