Business Letter for Cooperation in Fashion

March 14, 2019

Golden Papers

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Dear Pil,

Thank you very much for your reply and I appreciated all the information you provided. By visiting Sara’s profile and collection, I am impressed by her explanation of organic design, and phenomenal work in embodying spirits and concrete into fashion: clashing colors, comfortable but odd-fitting shapes, loose tunic rendered in sixty styles. From my view, Sara girl is artsy and Spain, funky but sweet, never lack of feminine, she will surely be consistently poplar in Chinese market. An interesting thing I find out, Sara’s main branding color is “Night Blue” which is by coincidence color of my boutique concept.

My aim is our clients see nothing but mysterious, fascinating and feminine. All of our cloths are from South Korea, and purchased from retailers who related to massive independent designers. We often use simple and basic to build up an elegant and chic look, as to tell girls “fashion isn’t difficult, just confusing. But there are a few simple style rules they can use to help decipher the fashion world”.

What’s more, we attach great importance to the quality and of course the fashion trend, since most of our clients are senior white collars with strong personality and peaky fashion taste. Those ladies used to rave about luxury brands but nowadays they more concern on unique garment, which could make them distinguish but a visible logo. Easy going new fabric and avant garde cutting has always been the pursuit of, as we always heard from our clients “it feels like it was made specifically for me. In response to the increasing demand and need of expanding, a new boutique is going to be launched in early 2013, well, we hope SML is not only trendy, but has evolved into a major trendsetter, spawning an endless number of imitators looking to copy our hodgepodge.

Now, Please allow me to ask what kind of cooperative partner Sara is looking for and what do you expect? Just to make an idea for further cooperation. I am looking forward to seeing Sara’s A/W 2013/14 collection, her trends for print, cut, silhouette that are always playful and elegant. Thank you very much for your attention, Waiting for your replay, My best regards,