Climate Change can affect all sectors of the economy

March 17, 2019

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Unusual climate change is rapidly growing as one of the vital threats that humanity, has ever faced. Its effects are not just about the abnormal stronger heat of the sun tanning and hurting our skin, but also extends to some businessmen who are directly affected by the issue. Wayback 250 years, industrialization among businesses were making use of energy as the major source in the production of certains goods, and services in order to improve people’s way of living.

Impacts of global warming to business establishments can be made slower, depending on the kind of industry in which the business is operating and the operating processes that it normally follows. However, majority of businessmen nowadays are suffering from the economic effects of climate change, which they identified as a risk that can never be diversified.

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Global warming will affect weather patterns – may prolong drought and cool seasons which are in no other way, reversing the impact to the economy and among business establishments. Unanticipated changes may occur in our weather patterns which can cause damages and economic loss to some communities and businesses existing especially in a region where climate change is extreme.

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Burning of coal and petroleum by humans to produce electricity and make vehicles work is the largest source of energy. It causes serious air pollution that may harm our health. In a bigger scale, thickening of CO2 in the atmosphere prevents the earth from breathing out the heat and instead, heat keeps cycling in the whole planet. Scientists fear that without necessary actions from us, global temperatures will keep rising, and in effect, coastal regions will flood.

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Progress has always been the aim of every businessman in order to have a better quality of life, but since the earth has been jeopardized by human activities, it is but time that everyone should pause for a while and realize that progress will have no other place once the earth (nature) surrenders.