How to Change the World

March 22, 2019

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How to Change the World

            At present time, it is seen evident that the world is more involved to social issues and environmental problems that are all seen to effect negative results in the society and with nature. As such, there have been various negative phenomenons that have happened which further aggravated the awful global condition.

Though the world may seem to be troubled and badly challenged in both social and environmental context, there are still possible answers that could pave the way towards positive changes. Thus, the significance of education is seen to be one of the answers that could possibly change the world and alter the adverse global condition. With the fact that education is significant in the life of every individual in which it usually regarded as a helpful partner towards attaining success in life, it can be stated that the meaning and repercussion of education is one of the probable factors that could change the world in different context. First, through education, the global problem about poverty is could possibly be addressed and resolved accordingly. Also, finishing studies from school and obtaining the appropriate education as well as gaining positive personal behavior and characteristics, such could possibly lessen and even eliminate global social problem with regards to violence and cultural differences, which could restore unity and strengthen the world peace. Nonetheless, the implications of education could possibly serve as a light in the middle of darkness about worldwide financial crisis that has been providing hardships and difficulties in different countries around the globe.

In addition to this, strengthening the worldwide awareness campaign in rendering necessary facts and essential information about global warming is also one of the appropriate ways to render change in the world. Thus, such notions could possibly render probable answers that could pave the way towards changes in resolving the worldwide problem with regard to global warming. In the end, though the world seems challenged with different social issues and environmental problems, there are still probable answers to these. With the unity and trust from one, such problems and issues are could possibly be resolve that could pave the way towards changing the current situation of the world.