House of Glass Building Idea and Technical System

March 11, 2019

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House of Glass

Building Idea and Technical System

For the first glance the House of Glass may seem to have no relation to technical system, but it is not true. Despite the originality of idea, the house is functional and, the options of heating, air conditioning are well-developed. The glass is assumed to serve two goals. Firstly, it offers new experimental application and, secondly, it aims at proving the glass is related to functionality and beauty. Physical strength of the material along with other properties is used to offer striking alternative in building. Moreover, laminated glass is argued to be as strong as concrete meaning that it is not easily shattered, in contrast to unlaminated glass. In such house, laminated glass is not only for aesthetic purpose; instead, it is important part of the heating and conditioning systems. In particular, the glass walls are heating slowly from the sun, and, in such a way, walls ensure heating due to thermal masses. During the day the wall are heating, and during the night they retain obtained energy warming necessary space.

The house is provided with comfortable temperature for leaving or working. Further, under-floor heating and cooling are used as well as to match the technical system of the house. Of course, running tempered water is offered through tube cast, and concrete slab is designed as water waste. Fresh air and natural ventilation are ensured due to the private courtyard. Natural sunlight is also allowed to penetrate the house through the glass roof. The floor and the roof assemblies are the center of all services on the upper floor. Finally, sufficient privacy is ensured as the laminated glass refracts the sunlight.