How the coast guard is my future

March 21, 2019

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How the coast guard is my future

Passing through the shore and its harbor is one of the most convenient way to access a nation specially if you don’t want to let other knows your arrival. With the uprising extreme threat of terrorism all around the country and the invasion of illegal products coming from the different parts of the globe as well as the destructive abuse of illegal fishing, the call of strengthening our naval forces is what I’m been seriously considering for my career. My interest in entering the coast guard is born by the will to do my share in protecting the interest of our country and the security of our people. With the recent successes on its participation to previous struggles, the government is looking more and more to the coast guard for its maritime interdiction and harbor defense expertise to protect our country.

Coast guard is a branch of a nation’s armed forces that is responsible not only for coastal defense, but also for the protection of life and property at sea, and enforcement of customs, immigration, and navigation laws. Its primary responsibilities usually consist in suppressing contraband trade and aiding vessels in distress. Coast guard plays a vital part of our country’s armed force and with the attention being given by our government, being a coast guard personnel is indeed a very good career. Aside from the competitive basic pays, there are a lot more benefits that design to cater your needs and the needs of your dependents up to your retiring days. It is very well compensated opportunity to enjoyed doing what I love to do the most, to serve and protect our armed forces.