How the Irish became a white?

March 21, 2019

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How the Irish became a white?

There is a lot of racism action going on all over the world. Some are white some are black, some are Asians and some are Europeans. People are giving importance more to race than to his abilities. For example, an Asian can not play in most of the big clubs of Europe. Only because of his race that is he is an Asian and is related to there own culture. This makes white may be jealous or may be furious. This furiousness is putting a curtain on the abilities of that football player no matter how much guineas he is in his profession. This means racism is not yet killed and there is a need of a murder of this word from this wholly world. White can’t bear a black person in his school or college just because he is a black. This is not a valid reason to hate some one. We should try to know the person and if he is evil minded or there is such a case than we should do anything against them. No decisions should be taken on the basis of race.

This novel is also in concern with racism. It is written by Noel Iqnatiev. It was a story of essentially Irish Catholic exodus before and after the periods of starvation, colloquialism 1840 to the Civil War, and that people’s struggle to survive in this white, Protestant world. It’s a story after which a person feels sympathy. This is a tragic story says race has been a defining characteristic in U.S. culture and how the race question has also infected the white working class in this country. One might say that it is a story of how the Irish interchange their greenness for whiteness, and cooperate with the prominent white culture to continue the oppression of African Americans. This book is of is a Jewish author and blacks weren’t distinguish against the Irish need to just worked harder. They were to work harder for there survival in America as well.

The book was found to be a captivating and engaging one. A person can be fond of the book when he or she reads this book. There is the comparison between the two Irish people, one is living in Canada and one lives in the America. The history of the Irish in Canada is a little bit different from that of the American Irish. When we take an analysis of this book it could be concluded as a less painful one. This book give out a lot of light on issues that an individual can’t expect it be out, like black-white relations, school of thoughts or philosophical, and the contrast between the non modern North and South. This shows the strength of the novel and the bravery of the writer who exposed some of the hidden issues through his book. He lightened the issues which some of the Americans avoid. Americans stops it to be exposed as it causes the vulgar part of there nation, now it is better understood the reason behind Southerners saying that they have been unfairly changed and demonized with the attitude of people.

When the author says he wants to get rid of the ‘white race,’ he doesn’t means that he wants to get distant from white people rather he means that he wants to get away of the category, ‘white’, which is neither established nor especially significant. The author refers to the pale-skinned of himself as a ‘Jew’ rather than as ‘white’ which further declares his point about race somewhat conveniently. ‘White’ doesn’t only means that there color of the skin is white. It has different meanings. What the author is trying to point out is that blacks were subjugate before the theory of white racism came about, people with white skin were not necessarily treated or respected as ‘white’ automatically. They now don’t go only for color rather they go beyond it, searching for its social position. Now white is not just a color, it is a social position that the Irish had to struggle very hard to get it. Even after there millions of efforts they couldn’t get the position they deserve because of racism. This is actually what a black is.

This book is not looked as an attempt to smear or blame the Irish. This book is not more about an Irish man or something like that; rather it is the study of American immigration and assimilation to racial ideals. The Irish’s role is for the upbringing of this issue into society. He is just an example of racism world showing what is going on in this world. The author has actually exposed and uncovered the issue of the racism. In the conditions of severe starvation, turmoil, and harsh as well as rude competition, people do what they need to do to get by there basics. They have to fight for there survival. They need to work very harder to get there basics. To eat, to buy, to live they need to actually rub there ass. People when watch somebody higher in status than they actually are, an individual felts jealous. There is an envious spirit in them which demands them to go into the upper class where the status is high and if that is not possible they should go in the middle class where there is at least some status. The real reason for the greater hard work is the increasing need of survival as well as self-respect. They want some part of satisfaction  and superciliousness. In the novel the poor and the blacks are fighting amongst themselves to get some sort of protective embankment. This makes a reader down because they should have been together and should have fight against the same reason that is racism. They should have fought for there freedom. They should have fought for more humanly rights and many other reasons but they should have tightened themselves with the same rope. This is how the book is proving itself as a positive product. It is based on the reality and had gone into the threads of the reality. It has exposed the reality of the real America. It has created the difference between the on screen America and off screen America. This shows that the author has been brave in showing and revealing of the reality without any fear.

Although there are a number of good things related to the novel but still there are a number of them which shows the negative points of the novel. These include the title of the book which is one of the biggest facto of success. The title of book is considered as the most attractive of the book which actually attains attention of the reader. It was described by one of the reader as a ‘stupid title’. He said that he could understand the meaning of white after reading the novel but when he was buying the book, white was looking as only a color and Irish people are even more whiter than the Americans are so he found it stupid as it than means that a milk turning into white. The title was really considered as foolish one. According to some readers there was a need of a few more chapters. The book all of a sudden ends up around the time of Reconstruction, and clearly the absorption and development of the Irish into ‘white’ society was not finished at that point. There was also a need of focalization on a few of the chapters of the start. These were some weaknesses of the book which were easily recognized. If the author had overcome these mistakes there would be a perfect novel in the market and would have been the most selling one as well.

Although it has a few weakness in the novel but the strengths of the novel actually covers it and makes a person delighted after reading it. The weaknesses are more ignorable and forgettable. This is a perfect example of taking the curtains of a hidden issue just like the author did to the racism issue. It has also a delightful story and it also highlights the social issues. It also gives the importance of brotherhood in between the poor and the black so that they could fight against racism. It is a perfect example of exposing an issue.