The Trip

February 21, 2019

Golden Papers

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Do I know where the cafeteria is? Of course I know where the cafeteria is. I have been here for almost a decade, but you still ask me the same questions, about me knowing where the cafeteria is. Since I have been in this place in nearly a decade I know it better than many others. I am not crazy, it is the one thing I have to tell you people most. The rest of the people in here those are crazy. They are crazy as a ride through hell. I am only kept in this place because there is nowhere else to put me. What is he talking about?

That is might what you think, if it is, do you then want to hear my story? You probably think you got it all figured out already, but I will tell it to you anyway. It was on the 5th of May 1997, I had just finished high school. I had 4 good friends, Blueberry, Harry, Liam and Peter. We had planned a road trip through out Europe that summer. It was going to be awesome we headed out with a train to get as far down in France we could come. The first week in France was amazing, nice weather and a lot of exciting new places to watch.

Then we rented a car because we wanted to go to Italy. We had been driving for some hours when we decided that it would be nice with a little break and something to eat. We stopped in the Alps at a little fine place. Blueberry and I stayed behind to find some blankets and the rest of the things that we needed for the lunch. I went from the car as the first one, Blueberry soon followed. It was a perfect lunch in the Alps and soon after we continued our journey. Peter was driving, but suddenly he complained that the breaks were not working very well.

A burst of panic went through the whole car, with good reason to. Peter tried his best to stop the car but without any luck, we smashed into the guardrail and flipped around. Harry was the first one out, then Blueberry, Liam and me. I saw Harry he was badly wounded. Harry stood by the cliff I saw how blueberry was approaching him a little faster than me. When he reached Harry he pushed him out and over the cliff. I was shocked and asked what the hell he was doing? He just looked at me and grabbed me. He wanted me the same way as Harry, but I was not going to give up, that quickly.

I struggled with Blueberry, but I sadly ended up pushing him the same way as Harry. I then went back to check on Liam. He was in shock, he just sat on the ground rocking forward and backwards on the same place, and he had not seen what just happened. I tried to calm him down and get him a blanket. It seemed to work but I cannot really remember it, the next thing that happened though I remember pretty well. I went to check on Peter, but that I should never have done, a piece of the steering wheel was sticking out of his head. He had been dead on the spot.

I then went back to Liam, he seemed better I just sat there talking to him, about what the hell had happened, he was not answering just gasping for his breath. I did not know what to do with him, so I just left him there as I went for help. I did not get much further than next corner, when a car came towards me. It stopped and helped me, and from there on I don’t really remember much other than I woke up at a police station. It was Blueberry, who had done it all, but it was hard to prove, but I was not crazy it was him not me.

There was a court investigation and I was found guilty. I got lifetime in this horrible place. My family excluded me. I never get any visitors. Liam is still out there somewhere enjoying his life. I still remember how he did not defend me in the court but just believed every word the court and its investigations told him to believe. Some day I find him and then he has to pay for the fact that he did not support me at all. I really need to eat now. Do you know where the cafeteria is?