Why African American History Is Important ?

March 14, 2019

Golden Papers

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The Industrial Revolution was a period beginning around 1750s in which the production of goods shifted from hand tools to complex machines from human animal power to steam power. It started in Great Britain and the kids were used in factories because there hands were very small to get into small places. That’s how the Industrial Revolution began.

Some sources say conditions for children in the 19th century factories was source A’s condition was dangerous because while a young lady was working in a factory her apron was wrapped around a shaft and she was whirled round repeatedly until she got caught between the shaft and she lost her right leg. Another source during the 19th century is source B the condition of it was bossy because Robert Blincoe was an apprentice since he was SEVEN and while he was working his back was constanly bothering him caused by all the bending. Also he was whipped by his overseer and stayed on his feet for work until twelve o’clock.

Robert Blincoe became sick, suffered with thirst and hunger. Another source is C the condition was sad because the kids were being abused and they were being treated like this by being hung on a beam over a machinery by there hands. They also would stand up, in a skip without shirts, and beaten with straps. Lastly they would have been tied up a 28 pound weight to hang down there backs. Another source is F the condition was cruel because the people working at home are having longer work hours and making less money than the kids. However, the other sources suggest source G was delightful ecause the kids were happy and were not getting abused they were glad to show off there skills.

For example the broken threads the kids were able to fix also they was delighted to show there skills to a stranger they showed no exhaustion when they left at night. They immediately started to skip about, and to play games, the same as the boys to leaving school. Another source is H condition was workable the work was smooth going long hours as possible the work wasn’t too hard. One job that wasn’t too hard was like watching the machinery, and piercing the threads that break.

The work wasn’t that difficult like a shopman behind a counter in a busy shop. We have to be careful about which sources we use because like in source B the condition was bossy the reason why cause back in the 1750s kids were forced to work no matter how young they was like the former apprentice Robert Blincoe when he was younger his first task was to do was to pick up the loose cotton that fell upon the floor. And the environment was bad cause he couldn’t bear the smell and he became sick and suffered for hunger and thirst.

Another source we can explain about its problem is D when Elizabeth Bently was younger she started working at the age of SIX her working tasks were off the chart whenever the frames are full she had to stop the frame, and take the flyers off, and take the full bobbins off, and carry them on to the roller, and then put the empty ones on. And if they were too slow the girls would be straped, had black marks on their skins at many times, and parents couldn’s say anything because they were afraid to lose their jobs.

Elizabeth also worked in a card-room, it was very dusty she couldn’t handle the dust until it went into her lungs. Her health was bad when she pulled baskets over her shoulder it came out of place and her ribs have grown over it and now she is deformed. I believe that some of the sources are telling the truth because in source B Robert Blincoe wrote about how his childhood was he was an apprentice when he was seven years old and he wrote this because the experience he went through with.

Another source I think that is telling the truth is source D Elizabeth Bently went through a lot during the 1750s when she was a child and the reason why she wrote about this source because when she was younger she started working at the age of six and one thing she did when she worked was she had to stop the frame and take the flyers off, and take the full bobbins off, and carry them on to the roller, and then put the empty ones on. That’s my opinion on The Industrial Revolution.