Critical Thinking Worksheet

March 14, 2019

Golden Papers

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Question 1: Did I deserve credit for the team assignment even though I didn’t do any work? Question 2: Do I tell the team it was my fault I missed the team meeting, because I didn’t mark my calendar? Question 3: Should I tell my team I’m obviously not good at time management because I had another project due on the same day as my team project? Question 4: Should I tell my friend that the skills she explained on the application she will really need them, and not just need them to get the job?

Question 5: Should I tell my team I was ignoring there inquires to contact me because I didn’t get my part the team project done? The reason I choose these questions is because they fit the answers I would be asking myself if I was in these specified predicaments. Question one for example my team completed the project not me, but they were courteous enough to give me credit, because I lied about my computer problems. This made my team work harder, because my team had to do my part of the work this is wrong in my book and the truth should be told or I’m really going to be feeling guilty which could affect my work.

These questions that were chosen all have the same meaning don’t lie to make things harder on your team, and easier on yourself it could hurt future assignments with your team or employment because it’s going to backfire when you really need them and the skills. Writing these answers to the specified questions I followed the unsuccessful student behavior process that I did in class. The story that was read is indeed unsuccessful student behavior, and this falls in categories we went over including social responsibility, flexibility and one I added time management.

Social responsibility is crucial in the team work setting, because I didn’t communicate with my team it was my responsibility for me to tell them the truth now if I tell them the truth after they turn the assignment in with my name there is going to be trust issue with my team and me in the future. Flexibility and time management is right up with social management, because if I would have manage my time better I could have had extra time just in case I didn’t miss the meeting to do my own research and ubmit my part to the team. Emotions played a small part in my question choices, but you don’t want emotions to come in between your choices in my opinion because it well affect your work, but the emotions that played a part of my questions I would be asking myself is disgust, sadness, and shame. Sadness would be one because I feel like I let my team down it was my responsibility to come to that meeting and get my work done and I let them down this will in theory make me sad and depressed. Disgust is another one.

This one would be my main one, because I know that I don’t do this often so to do it his time would leave a bad taste in my mouth and my reputation in my team in a bad shape. Shame is also a crucial one as well; I would be highly ashamed of myself, because I know I could do better because I have done better in the past and my team would be expecting better from me. So to sum this up emotions play a part a small part in my decisions, but nothing major you don’t want emotions to come in between your work just get it done.