Describing the Organisatoins

February 21, 2019

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Customer Service Unit one: Understanding the organisation Public Sector organisation – Public sector organisations deliver services to the public, examples include the NHS, local authorities, local council-run libaries, schools controlled by local authorities, and care homes. Commercial Sector organisation – A commercial organisation usually operates for the purpose of creating a profit from the sale of products and/or service. Third Sector organisation –

Third sector organisations operate on a voluntary or not-for-profit basis and include charities. Some social enterprises, Co-operatives and many sports clubs. Take a closer look at the three sectors: The products and services offered by organisations operating in each of these sectors differ, however there is lots of overlap. Commercial sector organisations – Commercial sector organisations provide hundreds of different products and services, all aimed at making a profit.

Examples of commercial organisations include retailers (online and shop-based), cleaning firms, food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, water supply firms, farms, gas and electricity companies, car sales rooms etc. Public sector organisations – Public sector organisations are owned and controlled by government (either at local or national levels). Examples include local councils, executive agencies, the NHS, the police and fire brigades. They tend to provide services including social services (e. g. ostering and adoption) education, leisure, public housing (e. g. council housing) and environmental services (e. g. bin collections). Third sector organisations – Third sector organisations do not operate in the public or commercial sector and are independent of the government. They are not profit led; any money they make is reinvested back into the product/service they provide. Examples of third sector organisations include environmental groups, hospices, training organisations, charities, art groups, housing groups and community groups.