Benghazi Incident

March 14, 2019

Golden Papers

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On September 11, 2001, the tragedy of the Twin Towers occurred causing a great sadness in America. On September 11, 2012, tragedy in Benghazi, Libya took place. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other U. S. military officers lost their lives on that day. Was this a terrorist attack or was it planned by the president? The American people will never know the truth unless the government releases the records and evidence to the public.

Reports say that officers that were in Benghazi were told to “stand down” whenever they requested to leave their base to defend an attack that was occurring about a mile away. The CIA officers also requested military support later that night when the building they were in came under fire. The request for support was denied. All request for backup and help were denied. There was no attempt to help protect the ambassador and the other Americans in the area. Was the whole Benghazi incident a scandal?

Did President Obama know that this attack was going to occur? Sources say that Obama knew seventy-two hours before that the attack would occur. He was informed that the Benghazi attack was a jihadist operation. Obama was aware of the dangers that lied in Libya. The Obama administration scaled down the U. S. security forces in Libya and turned most of the security for the ambassador and his men over to Libya. In August, the U. S. security forces were pulled out of Libya. Both the ambassador and the State Department Regional Security Director protested.

They requested for men to stay another month. On the day of his death, Ambassador Stevens had told people in Washington D. C. the danger and volatility of the situation in Libya. If Obama and other people in Washington D. C. knew about this then how come no help was sent? Many people believe that Obama planned this whole attack as a way to get re-elected for president. Obama knows the truth about the whole attack and he is holding back from telling the public. He claims to have not known about the events taking place in Benghazi.

If this is true, then what kind of president do we have? Is our president not worried about the ambassador that he has overseas? It is impossible for Obama to have not known about the situation in Benghazi. Is Obama behind the Benghazi attack? Was it all a scandal? Was it an attempt to persuade voters to re-elect Obama? Or is this an attempt to cover up something bigger? These questions may never be answered if records are not released. American citizens have the right to know the truth!