How Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Uses Branding

March 17, 2019

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How Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Uses Branding

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has continuously served as an automobile rental company in the United States and in different countries around the globe. Over the years, the firm has provided service of which translates to quality and sound reputation. The company has obtained its success through car rental customer service and has expanded, venturing into car sales, commercial truck rental, international operations, and others which are of similar nature; but all these are and were made possible through their effective use of branding (“Why buy from Enterprise”).

Branding involves endowing products and services with the power of a brand (Kotler, Keller, Ang, Leong, and Tan 282).  Enterprise Rent-A-Car has built an image around its services, and with this comes association, perception, and differentiation from other car rental services. Branding is all about creating differences (Kotler et al. 282). Enterprise Rent-A-Car has done this by slowly and surely expanding its trade, tapping into similar and accessible business undertakings which give the customers, both present and potential, a wider selection of options to chose from within their service offerings—from automobile rental to sales (“Why buy from Enterprise”).

Branding entails a certain requirement of distinction among products and services, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car has done this by keeping its quality of service very trustworthy. Consequently, the firm’s high-quality service received recognitions and was even included in Business Week’s first ever list of twenty-five (25) client-pleasing brands (McGregor, Jespersen, and Tucker).

Enterprise Rent-A-Car strengthens their brand even more by hiring college students and providing job prospects that could later turn into career growth developments. This sense of company opportunity gives the brand a positive image, which ultimately helps the brands. Enterprise Rent-A Car understands the importance of branding and adds even more potency to the brand, thus separating its brand and image from the competition (“2006 Best Places to Launch a Career”).

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